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Best Time of Year to Move Apartment / Sign a New Lease?

Hi guys, just wondering if there are any real estate agents here on OzB who could advise on when the best time to move in sydney's eastern suburbs is? At the moment all apartments are quickly …

Cheapest Place to Buy Raspberry Pi 2?

Hi guys, I've had a look around the place to find this, most places are about $40 AU plus additional shipping, does anyone know where to get it the cheapest?? Thanks!

Cheapest Unlocked Android Phone off the shelf (no online orders) please!?

So Im having issues with a galaxy s3 I bought from Kogan. Kogan are asking me to send them the phone, this leaves me without any way of communicating for the time the phone is with them. Anyone know …


Kmart Projector and Screen for 300 Bones

Is this worth the 300 ? Im hoping to play blu rays in my living room on a budget, but if the quality is rubbish I won't bother. Is it too cheap to be any use? Anyone have …