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Masters - 909 Tools - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promotion


I was buying a cordless drill yesterday. Decided to check out Masters (ACT)

Noticed a very poorly advertised 909 tools buy 1 get 1 promo. The promo runs from the 1/3/13 til the 30/06/13.

Pretty much you buy one of the eligible tools (Not sure what they all are) and then you get another tool completely free via redemption. You fill out a form and send it away to 909 Australia with a copy of your reciept.

I bought the following drill for $96 (which was eligible):

18V 2 Gear Lithium-Ion 13mm (1/2") Variable Speed Drill/Driver

And the following tools are the ones that are being offered free via redemption:

18V Lithium-Ion 9.5mm Socket Drive 6.35mm Drive Adaptor Impact Wrench (Valued at $149)

14.4V Lithium-Ion SDS PlusĀ® Pneumatic Variable Speed Hammer Drill Driver

Cordless Planer (Valued at $60?) No details…

The only caveats is that you have to number from 1-3 your desirability of the free tools to choose from. E.G if you number the impact wrench as number 1m but they have run out of promo impacts, then you will be given your next option, and then your next. They do not mention how many they have of each device to give away either, so its first in best dressed.

Judging on how badly it has been promoted, (not on masters, or 909 website, instore advertising sucks), and the fact its only 25 days into the promo i think it would be quite fresh…


For more information on what other tools are eligible, ring Masters.

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    where's the t&cs and how to you redeem?


    Is 909 a good brand?

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      No, it's dreadful compared to tradesman quality tools, but if you only do a bit of DIY it is unbeatable value.


        Have you used 909 tools? I went home and drilled screws into various hardwood with no problems. The feel of the device is very solid. People should check them out.

        Its actually the lesser brand of triton tools made especially for masters.


          Have you used tradesman quality tools? The cheap chinese stuff has plastic gear boxes and light weight plastic where a Makita or AEG has metal.
          I think they are great value, but they are definitely built down to a price.
          Which is fine if you are doing DIY.
          I also know some tradies that use these as their 2nd tool, and thrash the e.g. circular saw knowing if it dies in 12 months they can replace it.
          BTW - Triton is definitely a case of marketing over substance.


          @mskeggs 909 is actually a sister brand of Triton. Same parent company.


          Lol well im not out to start argument, but this drill will cost me $50 by the time i get my 2nd tool. Its comes with 2.5 years warranty. So if it breaks so be it, ill just take it back. Btw pretty much everything is made in china.

          All im saying is go to masters and check them out, you might be surprised.


          Not arguing. I think it is a great value tool.


          Lithium batteries are a big plus. And Masters are generally very good with their return policy.


      I was told that 909 is the new name of the old GMC brand that used to be found at Bunnings.
      (New name and now only found at Masters - Bunnings now have Ozito as their discount range)

      EDIT: Looks like this is true…..


    Anybody found any other tools that qualify?

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