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is this eligible for Ipad Pro 12.9 M1?
26/11/2021 - 17:35
Razer Blade 15 Base Model, Intel Core i7-10750H / 16GB / 512GB / RTX 3060 $1879 Shipped @ Microsoft eBay
15.6-inch Full HD display β€’ Intel Core i7-10750H β€’ 16 GB memory/512 GB SSD β€’ NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 [Original Coupon...
25/06/2021 - 17:08
You can also get consider this. NAB is offering a Point Hacks exclusive of up to 125,000 bonus Qantas Points and a reduced first-year...
20/05/2021 - 15:08
09/05/2021 - 23:14
$424 in Amazon free shipping for prime members...
09/05/2021 - 23:14
I just managed to purchase one. The deal is back!! :)
19/03/2021 - 18:04
Sold out? Can’t find it anymore
19/03/2021 - 17:17
[Afterpay] Intel Core i5-10600K CPU $263.20 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay
Intel 10600K, good value for gaming that won't bottleneck modern GPU. BONUS Games Bundle!* *BONUS Games Bundle is via redemption from...
18/03/2021 - 21:29
Comparable techfast deal is this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/600597 for $1988
15/02/2021 - 23:33
Desktop PC with Ryzen 5 5600X, Liquid Cooling, RTX3070, B550M AORUS ELITE AM4 M-ATX, 16GB 3200MHz RAM $1974 + Delivery @ Virco
Another decent desktop deal. Comparable to techfast Deal but with better PC case For comparison: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/600597...
15/02/2021 - 23:03
kokoboko was awarded a badge.
13/02/2021 - 15:00
that only have 'Gigabyte B460M GAMING HD Micro-ATX Motherboard' compared to 'Gigabyte Z490 UD AC ATX Motherboard'. The deal posted can be...
13/02/2021 - 13:54
Desktop PC with 10700F CPU, RX Gigabyte RTX3070, Z490 MOBO, 16GB 3200MHz RAM $1899 + Delivery @ BPC Tech
Awesome deal if you don't mind the colour of the PC case. Specs: CPU: Intel i7-10700F Processor (** +$49 upgrade to 10700K) Cooler:...
13/02/2021 - 13:30
Can you put an option for CPU upgrade for Ryzen 5 5600x.
03/02/2021 - 23:31
For the upgraded PSU β€œ 750W 80+ Gold Power Supply $79.00” is it modular?
03/02/2021 - 21:43
Have someone tried to redeem JBL headphone headphones? It is asking for the tax invoice number but I dont know where to get it.
04/11/2018 - 20:21
I signed the contract but its not dated. I think it means the contract of sales is not yet valid. I feel lucky that i was able to know this...
17/08/2018 - 14:58
My solicitor wants my broker to ask the bank if certificate of occupancy is sufficient because getting certificate of compliance for the...
16/08/2018 - 18:51
I searched the internet and I saw that non compliant Cladding replacement can cost from 40-60k per unit. This for sure will affect the...
16/08/2018 - 17:10
My home loan from NAB only wants to provide 70% LVR due to the Cladding installed in the apartment exterior. They want certification from...
16/08/2018 - 16:16
[@edrift](/comment/5707356/redir): can you share the pdf of the product listing so i can send that to kogan. Until now they havent replied...
05/03/2018 - 16:27
This is what they told me. I'm sorry that there appears to be some confusion regarding your order. After reviewing the information you've...
03/03/2018 - 15:28
I got mine today but its aluminium version.
03/03/2018 - 10:08
For mens shoes do they use US size?
14/11/2017 - 22:07