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"Repeat Order" - UMART

Hi I purchased a Logitech meetup from umart - 8 days later it arrived, and i like it - so i want to get another one just like it - but they have jacked the price from $1199 to $1499 I asked them …

Tax Invoice for New Phone?

Where do I go shopping for any stock, but from a store that can issue me a tax invoice to I can claim it back. Its hard to spot from search engines, well priced gear that comes with a tax …

Nespresso Pods

So - I have been looking around for 'nice-ish' tasting nespresso pods I had had about 400 pods so far from these guys and they are good …

40% off Canvas Art @ Harvey Norman

expired 40% off Canvas Art @ Harvey Norman

Wii + Fit = $448 from Big W

expired Wii + Fit = $448 from Big W

RocEyeWare HAPPY 1/2 HOUR

expired RocEyeWare HAPPY 1/2 HOUR