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Nope, I'll contact them in a week if I don't get it. Email is [email protected] if you want to do the same.
18/01/2022 - 21:11
Yeah I think you are right. Shopback price must be in USD. It's not indicated as such though.
08/01/2022 - 16:26
3 year plan price appears to be $109 when you click through, not $79? Am I doing something wrong?
08/01/2022 - 15:44
$4.95 for the same thing here:
02/01/2022 - 22:59
I own this exact model and it does the job fine. I have compared readings to my mother's Omron and they are always similar.
17/12/2021 - 15:04
Tracked for me after a couple of hours
11/12/2021 - 17:37
For anyone still interested in these, my shipment of 2 just arrived and the "best before" date is Jan 2026
24/11/2021 - 14:45
Thanks Op, got it for my mum who normally pays full price for this
23/09/2021 - 17:35
This turns into a $15 per year subscription by the looks of the Terms and Conditions: "The price paid for your Will includes the...
25/06/2021 - 17:40
Just queried about porting from Boost, and it is not possible. I asked if I could port to non-Telstra, then back and I was told it might be...
03/10/2017 - 23:13
There's also mirroring software such as mirrorgo: Whatever shows on your phone/tablet...
21/09/2017 - 22:30
Do you know if the the iPad can be sold and the SIM kept and used in a different unlocked device? Is the iPad locked to Optus network?...
21/09/2017 - 00:33
Riders Dunas. Expensive but very comfortable...
30/06/2017 - 11:20
I have one of these: With this you plug all the...
21/06/2017 - 09:31
> So for around $42k expense I received $11k back. This is the whole problem with people's interpretation of negative gearing, or their...
20/04/2017 - 01:50
My guess is: Interest rates go up to historical norms, or maybe even less than that, Ottah is screwed Ottah or partner loses job, Ottah is...
20/04/2017 - 01:34
> If NG is abolished going forward, all the rents would rise within few months. What if they are grandfathered? You shouldn't be affected...
20/04/2017 - 01:21
Until around 1985 losses could only offset rental income, not salary income
20/04/2017 - 01:03
18/04/2017 - 20:37
Take a look at the list of the 200 jobs being removed. Some jobs are so obscure that surely nobody comes here on those grounds anyway....
18/04/2017 - 20:34
Not true for graduate nurses (or teachers either). It can take up to a year or more to find a full time job in a hospital. Many just give...
18/04/2017 - 20:28
According to the wiki article above, up until 1985 the expenses were only allowed to offset rental income, not other income such as salary...
18/04/2017 - 12:52
Yes some downsides as well, renting won't suit everybody. The owner can also sell on you. But even so, to me the downsides seem to pale in...
18/04/2017 - 02:29
You definitely have to wonder about some people. I was talking to someone the other day who believed that all of the losses on a rental...
18/04/2017 - 02:11
Renting is great! - Freedom of movement, suburb to suburb, city to city, whatever you want - Anything goes wrong, the owner pays for it -...
17/04/2017 - 19:16
> Separately, on negative gearing, if I have 3 investments, one makes +$200k, one +$100k and one -$50k and no other income to speak of, how...
17/04/2017 - 19:02
> have got a bee in thier bonnet No bee in my bonnet, just my opinion on what was probably the *biggest* driver of price increases over the...
16/04/2017 - 23:59