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Public Hospital - Private Patient Insurance (Tax Purposes)

Hi All, This seems like a good place to ask the question since its about how far to go to save money. If I get basic hospital cover to avoid tax (Private patient in public hospital), and my partner …

Overseas Mortgage - Buy to Let in The UK

Hello everyone, I am a UK expat living longterm in Sydney. I'm currently renting an apartment in Sydney which we are happy with and relative to the Sydney prices it is not bleeding me dry! In …

eBay Australia

eBay Buyer is international

Hi All, I put a phone up on eBay and listed it as free posting to Australia. I did not offer International shipping. Someone has purchased it as a buy it now (Higher price than I had expected) and …

Re-Selling a Designer Bag

Hello OzBargains!


Hello All, Noticed this website who have really good deals on LED TVs.

Sydney New Year - Events and tickets

Hey All, I've got some friends coming to visit Sydney at New Year so I'm looking to get some tickets/plans. Our main problem is the budget and I know Oz-bargainers can stretch one!