Work in progress. Just getting this page started with some basic content, and hoping others will help correct/refine it.

N.B. this is talking specifically about the electronic eGift cards, and the situation may not be the same as the physical gift cards.

Wish eGift Card

These are redeemable at any of the Woolworths Group stores, which currently includes:

Big W eGift Card

As of late 2015 these are ONLY redeemable at Big W stores. Big W staff have also been trained to refuse gift card purchases. If you rock up to a checkout with nothing but a stack of gift cards you're almost certain to get pulled up. However, there's nothing in the system to prevent the purchases, so you can usually sneak them in if you are making other purchases at a self checkout.

Converting to Woolworths Group physical gift cards

Users have reported some staff refusing to convert them, but this is discretionary, and if you make up an excuse like “my elderly parents don't know how to use eGift cards and/or don't have email” you can sometimes get away with it.

Converting to other gift cards

Other gift cards for stores other than Woolworths Group

Fixed value cards

These should be straightforward purchases and can be done at either self checkout or staffed checkout. There *may* be some limits to the number or combined value of the cards:

  • Flight Centre: 5 card limit and $500 per transaction unless overriden by a supervisor.
  • JB Hifi: 5 card limit (to be confirmed)

Non-fixed value cards

These need to have the value written to the card by swiping, and requires staff intervention regardless of whether you are doing self checkout or staff checkout. Examples include:

  • Westfield Gift Card

Saving time with the Digital eGift Card

There is an app called “Woolworths Money” that: - stores up to 10 eGift cards - can check the remaining balance - provides you with the details you need to use the card at checkout

It is then possible to open the link in the email that shows the voucher, with the Woolworths Money app and the app will offer to add the voucher to it (without you having to retype the details)