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Free Marvel #1 Digital Comic Issues X 700 (Back on Again!)


Looks like Marvel have re-attempted their offer of 700 free #1 issues after their servers all seemed to overload when they last tried this in early March.

According to the site, the offer is there for sign up until "11:59pm ET on April 9th, 2013" which seems to convert to Wednesday, 10 April 2013 at 1:59 PM Aussie Eastern Time (assuming it is taking into account daylight savings time in the US)

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    you will need an invite, so this is not open to all. only those who signed up when their server went down and those who sign up now.

    I received an email to say that I will received my invite on the 11th and will have 48 hours to access the offer.

  • It says you just need to sign up to receive an invite.
    I have signed up so we will see what happens.

  • I created an account first and then clicked the "signup" button to be included in the offer.

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    O RLY?

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    They are staggering the access now. So you will get an invite AFTER the 11th. I got 90% of the stuff originally anyhow. There was just a few things I missed. No point grabbing 700 issues and messing up my account for a bunch of books I'll never bother to read. I'm just after series I like (and will eventually buy) or single issue stories.

  • Congratulations and thank you! You have signed up to get access to over 700 free comics through Marvel #1!

    Starting Thursday, April 11th, 2013, we will begin notifying waves of fans by email to provide redemption instructions and let them know when they can access the Marvel #1 offer.

    Don't worry if your email doesn't arrive on April 11th. As long as you signed up by April 9, 2013, you will receive your email soon! We want to make sure we get to all our fans so that they have the best experience possible.

    Yay :)

  • What a hoot!

  • Seems like a good thing. It's win/win.

  • Has anyone received an email yet?

    • I haven't

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    So, they had made it that you have to click a button for each comic.
    I don't want to click 700 times so here is some JavaScript you can use to click all the comics and all 723 in less than a second. Boooyah!

    The code was courtesy of ( http://www.sepier.com/blog/download-all-comixology-digital-f... )

    I just modified it to run on the page since they made a couple of changes.

    To use it:
    1. Open Google Chrome.
    2. Browse to the link that Marvel send you.
    3. Press CTRL + Shift + J (This opens the Console)
    4. Copy and paste the code
    5. Press Enter on your keyboard
    6. Rejoice!

    // Loop through all the pages (Next)
    for (var GoToAdhocPage = 1; GoToAdhocPage < 20; GoToAdhocPage++) {
    //Trigger the click event on the 'Free Comic' button
    jQuery.each($('.addComicLink'), function (i, val) {
    if ($(val).text() == "Free Comic") {
    // Goto the next page of all sections
    for (var sec = 1; sec < 20; sec++) {

    • Doesn't seem to run now… The result is "undefined"

      Well, actually then I tried the code from the link provided and that one worked.

      Much better than trying to run "Download Master" for all of the buttons and getting 99 popup windows.

  • So, my comics are there online and I can read them on pc.

    Does anyone kow if I can download to my tablet and read OFFline?
    Useless to me if I cant, but at least the price was right

  • You can download the Marvel comic app.
    They have an app for IOS and Android. It does not look like there is one for Windows Mobile.
    You can download the comics to the device and read them offline using the app.
    It is like the Kindle App.

    • Download the Comixology App and link it to your Marvel account. That way you only need one app for all your comic needs.

  • ^^ Done
    Thanks for that

  • The email says that I have 48 hours to download. The ~200 comics I added to my comic collection don't download will disappear, even though I selected? Also there used to be a link to my comics library in the download selection, when I hadn't downloaded anything. That has disappeared now that I have downloaded a few. Anyone found a way to get back to their comics collection so they can download more?

    • Once you have 'bought' the comics they're yours to download at your leisure.