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Where Do I Buy a Deck Gate?

I can't find anything similar to this in Australia: Surely they exist?? Thanks

poll How Much Debt Are You in?

Australia has one of the highest personal debt levels in the world. Credit cards, car loans, home loans, HECS etc. What is yours?

St Remio Strong, Intense or Supreme Nespresso Compatible Capsules - 100 Capsule $39 + Delivery ($0 with $60 Spend) @ St Remio

expired St Remio Strong, Intense or Supreme Nespresso Compatible Capsules - 100 Capsule $39 + Delivery ($0 with $60 Spend) @ St Remio

St Remio STRONG Industrial Compostable St Remio INTENSE Industrial Compostable St Remio SUPREME Industrial Compostable Free Shipping on all orders if you spend $60 or more. These cost $6.5 for 10 …

Home Loan after Starting as IT Contractor (PAYG)

I'm going to be switching from my current perm role into a contracting role that will make me employed through an agency on a rolling 6-month contract. The yearly wage will be about 40% higher …

Looking for an Australia Flag Face Mask

Looking to buy one for a mate. Need it by Monday so brick and mortar shops are preferred. Located in Melbourne. Has anyone seen a shop selling these? Cheers

Buying Property in Partnership (Shared Ownership) Advice Needed

Hey everyone, My partner and I have been together for over 10 years and we're looking into buying our first home together. We have discussed the financial aspects and agreed that because I bring …


poll Woolworths vs Coles - Choose Your Supermarket

Title says it all. Choose your favourite and explain why in a comment. Ps Aldi and Costco were left out intentionally because they don't offer similar shopping experiences

Ultra-Soft Modal Trunk - 2x for $29.94 + Shipping @ Calvin Klein

out of stock Ultra-Soft Modal Trunk - 2x for $29.94 + Shipping @ Calvin Klein

55% off normal price + 40% off 2x+ at checkout ultra soft and sleek, this essential trunk is made with a modal stretch blend for a luxurious feel. finished with calvin klein underwear repeating logo …

poll How Fake Do You Think Reality Shows Are

Talking mostly about Aussie reality TV, how fake/real do you think it actually is? Shows for example: The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, The Block, Real Brother, Farmer Wants a Wife, Married at …

Car Insurance - Who is your current insurer question

When filling up the registration form for car insurance, I was asked who my current insurer was. I noticed that if I change it to another insurer the premium drops a bit. Seems a bit unfair …

FIFA Club Melbourne SE Suburbs

Seriously thinking about hosting a Fifa PS4 tournament / event. Beers, snacks and hopefully some good times included. Would anybody be keen?

Australia’s Horrific New Encryption Law Likely to Obliterate Its Tech Scene Australia‘s government signed a bill into law last week giving law enforcement agencies the right to force technology companies …

[MEL] Why Do Most Apartments Refuse to Accomodate Pet Dogs?

I live in Melbourne after moving here from another country about 16 months ago. I'm curious to know the reasons to why most property owners / agents refuse to accommodate for our 4-legged …

Aunt Betty

Aunt Betty Misleading Cancellation Policy Terms - Advice Needed

Hey all, I recently made a booking through When I read the terms for cancellation I was led to believe cancellation will incur a cancellation fee of $170 + supplier fees (these …

AU-USA Tax Treaty - Am I Eligible?

Hey guys, I'm living in Australia on a TSS (Temporary Skilled Migration) visa, working and paying my taxes here and here only. According to the ATO's definition - I'm an Australian …

DIY Help: Washing Machine Draining

Hi guys, We've recently moved in to an apartment and are having issues with connecting our washing machine draining to the existing draining pipeline. There's a hose going from the washer …