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Been using mine for couple of days now. It's fully sealed and doesn't leak.
23/05/2021 - 09:35
[VIC, SA, NSW] Voss Sparkling Water 375ml Box of 12 $10 @ NQR
Nice looking glass bottles with free water
20/05/2021 - 10:53
You can get [10% off](https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/540906) catch.com.au through UNIDAYS account
14/05/2021 - 14:57
Replied to wrong comment
24/04/2021 - 21:04
I think around July? With shipping it'll probably get here Sept so quite a long way still
11/03/2021 - 22:27
What's the difference between global & cn version? I've only read few reviews but non mentioned about global version coming out
11/03/2021 - 20:07
Anyone own this & can give feedback? I'm thinking of buying Honor Band 6 or Mi Band 5 but this looks nice & cheaper too
11/03/2021 - 19:28
Is there a way to know if 2000 has been reached?
24/02/2021 - 11:59
I think people see it as buying a nice looking glass bottle with free water when it comes to Voss.
22/02/2021 - 00:07
I went to the Doncaster store today and it's there for $7.99 but the expiry is March 21 instead of April
18/02/2021 - 22:44
Thanks OP. They had 3 left of the pan & tilt version when I checked few mins ago & got to order 1.
02/01/2021 - 19:20
I'm interested in trying the soap but I'm a bit confused. Says it's free of fragrances but one of the ingredients is Parfum (Fragrance)....
30/12/2020 - 21:24
Hi OP. Will the Bookdepository cashback work on pre-order books?
27/12/2020 - 14:19
Seems like it. I ordered but haven't got confirmation so I wonder if they'll cancel it?
25/12/2020 - 18:27
Thanks OP. Went to get one yesterday and it surprisingly scanned at $32.97!
05/12/2020 - 18:01
You can still sign up for the $20 voucher from the [Little Birdie](https://www.littlebirdie.com.au) website
02/12/2020 - 04:33
The 7-eleven in Werribee near Officeworks has about 8 boxes left
20/11/2020 - 13:33
Thanks OP! Just checked and got the offer
24/09/2020 - 14:12
Thanks OP! Got the Black Y5 from Werribee.
14/09/2020 - 10:41
Worth checking Woolies too as I went the other day and they have hand sanitiser (but not this same brand) behind the service desk. 60ml for...
16/04/2020 - 08:50
Anko Headphone Case $0.50 @ Kmart
These headphone cases has a clearance tag of $2 but it scanned up as 50 cent. There were 4 left when I was there so unsure if I should post...
13/02/2020 - 19:33
I went in store to ask for price match but they wouldn't as they said Amazon has it on back order. Decided to try my luck by calling OW...
08/02/2020 - 18:47
Hi OP, any chance you can do a deal for Tronsmart Spunky Beat? I just saw some reviews and very interested in buying one
19/12/2019 - 00:37
[SodaKING](https://www.bigw.com.au/brands/sodaking/) maybe?
30/07/2019 - 21:13
I don't own either but got an Aldi airfryer few months ago. I personally wouldn't mind paying $12 extra for the 1600W version. But we use...
27/06/2019 - 13:12
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10/04/2019 - 19:13
Ok that's odd. It says on the page that S7 Edge will only take up to 200gb micro sd but I have the 256gb in mine and it works fine
09/04/2019 - 21:17