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Google Adwords Credit

I already have an Adwords account and have received the $100 sign up bonus. Is anyone aware of any possible snaffles to get cheap, or preferably free, google Adwords credit? Thanks!

Postage Stamps (bulk)

I spend $50-$100 a month on postage stamps as I like to stick them all over my body have a few online stores. Can anyone think of a way which I can get a discount? Maybe through a combination of …

Keyport - The Keychain alternative. Want to share shipping?

I have wanted to get one of these bad boys since they were launched. They are selling a limited number of cosmetically flawed units for half price:

Any discounts for Lite'n'Easy

Hello, Do Lite'n'Easy ever have discount codes, and if so, does anyone know of any current offers? Thanks!

Cheap prepaid sim with access only

Hello, I am in the market for a mobile simcard. I just want it to be able to be able to accept calls and am not fussed about making outgoing calls.

Cherry Juice on the Gold Coast

Does anyone know if there is a place on the Gold Coast that sells cherry juice (~1L carton or more) for a reasonable price?

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Electric Toothbrush

My electric toothbrush is on the way out and I was wondering of anyone has done their research recently and could tell me which brand/model is the best value for money (including ongoing costs of …