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Tell Me about Cheap Cars to Buy That You Can Insure for Good Money

Hey people, I just want to know about your insurance policies . Anyone bought cars that you can insure for more than what you purchased for ? Few years back had a commodore was purchased for 13 …

Best superannuation account

Hey guys, Any super experts in the house ? After looking at my super the amount of fees and charges is a fair bit of money going out. Just wondering what the best superfunds are for low fees …

Travelling to Europe what cards to use?

Hey guys. Travelling soon and I have a 28 degrees Cc and Citibank global currency account anyone have the best method for using my cards in Europe. Which card do I use in stores and what card to …

Floor standing speakers for music

Hello, looking for the best bang for buck Floor speakers for music wouldn't mind one with a big woofer anyone know of some good bargains out there

Cheapest Smartwatch for Maps

Hey Looking for a cheap smartwatch for maps don't mind if it requires a Sim or not just interested in the best value watch to use for maps