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Purchasing Gym equipment - Are you selling any?

Hi Ozbargainers, I was looking at getting back in shape this summer and need some loose weights.


Looking for Primal Carnage key

Hi guys, Just as stated above, was looking to get a Primal Carnage Beta key! If you know how or have a spare one that'd be awesome! Regards, Darren

IRON GYM Home Door Pull Up Chin Up Dip Bar

Hey OzBargainers, Was looking at getting back into shape and remembered my friends had one of these in their household... although i remembered his doing some damage.

Looking for SMITE Closed Beta Key

Hi Ozbargainers, I was looking into the Smite online closed beta and it looked interesting. I was wondering if anyone had a referral key or what not that I could use!


Hey guys, have bought these Levis sunglasses twice: http://www.topbuy.com.au/tbcart/pc/Levis-Sunglasses-Brown-Brown-Medium-Sunglare-Protection-1046-C01-90p3165.htm

Aldi 47" Bauhn Full HD LCD TV - Who is waiting for it?

So... Who else got up at 4:45am to go to Aldi to wait at the front door? :D