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Dodgy things real estate agents do

I recently found this house for sale and noticed it appears to be photoshopped (especially the tree in the top left corner). Checking google maps (6 year old images) and driving around to take a …

Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions - Caused by Data Breach?

I noticed 8 fraudulent transactions on my credit card dating back as far as 26th Sept 2018 and I was wondering if anyone else has had something similar happen? The reason I ask here is that I make a …

OVO Mobile

OVO charging when auto recharge is off

Just letting people using ovo know that I've just been charged even though I have auto recharge turned off. Anyone else getting this? I got alerted via the email I used to register with …

Free Brisbane City Council Bus Travel July 27

expired Free Brisbane City Council Bus Travel July 27

Swann Communications

Dodgy Swann 4 Channel 1080p 500GB NVR with 4 x NHD-810 Cameras (SONVK-472854)

I recently purchased one of these I did a quick check to see what the video properties are and found it to be 928x576 and NOT …

Kogan Mobile

Bonus 2GB Data on Kogan?

After recently purchasing the 12GB kogan sim for $1 I used up the 12GB, but just noticed this morning a sms saying I have only used 85%. Checked my data plan and it says 12GB of 14GB used. Has anyone …