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Which is better? Kia Sportage Platinum 2013 or Mazda CX-5 Maxx Sport 2013

Have been looking around the web to try and fi d out which car is better and reviews are quite mixed. So now I ask you guys. Between the two which would be better to get? Both are around the same …

Can I Get a Good Deal if I Buy 2 Televisions?

Will be moving into my own home soon and would like to update my tv. Don't want to spend much with around $2k budget for both combine. Does anyone know if it is possible to get a combo deals at …

Am I too old to buy a Honda Integra Type R DC5?

I am approaching 30 years old, already own a Mazda 3 (which is heavily used by my wife now so it is pretty much hers). I've always wanted a sports car and always liked the Integra type r DC5 but …

Asus All-In-One with touch screen any good?

Looking to buy a desktop or all-in-one for my partner. She seems to like the All-In-One for its supposedly "sleek" look and its simplicity.

iOS APP: Photo Stickers Plus+, Now Free (Was $0.99)

expired iOS APP: Photo Stickers Plus+, Now Free (Was $0.99)