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Fasttech Charging Extra $50 for Shipping?

Hey all, Has anyone had Fasttech charge extra for shipping after you have made a purchase? I bought a whole heap of stuff from Fasttech a couple of weeks ago and today I got an email saying the …


ThinkPad X1 Yoga - FHD or WQHD?

Hi all, Just wondering if scaling issues are really that bad on a WQHD screen? I'll be using it for a lot of remote support. My yoga x1 has been major delayed so they have offered the same …

QLD electricity deregulation. Any good companies?

Hi all, Now that QLD has deregulated electricity prices it is getting annoying to compare. Eg, some have 80c a day charge but higher c/kW, some have a $1.25 a day charge with lower c/kW. Then they …

Free USB Host (OTG) Cable for Samsung Device Owners

expired Free USB Host (OTG) Cable for Samsung Device Owners