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QANTAS Melbourne-Sydney (& Vice Versa) Only $79 One-Way + Other Specials


The lowest price ever offered in recent history. Normally still about $100 when on sale (last 11 times by my count) but only $79 this time! Great specials to other destinations too. At this price you'd be crazy to fly with anyone else, this is all inclusive.

QANTAS fares always include:

  • At least 1,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points
  • Food and beverages on all flights (with beer and wine offered on all city flights after 4pm) True Ozbargainer personal hint: Flights at certain times of the day have more substantial offerings, check by clicking on the flight number when booking and avoid "Refreshment"
  • Included Seat Selection
  • Faster, smarter check-in
  • Great in-flight entertainment like news, sport & comedy on your supplied Apple iPad on refreshed B767, personal screen on NextGen A330-200 and B737-800 or otherwise over head cabin screens (excluding QantasLink)
  • Included baggage allowance of 1 piece, maximum 23kg within OZ
  • Complimentary newspapers on morning services departing before 9am
  • In-seat PC power and USB ports onboard (selected aircraft only)

MEL-SYD-MEL: Fares are one way in Economy for departures from 14 May to 26 June and 22 July to 18 September 2013. Sale ends 11.59pm (AEST) 16 April 2013, unless sold out prior. Prices based on payment at qantas.com by BPAY. If you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer with a minimum of 5,000 points, Points Plus Pay+ is another way to pay.

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  • +1

    Haven't seen these fares in a VERY long time

  • -8

    + booking fees in title…

    • +4

      Main updated … BPAY = No fees.

    • +9

      Actually there's away around the credit card fee (or the booking fee or whatever it's called for not using BPAY)

      Just buy a gift voucher in your own name and then use it. Saves you the $7.70 fee for domestic and $30 for international. They however won't work for multi-city itineraries. Make sure to double check the terms and conditions of the gift voucher though, they may have changed since I last checked. They also have minior problems if you want to cancel or change flights, so I've been told by QF customer service.

  • Actually some really great prices hre

  • +1

    anyone tried bpay with a credit card?

    • bpay.com.au says thats qantas doesn't accept CC with bpay unfortunately.

  • +1

    Decent sale, but 'lowest price ever offered' is a stretch.

    If anyone wants to avoid paying the booking fee, just buy a gift voucher on credit card then redeem that for the sale fare. You can pay the difference on credit card and there's no extortionate card fee.

    • Amended ;)

    • +1

      Lowest price ever is a stretch but I have never seen prices this low anytime recently. Especially for the routes I'm looking at.

    • thanks for the tip

  • -3

    Not bad, call me crazy but I flew Jetstar on the same route with $15 return tickets :)

    • +1

      For those who want all-inclusive services on-board and not just to 'get to a place', this is cheap for what is offered. Melbourne - Sydney is one of the most flown routes in the world (top 5 I believe?), so, business professionals would benefit from this.

      • It's number 5 by passenger movement, 4th by seat capacity and 2nd by flight movements according to Wikipedia.

  • +1

    It's "vice versa" btw OP.

    • +1

      Amended, thanks :)

  • +5

    About time - so sick of seeing Tiger deals

  • I was looking at Sydney-Melbourne flights leaving 15th May and returning 19th May for the last two weeks and the ones I always wanted were sitting at $130 each way ($260 return) and I got a little despondent. So now with this bargain making me check again I get back to looking and…they are $79 each way. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS CHAMP!!!!

  • +5

    I would normally go with jetstar or tiger or virgin, but I do like the idea of paying up to 4 times as much for the chance at a free newspaper!

    • +4

      You also get to watch a re-run of Modern Family

      • +6

        1 - You don't fly with bogans who try to squeeze oversized crap in the cabins
        2 - You get free food + booze
        3 - Luggage if you're trying to haul crap
        4 - No need to arrive at the airport to check-in 45 minutes before the flight (i.e. you can arrive at the airport 15 (Syd) -20 (Melb) minutes before takeoff)
        5 - AFR/Australian/Re-runs of Modern Family
        6 - Boarding from the tarmac should be banned unless you're flying private

        • The free booze is only on city flyer flights, not all domestic flights have free alcohol.

          If you've got checked luggage you need to check in at least 30mins before take off.

          If you're flying on the Dash-8s then you'll board from the tarmac anyway.

        • @Trance
          Dash-8 reference - Lostix isn't talking about flying to damn Port Macquarie or damn Dubbo… We're talking SYD-MEL tarmac free =)

          And the bogan factor (vomit in my mouth) I don't care what difference the price is, I refuse to be subjected virgin/jetstar flights ever again… It really is a mistake you only make once.

        • LCC flights aren't that bad, especially when you're saving 50%! (Although sales have to fall into the right places for that though)

        • +1

          Agreed 100%. So sick of bogans on Virgin and Jetstar, and ridiculous flight cancellations and delays with both of them.

        • +1

          So true about the bogans. Way more scum on Jetstar.

  • I just need them to extend the sale for all of November now.

  • +1

    booked for mid may, syd to melb one way
    tiger $69 + $8.50 cc fee (didn't offer bpay from my savings account)
    qantas $79 (bpay savings)

  • Damn. Nice deal, but need Qantas to extend it out into October for me.

  • ok but what is the budget cheaper comparison prices from jetstar airasia tiger etc for syd-melb return at the same flying period?

    • Tiger are offering SYD - MELB for $54.95. I did the price match (-10%) with Jetstar last night and got them for $49.46 each way

      • But by the time you get food and baggage it works out more expensive?

        • +2

          It will cost about the same.
          That being said the $55 tiger rate is full price, it goes as low as $20 one way sometimes.

        • my melb trip will be light anyway, i dont like extra charges for baggage, and food i can bring in from home.

        • Its a little more expensive on Fridays and Sundays as well.

  • these are red-e-deal fares. what else is included on this fare type?

    • +1

      Inclusions are all the same on any economy ticket. It's the fare conditions such as fees to change flights or cancel that are different.
      Inclusions for an economy tickets are outlined by the OP.
      Primarily they are:
      1 checked bag up to 23kg
      In-flight food, whether it's a meal or refreshments depends on time of day and route flown.
      In-flight entertainment, if it's a QF flight and not a QF link flight at the minimum something is shown on the main screen if the aircraft doesn't have AVOD.
      1000 minimum points earn (when crediting to QFF)

  • I use my card, which comes with free tracel cover and insurance.. so well worth it.. Booked 5 tic for family..

    Thanks OB…

  • Thanks for this, just booked my flights Syd-MEL return for $79 each way.

  • Just booked tickets for July for the Liverpool match :)

  • -7

    Not sure I would want to fly with a carrier that has banned aussie pork food from their aircraft. They don't like Australians then they won't get my Australian dollar, simply as that.

    • +1

      Then don't fly. Any flights originating outside of Australia won't have Australian pork on it…

  • Thanks, just booked for the Queen's Birthday long weekend.

  • Go9t brisbane sydney return for $65 inc fees so +1!

    • Cheapest I could find was $79 one way… How'd you get $65?

      • +1

        Sorry $165 damn keyboard! Didn't mean to get all the OzB gremlins excited sorry!

  • I would have jumped on this if it was during school holidays. Why are there never any sales during school holidays?

    • Cause that's when most people can fly??? They don't need a sale to get booked out flights…

  • Thanks OP!!

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