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[Centrecom](https://www.centrecom.com.au/asus-rog-rapture-gt-ax6000-dual-band-wifi-6-80211ax-gaming-router) still has this. Edit: Sorry, in…
22/08/2023 - 11:48
Same here. Paid by gift card balance.
19/08/2023 - 15:28
Go for [SK Hynix P41](https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/786790).
11/07/2023 - 10:50
I think for the price tag, C3 should compare with S95C. As S90C is $600 cheaper currently.
05/07/2023 - 20:00
I had the same issue, but after changing the DNS to and opt out CG-NAT, it's all good. For opt out CG -NAT, you actually can do it…
05/07/2023 - 17:04
No one likes to call customer service. But when sth wrong, you have to deal with them, and SL customer service just basically useless from…
05/07/2023 - 11:17
Speed is okay, with few dropouts. But the customer service is terrible, tried to upgrade the plan and have been chased up for a week, now…
05/07/2023 - 10:45
Sorry, you're not eligible for this offer.
28/06/2023 - 16:11
Yeah, so ally would be a better choice for you.
28/05/2023 - 14:28
True, still depends on your needs. And yeah, OLED would be amazing!!
28/05/2023 - 14:28
The cost of steam deck + 1TB ssd is around $800, while you can get ROG Ally from JBHIFI for $1,299 ($1,169.1 if you happen to have some…
28/05/2023 - 14:12
Yeah, I know. Just if you really need to buy something, this is an okay deal imo.
23/05/2023 - 10:34
Well, 8% off and you can buy online vs 9.09% off via Coles, not much difference tho.
23/05/2023 - 09:59
This one is much better than SD IMO, 1080p, 120hz, better CPU and cooling.
17/05/2023 - 17:42
A solution (which does not work), and will void your warranty :)) Problem solved.
13/05/2023 - 20:52
I think the TBW will not be a problem for most ppl. 1000TBW is enough to write 274GB per day for 10 years. Should be good for PS5.
09/05/2023 - 10:29
Thanks mate, will be looking for some cheap nvme instead
26/04/2023 - 20:10
This or some cheap NVME SSD for general use? The endurance is way better than the NVME SSDs, but does it worth it for daily use?
26/04/2023 - 15:03
Well, I think the 40 series itself are great, with better performance, lower watt and heat. Just really bad price.
15/04/2023 - 20:09
Agreed, 4080 has dropped to $1679 on ebay from $2219 since launch, a lot more to go!
15/04/2023 - 18:03
Thanks mate, so in this case, the 4080 16GB would be a better choice(more future-proofing also)? For 4070ti, it definitely meets my…
12/04/2023 - 11:33
So should I buy the 4070ti? Based on the chart, it looks like more than 3 times performance than 3080 10GB.Thanks
12/04/2023 - 10:48
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