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i prefer bulkhead but always use seatguru as flights change etc
27/06/2017 - 18:12
thanks for that @tsunamisurfer - ill be sure to check those . We stream all our suburbs , points of interest etc from Landgate so they…
26/06/2017 - 14:07
Thanks @thirdwill - at the moment have only done the fringe listings (these are harder as you said you cant just scrape the data, we…
26/06/2017 - 14:06
thanks heap @hastagbargain ! Its quite stressful putting something out there for public comment so thanks for the kind words! We update…
26/06/2017 - 14:04
thanks @qe3rty , pretty much a way for land buyers to get some independent information rather than just rely on the agents. We don't charge…
26/06/2017 - 14:02
Hello, Looking for feedback on a website I have been working on - after getting ripped off by a REA saying "there is not much land Baldivis…
26/06/2017 - 09:41
i agree while i hate people taking fake sick days i hate people coming to work sick and spreading their illness to prove a point
12/01/2017 - 18:56
Hi OP, Also in WA, we have been saving/watching for 2 years now and prices are still def dropping. I cant see things improving in 2017. We…
12/01/2017 - 12:02
Hi OP, I'm in the same position as you : have saved 85K and trying to get to 130k to avoid LMI. IMO take the 2-3% from a savings account. I…
11/01/2017 - 16:37
UI, UX , devops , "the cloud" , SaaS , + select one random tech startup
10/01/2017 - 14:15
we did CP to HCM and then used a combination of vietjet and jetstar Both were about the same (VJ and JS) on price and timeliness. Advantage…
10/01/2017 - 14:07
i would look at the most successful startup companies/small festivals/boutique events in the news and look at the events company is. Most…
10/01/2017 - 14:03
for WA a physio (in public, not sure about private) would start around 70k and after 6 years be around 98K. This is as a base level…
05/01/2017 - 13:59
be careful - mine was taken during MtGox hack , im still waiting for the payout (supposed to be mid 2017!)
04/01/2017 - 13:05
basl commented on Travel Vietnam
I flew Cathay Pacific - was cheapish but a little longer in the air. Very good quality though and they often have sales I went in October…
04/01/2017 - 13:04
Good luck! I might try this as well !
04/01/2017 - 10:23
Hi Christian, Startup Founder here: Great website - the idea looks good. **I think you might be asking** : Look at my website and see why i…
03/01/2017 - 16:51
often its not recognised as a bubble until after it bursts
02/01/2017 - 15:04
have you considered a surface book? When i was looking i wanted a proper keyword and the surface book is great.
31/12/2016 - 16:27
event company owner here. So many people come with the same qualifications (cert in event management). IMO I think you are better off…
31/12/2016 - 16:25
not only where you are now but also where you want to get to? Want to have a regular, steady life with some luxury - save deposit for a…
31/12/2016 - 16:21
Flying for work or > 3 times a year = Then yes spend $350 on a decent pair Flying for leisure < 3 times a year = Don't worry about it
30/12/2016 - 23:07
basl commented on Is MBA Worth It?
# Not completed an MBA In my opinion it is a waste of money (unless you can get work to pay/give you time off for it?). Many of the skills…
30/12/2016 - 18:31
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