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Get Acronis True Image 10 Personal Edition Free (with Registration Key)


Personal Computer World Magazine is offering all its readers Acronis True Image 10 Personal Edition software with serial free. The latest version is Acronis True Image Home 2009. This is the best software for taking backups on your computer. Very highly recommended. Follow the below steps to get the Acronis True Image 10 Personal edition and serial.

  • Go to http://www.acronis.co.uk/mag/ati10pe ; fill in your personal details and submit.
  • You’d receive an email from Acronis with activation link. Click the link and confirmation page shows the website password and you’ll receive an email with serial.
  • Now, go to http://www.acronis.co.uk/homecomputing/my/login.html and login to your account with the email id and password and download the software 95.1MB from "My Registered Products" section.

PS: the site in the UK is getting hammered; keep trying.

Source: http://www.webisee.com/2009/02/02/acronis-true-image-10-free…

I used this to backup/image my windows on 60GB drive and restored on 250GB harddisk without any sweat.

Note: This is changed now - download link is removed though appears like serial number is still available

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  • Legend, Thanks!

  • Very nice find…well done!

  • is this working for anyone anymore?

    Error 500

    If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

    • same here…

    • +1

      I had the same error, so hit back button to go back to the form again and submitted again. Site is behaving like COTD at the moment !.

  • Hmmm.
    I have used these computer magazine copies plenty-o-times in the past. Looks like, as he said, the website is being utterly punished by everyone jumping on it.
    Should be around 6:30am in London at the mo.
    Will try again a little later.

  • Not sure what the difference is between the Personal edition and the Home edition (I think Home is the new name for the cheapest edition, Personal is the old name).

    Anyway, I've been using version 10 as mentioned above to backup my data for a couple of years, it works really well. It includes some extra tools such as moving a partition to a new disk. Thumbs up!

  • Took me a few tries to get through, but I'm now registered.

  • AWESOME, thanks so much

  • Easy-peasy…nice find, thanks.

  • registered and got Acronis in no time. This should come in handy.

    The British must be off to work by now. I didn't feel it running at COTD speeds.

  • Took a while, but worked for me - just got to download it now! Thanks!

  • i managed to register fine, but clicking the link in the email returns:

    "Some errors were encountered

    Check the following:
    We are very sorry but service is unavailable now. Please try again later"

    Hope it will still be available..

  • I get the same message… may be it doesn't work anymore =(

  • +2

    hmmm i got all the confirmation emails (which i confirmed), but the serial is yet to arrive :(

  • Is there a usage time limit on the product?

  • yeah, now i was able to confirm the email, but still no serial..

  • Same here. I've got confirmation email, but no serial number yet, though the confirmation email advises it'll be sent immediately after visiting the link :(

  • Another here… still waiting for the serial!

  • Just chatted to support at ACronis their mail servers are having issues so if you registered successfully the mail will follow as soon as servers are up again.

  • Acronis True Image 10 appears to be a lot more popular compared with Norton Ghost.


  • still waiting for serial…

  • Just re-tried it this morning, seems to be working now. Serial delivered.
    But unable to download the program as per above instructions.

  • Bargain is dead:

    From: http://www.webisee.com/2009/02/02/acronis-true-image-10-free…
    Update : Link Disabled on Request as this was meant to be closed magazine promotion and shouldn’t be promoted via the Internet.

    Clonezilla and DriveImage XML are some free alternatives which do the same job of backing up the entire hard drive.

  • "Please be aware that the product installation package is not published on Acronis Web Site. It can only be obtained from a CD included in your copy of Personal Computer World magazine."

    from the Acronis site……

    • Updated this info. Even my preivously created account shows this now

      "The installation package can only be obtained from a promo campaign partner."

      But luckily i already downloaded the program :-).

  • Latest update is that this promotion was not approved so they are blocking mail at the outgoing servers.

    Maria : IThat is because the promo campaign has not been approved.
    Maria : I am sorry for this inconvenience.
    Maria : The mail servers block these registrations till the promo is approved. Something like this.
    Maria : Yes, there have been some registration sent. I am sorry I cannot help you more on this.

  • I managed to get serial number, however I can't seem to login to download. I also believe that it is no longer available to download at the website. My email with the serial number says:
    'We'd like to remind you that the product installation package is not published on Acronis Web Site. It can only be obtained from a CD included in your copy of magazine.'

    Anyone know where I can download the program, and then I can put in my serial number?

  • For those who got their registration key but couldn't download the file, get it here: http://rapidshare.de/files/44847217/TrueImage10.0_p_en.exe.h…

    • Thanks!! :)

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