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on the account page where you choose which plan, (had like three large boxes) and at bottom of box for one you've selected I had option to...
07/07/2016 - 17:53
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06/07/2016 - 17:57
Yeah, I'd missed the expiry, not that they bother to notify before, at, or after it happened. If you don't login to the account you...
06/07/2016 - 15:52
renewal started on 28/06/2016, so 9 days in.
06/07/2016 - 15:07
Presto: 2 Month Free Extension
[In account settings, when I chose to "pause subscription" I was offered 2 month free...
06/07/2016 - 15:00
Hi hamza23, I had a door to door guy selling Lumo this morning. So don't have access, was trying to understand how helpful this would be to...
19/12/2015 - 14:01
I can't seem to view any more details on Lumo site without an account. Can someone explain if there's some form of points system to qualify...
19/12/2015 - 13:42
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19/12/2015 - 13:09