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Same with me, surely Topcashback can work something out..
10/04/2024 - 17:33
shockingly I have my order arriving today but the cashback didnt go through, did anyone else have theirs come through?
10/04/2024 - 10:44
Did anyone have their cashback track??
09/04/2024 - 19:25
Is that a recent move? because I did place a order online using this card last year.
05/04/2024 - 11:46
Yup I have seen all the posts, the responses they have given me are comical and come a week or two after I contact them at best.
05/04/2024 - 09:11
yeah I have only used them at the iconic and office works and both times they initially worked fine but I have not been able to use since.
05/04/2024 - 09:10
Officeworks and the iconic both online, there has always been enough money in the card, the system never seems to recognise the details.
05/04/2024 - 09:09
I purchased an Ultimate Teens gift card last September during the 15% sale and I have literally made like two successful transactions using…
05/04/2024 - 08:57
24 hours and yeah I used the $12 off coupon but I could just use another acocunt I guess.
03/04/2024 - 20:12
yeah it's a decent size order so I probably will.
03/04/2024 - 20:10
I hesitated and cancelled my payment right after I clicked place order and now my order is in the "To Pay" section and with 6 individual…
03/04/2024 - 18:47
I dont see anything on the topcashback site?
18/03/2024 - 06:15
Anyone else had the the blue cheese unavailable for delivery the entire week of the sale? They keep saying out of stock but my local has…
17/03/2024 - 14:54
Anyone know if the $5 ebay plus code works for this cash back?
14/03/2024 - 00:45
These are ALWAYS targeted.
11/03/2024 - 11:39
yep seems to be the case for a lot of us, I spoke to amazon chat and they said there's a glitch in the system and best bet is to cancel and…
07/03/2024 - 09:30
Ordered mine over 12 hours ago too and its still stuck in processing, I also have not been charged.
07/03/2024 - 09:26
They took almost a month to respond to me only to tell me they wouldn't honor my cashback, I will NEVER use them again.
05/03/2024 - 11:42
I explained the situation to NAB and they honoured it.
05/03/2024 - 11:33
copy pasted You've clicked on another browser extension after clicking from ShopBack Other web pages or browsers (including search sites,…
05/03/2024 - 10:41
Shopback refused to honor my last cashback and just keep sending me generic responses I had to charge back.
05/03/2024 - 10:17