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Noise proof windows

In recent years the street in front of house has become more and more busy. Early morning we have trucks going past and the noise is starting to get irritating particularly in the room facing …

Cheap External Blu-Ray Drive?

looking for an external bluray drive for my new laptop. found this on ebay but not sure of its reliability: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/USB-External-Portable-Blu-Ray-Com... staticice says cheapest …

Laptop Purchase Advice under $1000

Hi all looking to purchase a laptop under 1000 for mainly movies, browsing and occasional light gaming (rts, rpg). prefer 15" 1080 screen for movies. Dont mind if its refurbished. can use …

Woolworths Petrol

Worth buying anything for that extra 4c/L at Woolworths Petrol Pumps?

I was having a look around the local woolworths petrol pump for anything that might be worth buying for the extra 4cents off per litre. (min spend $5). Only worthwhile things I could see was Milk …

Beginners Guitar

Hi all,

GPS at $150 range, Dicksmith Garmin 1450LMT best?

I was looking to buy a new GPS after having our last one stolen from within the car (thank god that's all they stole).