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1.3m 3.5mm Audio Cable $1.99 Delivered and Other Deals from Meritline


A few deals from Meritline with free delivery:
1.3m 3.5mm Audio Cable $1.99

LED laser pointer (ladies, ladies, you can both hold my laser pointer) $0.99 for first 300 orders with code: MLCKY19BNL1

Toothpaste roller $0.79 for first 300 orders with code: MLCKY19BNL1

Micro USB WiFi dongle (Wireless N 150m range) $6.99

Something classy for the missus - Rose Shell stud earrings $3.79

And something for the mobile stoner: Mini-bong random colour $3.99

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    Love the mini bong

  • +3

    $1.99 Beats headphones! (minus the bit the haters hate)

    • +1

      agree, the best deal by far is the cable …

      • yeah, just bought one of those.
        Thanks OP, btw.

  • looks like a monster cable lol

  • Frosty Clear Hard Plastic with Silicone Bumper Case for Apple iPhone 4 4s

    Seems like a very good case, check the reviews.

  • the cable doesn't have the inline remote.

      • Will that cables audio control and mic work with an android phone?

        I have the beats solo hd for the iphone and was hoping a cable replacement would make it work with my samsung galaxy s3

        • For Apple certified controls, Android only supports the middle button, the volume up/down wont work.
          This is by design, you can actually get to work on android via some resistors and soldering. There's NO software fix for this

        • So its not as simple as a cable swap between the headphone unit and the phone itself?

          I thought the volume up/down would all be inside the cable control and nothing to do with the headphone unit.

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    "Free Ground shipping" for the cable??

    From Hong Kong? That could take awhile to arrive!

  • Great price for that cable. I bought a few.

  • +1

    These are very flimsy and will break (the straight plug) after about a few weeks of use. (I own 2)

    Not recommended for portable use. However, if it's going to lay dormant for example say from your desktop to your sound system then it's fine.

    • I disagree, I bought identical ones of these from DX (they actually said Monster so they had to stop selling them) and it has been great. I use it exclusively in a portable environment.

      • Yeah those are the ones I bought.

        Not sure if they redesigned it or not but that just in my experience.

  • Great price for audio jack - good post OP

  • Any reason why you couldnt use this for UE 4000?

  • How long is the male to male cable?

  • arrived today the aux cable. horrible quality hizzing sound on my speaker. nevertheless its 2 dollars

    • mine arrived yesterday too and works well. yeah, at this price point can't expect much QC. A bit of a luck of the draw.

      • mine still hasnt arrived…have emailed and nothing as well.

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