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Dell UltraSharp U2713H 27" Monitor with PremierColor 30% off - $664


Hey guys, I been looking for a hi resolution panel for a while and stumbled onto 2 great deals.

This one which is their newest offering replacing the awesome 2711.

and also Kogan has a Hi-Res panel, using the same screen that is on a Apple 27" Thunderbolt for $399, only catch is that it won't ship till the 31st of May, which is why i'm advertising it here.. As the Dell is a superior Monitor and you can have it right NOW!

for those who are interested about the kogan here is the Link

Plus i reckon it looks crap…

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  • Price in title.

  • price in heading pls

  • 2711 was 2560x1600 wasn't it? This is 2560x1440, I guess some people prefer 16:9 though?

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      The U2711 is 2560x1440

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      nah, the U2711 is 2560x1440. Had to go up to 30" in the Dell to get the 16:10.

    • How does this compare to 2711?

  • Nice price
    Anyone have any experience haggling with Dell to get it even lower? :)

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    I really want this monitor! It's still way out of my budget though :'(.

    Hopefully one day it'll be ~$400.

    I might just jump on one of the Korean screens.

  • I tried the online chat with Dell sales before ,kept telling me the online discount is the best they can do .

  • Response Time12ms

    Not an afficianado of monitors but that bad for sports fans isn't it? Does it matter here?

    • Is the U2713HM faster?

      You don't exactly get 100% aRGB monitors to watch sports..

    • If referring to over-the-air, both sport and soap are broadcast at exact same frequency - 50Hz (=20ms).

  • "Average Consumption80W"

    Holy hell, that's a world record.

    • Power Consumption (Operational)
      60W (typical) / 130W (maximum)5
      Power Consumption Stand by / Sleep:
      Less than 0.5 W

      Where u get 80 from?

      • From the link supplied above.

        • Thats for the KOGEN (Apple) monitor - Average Consumption 80W

          The Dell (Samsung/LG) is 60W :) and a much better monitor

  • I wanted to grab this bad baoy to replace my Dell 2708 but I have doubts because some owners have mentioned the following issue:

    "…issue every now and then it will get a full screen blue tinge/tint on it after exiting a full screen movie or game (the blue tint/tinge lasts a few milliseconds, but I notice it)
    im not able to reproduce it consistently, but its definitely there."

    Maybe the discounted ones are the returned monitors due to this issue?

    • aw balls, I ordered one just before reading this…I probably wouldn't have ordered it. Fingers crossed I guess…

  • I came across this one in eBay, very similar (but not identical) spec as the Kogan…

    Spec for the Kogan (

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      Thanks for your input.

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        Yes it was so helpful I'm buying 10 of these monitors right away!

  • apple is doing a 27'' 1440p for $399 later in the year?!?!

    if so, thats cheap even if it prob wont have a hdmi input

    • $399 for the apple monitor $299 for the HDMI/Dsub converter cable! Welcome to Apple = GIVE US YOUR MONEYS AND SHUT UP! Its the Apple way of doing business

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      No, Apple is never going to sell its 27" monitor for $399. The OP said KOGAN were selling a monitor will the same panel as Apple. Isn't the Dell also using the same panel?

  • I was desperate for the U2713HM with 30% off $559 I think, And now this pop up.
    I was wondering which is a better monitor for photo editing?


  • I am online chatting with dell representative the offer ends 18/04/2013

  • Order a U2713H, thanks you, can't wait for it to arrive :)

    Not interested in Kogan rubbish after seeing the horrifically bad picture quality of their TVs and seeing their massive customer service problems (e.g. the iphone 5 saga)

  • Ordered two over the phone. Because I suck at haggling I only got $15 off, however I got $15 off! :D

  • interesting, the sales is back on… wondering if they really want to get rid of this "non" perfect monitor.

  • Sale extended until April 25th.

    There is however a stock shortage. I ordered mine on the 15th during the initial special. I called Dell on the 18th (my estimated delivery date) and was told they won't be shipping any more of them until early May (likely the 4th) as they have run out of stock.

    Pretty annoying. Also why run the special again if they know postage is going to be delayed for everyone?

    Ah well. I'm sure I'll be happy again once it finally arrives.

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