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Guiness 24 * 440ml $49.75


Noticed it was back at this price, well worth grabbing some whilst its on

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    Good find, love the stuff

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    I don't know why, but I can't stand Guiness…

    I'm not a big stout drinker, but I've really enjoyed Grand Ridge Hatlifter Stout, Prickly Moses Otway Stout and a couple of others, but Guiness… yuck !!!

    • its horrible , only an Irishman (or a Goldberg) would drink this stuff :)

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        Don't look on it as booze, think of it as medicine. Medicine seldom tastes good!

        • guinness is good for you :)

      • I was like what the hell is a goldberg?? Then I figured out it was a person from Ozbargainia

      • Have you tried the stuff while in Ireland? It's the only place I've liked it.

  • Note: Guinness Draught, not real Guinness.

    It's the light and gentle version of real Guinness. They have taste similarities, but there's no question regular/Stout Guinness is thicker and tastier.

    • but real enough to be brewed in dublin not elsewhere so as per http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/96657#comment-1292137:

      Guinness in these cans is as close as we downunder can get to tasting the stuff from St James's Gate.

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        Yeah, I'm not suggesting it's a knock-off Chinese version.

        • Chinese Guinness = LoL !

          Mind you, India makes some awesome stout, such as Sinha from Lion Brewery. Hard to get (and not to be confused with Singha brand)

        • +1 lion/sinha stout - the only non-japanese asian beer worth drinking :)

  • Was just going to post that my local BWS in Spring Hill QLD has had the same deal since last week. Coming from south east Asia I can't understand why stout isn't more popular. Guess each to his own.

  • Great stuff for cooking (and drinking)!

  • I tried Guiness once. Never again.

  • Guinness in these cans is as close as we downunder can get to tasting the stuff from St James's Gate. If you're drinking Guinness in Oz from either tap or a bottle, agreed it tastes shyte, even a dodgy can can taste shyte, but otherwise this stuff is as close as I can get and I'll take it - make that two … Thanks OP!
    EDIT - Just poured my second to last of two cans having just ordered replacements online - beautiful stuff …

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    I've just run out of beer. Not a big fan of dark beer though.
    I do not think I've ever tried this one.
    I can see that opinions are quite polarised, like you either love it or hate it.
    On the other hand I can enjoy pretty much any beer providing that it is a good quality one.

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    I noticed Liquorland has a Guinness special atm too which may be good if you're a hardcore fan.

    I think it was $32 for two sixers, and you get a Guinness 2013 St Pat's day t-shirt. Not the greatest deal, but maybe good for fans.

    • it's 2-for-$30 :)

  • BWS has it for $50 if you can spare the 25 cents

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    Aldi has these 4 for $10 this week. A bit dearer per unit but less volume.

  • Watered down joke. Guinness used to be well over 7%, and a real export stout. This 4% piss is water with a touch of malt. No flavour, no body. Spend an extra $5 on Coopers Best Extra (6.3%) or $15 on Southwark Old Stout (7.4%) or a $1 extra on Sheaf Stout (5.7%). And yes, I only drink dark heavy ale's i.e. stout. This is rubbish.

    • +1 coopers is my standard stout, sheaf is an aussie classic

      • +2

        That's because you haven't tried my chocolate super stout……
        2 cans Coopers Stout
        ~500g Choc Malt (crushed, steeped in boiled water for an hour, then strained into keg)
        150g Corn Syrup
        ~4g S04 Yeast
        into a 30 litre keg
        bottle & leave for 3mths.

        Also Youngs Double Choclate stout (Pommy) is very tasty.
        But a tallie of Coopers Extra Stout is excellent as a BYO to restaurants (if you can sneak it in).

        • What temp do you ferment your chocolate super stout at supabrudda?

        • Also Youngs Double Choclate stout (Pommy) is very tasty.

          +1 for a good aussie version try Holgate Temptress Chocolate Porter or Redoak Belgium Chocolate Stout :)

  • A couple of cans of the black stuff will go perfect with my full irish breakfast on Sunday.

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    not as good at the $40 deal my local safeway had for a couple months but ill grab a couple anyway. lovely stuff!

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    St. Patricks Day this Sunday.

  • This is only 25 cents cheaper than BWS.

    I thought Uncle Dan was meant to have 'near-wholesale' prices. Bah! Not anymore. Especially not when you have to hunt around to find a Dan's, and BWS are on every street corner.

  • Oooo nice. Is this an online price only or in-store too?

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      in store too.

  • 1st choice will beat the price, got mine for 49.60.

  • Just grabbed a case in time for St Pat's day. Thanks

  • Tried to price match this in my local vintage sellers… but they only price match wine allegedly.