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Recommendations for money belt

I will be traveling to Nepal and will be needing a money belt Can anyone recommend a product? Is a belt better than a neck pouch type? Thanks!

Manfrotto Pixi tripod

Looking for this tripod for the best possible price and from a reputable and safe website :) I just found it for about $23 on rubbermonkey.com.au, anyone heard anything about this website? It …

Western Union

Western Union money transfer and tax

Hi all, I do a bit of tutoring and I have had one client pay me through Western Union money transfer (first time using it for me, I went and picked up the cash from the post office). I'm …

Trying to find this battery charger for my RX100m3 - help!

This is the product that I am trying to find: http://www.sony.com.au/product/acc-trdcx The sony store is out of stock, as is DigiDirect Not sure where else to look! I have seen it for sale on a …

Rechargeable batteries for an RX100 M3

Looking to buy a few extra batteries for a 4 week trek I'm doing in Nepal. Can you guys recommend me a good product? Online would be preferable :)

eBay Australia

eBay voucher disappeared

Hi all, The other day I was on eBay and I noticed that I had a 15% voucher to use that expired on the 27th of this month. Now when I log back on to eBay there is no coupon at all! Anyone …

Sony RX100M3

The only place that I've found so far with this camera is JB and they are selling it for $999 Thanks :)

Ex officio underwear

Looking to buy some ex officio underwear. Preferably a pair of the normal give-n-go as well as a pair of the sports version. Any links to reputable websites would be appreciated :)

JB Hi-Fi

Does JB Hifi accept trade ins for cameras?

I am wanting to replace my current camera and having trouble selling it on gumtree. JB is selling the camera I want so I was wondering if I could trade in my camera?

Travel insurance for Nepal

Hi all, I will be going to Nepal in October for a 4 week long trek. I will be needing travel insurance that includes helicopter evacuation etc Can anyone recommend any good insurance providers? Or …

Help finding a good quality fleecy jumper

Heading to nepal in October and will be needing a fleecy jumper. I will be doing a 4 week trek through the everest region and will need something suitable for the conditions that'll keep me …

Looking for thermals

Hi all, I will be heading to Nepal to undertake a 4 week trek. I will be trekking in high altitude and will require thermal pants and long sleeve top. I am looking for something high quality and am …

Should I buy a new phone now or wait?

My current phone is starting to have more and more issues so I will be needing to buy a new one in the next few months. Should I buy it now before the end of the financial year to claim it on tax or …

Hawaii - souvenirs and Australian Customs

Hi, I am currently in Hawaii and would like to purchase a few souvenirs such as wooden bowls and wooden tiki men etc. but am worried they will be confiscated once I arrive back in Aus. Would these …

Where to buy spare batteries for Sony A6000 camera?

I'm heading overseas in a few days and decided I should probably have a few spare batteries for my dslr. Can anyone recommend any suitable batteries? I've left it late so I'll have to …

Looking for a headphone splitter

Looking for a headphone splitter to use on the plane (for 3 people) Can anyone reccommend a good product? http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/belkin-rock... Ive found this one at …

VISA question - traveling to Hawaii

I applied for a U.S. Visa for myself and on behalf of my family members. On the website it says that we have all been approved, however, I didn't receive an email confirming our approval. Is …

Going to Hawaii in a few weeks, any recommendations on activities?

Will be stayin a week in Oahu and a week in Kauai Pearl harbour is definitely on the list Any tips or recommendations from people who have been recently will be appreciated :)

28 Degrees Vs Citibank for overseas traveling?

Will be travelling to Hawaii in May and Nepal possibly in October. What is the best card to use? I have read that some people use both cards, 28 card for credit transactions and Citibank card for …

Best website to buy supplements online??

Wanting to buy some supplements (biotin) but can never seem to find any on sale in stores. Thought I'd try online shopping if there is anything decent around Thanks :)

Need to spend $250+ on credit card - what to buy?! (luggage?)

Hi all, I will be flying overseas in May. I have an ANZ credit card and I was told that if I spend $250 or more on my credit card, I will automatically be covered with travel insurance for my …


Why can't I post anything on Gumtree?? Help!

Hi all, I have been attempting to post an ad on gumtree advertising tutoring services that I offer. However, every time I post an ad, it never appears on my account and is almost immediately …

Best case for MacBook Pro 13

Looking to spend anywhere up to $200 Don't want anything too bulky as I will be keeping it in my backpak for travel mostly. Online or in store is fine. Thanks :)

Looking for a laptop, any recommendations?

Hi all, I am in the market for a laptop. I will primarily be using it for writing assignments, surfing the net and watching movies etc. I will pretty much be using it for everything except …

Best keyboard for iPad Air??

Im looking for a keyboard to use with my iPad Air to write assignments while I am on the go. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance :)

IPad Air - Safari never remembers my log in information for any website

I have the correct settings turned on in the settings but still have to renter my details every time I access a website again

Want to buy a VW Kombi - no experience buying a vehicle!

Hi all, I am interested in buying a VW kombi. I want to use it for everyday use as well as for taking it travelling around Australia. I have never purchased a vehicle before and am pretty …

Best camera bag for hiking?

I have recently purchased an A6000 with 2 lenses . I am planning on taking it hiking (overnight and mutli day trips) Has anyone got any recommendations for the best way to carry the camera and …