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Looking for a Special Cover to Prevent Water Coming into Weep Holes

So my house is on a slope and has zero allotment with my neighbour on the high side. When my neighbour on the high side is watering his plants, he sometimes gets my weep holes flooded. The water …

Mortgage Strategy to Buy Second House?

Say I bought the current small house about 3 years ago for 500 K, borrowing 400 K with 30 year term as P&I. I haven't repaid much of the 1st loan (still 27 years left and close to 380K …


How to Buy Coles eGift Card with a Credit Card (Not Bank Transfer)?

Noticed that from AGL and RACQ you can buy Coles eGift Card, but you have to do a bank transfer. I'd like to buy with a credit card as it has long interest-free period. Is it possible?