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50pcs Earphones for $5 - Officeworks Elizabeth St


[Edit] Looks like they're out of stock, according to OzBargainers. Bad luck, guys, but they might be available at other OW. I'll check across the road at the King St store and report back.

Was in Officeworks Melbourne Elizabeth St store today, and saw these. Reduced from $49, and I assume terrible quality, but for $0.10 each I'm sure someone will find a use for them. Maybe you can…

  • Daisy chain together to make a wicked necklace.
  • Use as part of a Borg costume, just in time for Borg-ust.
  • Tie them together and throw on the ground to give your cat something to play with.

I didn't get to see what brand they are, but specs are:
Diameter: 10mm
Impedence: 32dB
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
Cable Length: 1.2m

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      Omg, upgrading from Audio Technica ATH-M50's to these, can't wait…thanks OP!!!

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        Upgrading from beats solo hd to these :P

        • +22

          Ok that's definitely an upgrade :P

        • Hence the wink face :P

        • +2

          Yeah no, that might actually be an upgrade, not in street cred of course with gangsta tryhards, but in audio quality, who knows.

      • Will these earphones sound better with a headphone amp? This deal http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/100677 came up tonight as well.

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    wow; good for schools, etc

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      Anyone want to split it 50 ways? 10c each, will deliver.

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        Sure, I will take 1 pair delivered for 10c.

      • ill take one two, assuming you take one, now you only need 47 more to complete the group buy.

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    It's cheap.. but I prefer pay $5 for a good one instead of 50 pieces crap which may break within a day or 2

  • +1.
    Waiting to read ozbargainers interesting ideas on how to use these :)

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      My Plan

      • buy them all
      • rebadge them as Biebs by Justin Bieber Headphones
      • get some nice packaging printed.
      • get some socketpuppeting happening i.e. "OMG best headphones ive owned" , OMG i picked up 2 chicks today while i wa wearing these, etc
      • Sell them on ebay

      PROFIT !!

      • +1

        I actually would like to see this happen…

        • +15

          Alternatively ,

          • Rebadge half as "Biebs by Bieber"
          • Rebade other half "What Direction by One Direction"
          • Set competitive RRP for biebs $249 and what direction $199
          • watch Beats Headphones depreciate in value
        • +10

          still sound better than beats by dre

      • You'll get sued by Bieber's lawyers for just posting this here… no wait… for just having the IDEA, hehe.

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          This was Bieber's idea, i swear , he was like " Oh my Gawwwwd , these ear phones are fully sick braaaaaw , I swear to gawwwwwd, lets buy them all an make some muneeee cuz"

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          This was Bieber's idea

          see now we all know your lying…… beeber never had an idea in his life that his record company didnt let him have first……

        • I don't believe you, coz you didn't use the word "swag"

      • There is just something hilarious about the word "Biebs" :D

      • +1

        -Endorsed by Anne Frank?

        • +1

          Apparently she 'would' have been a fan says Justin Bieber.

  • wow, must be epic crap… but for 10c each….. tempting….. :) nice work op

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    Sell them on flights for 10c cheaper than what the airline charge.

    • +1

      That's a $49.90 profit per headphone if you fly Qantas!

  • +25

    I can just imagine Broden's eyes light up as he spots this deal.

    • Dang it I intended to give you a +ve

  • +2

    just in time for Borg-ust

    Alright, that's good stuff

    • +3

      And a pair of newcomers call Broz had the world at their feet.

      I'm glad you picked up on it. I would not be disappointed if this turned into a Get This quote-a-thon.

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        Laurie Oakes sucking on a thickshake

        • +3

          Can we get a Fista update on the sales of these?

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          Spare parts for Karl Stefanovic's audio system perhaps?

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        ♫ Wouldn't it be good to listen to Nick Kershaw,
        through these cheap headphones from Office Works ♫

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          Of course, the perfect drought relief for farmers. We can take boxes of these headphones and distribute them through the outback while riding on the back of a flat bed truck. BYO trifector of synths.

          (I have serious doubts that these headphones could handle all 3 synths being played simultaneously through them)

        • +2

          What about if they were playing Video Rodney?

    • +2

      Yes, time to start thinking about Borg-ust now that Capril is nearly over…

    • +1

      Was going to neg this deal until I saw that. If even one pair of these earphones go into anything but a craft projects it is a travesty

  • Sell them on ebay for 5 bucks each? But there must be better ways to make 200 bucks?

    • +2

      Sell one on eBay for $200…

    • It was $50 for the box, the best you could probably get for these is 50 cents.

      • $50 for the box????????

        damn, the box is expensive!!!!

  • I buy 100's of earphones all the time to break and turn into switches. Break the buds and solder a switch on the wire :)

  • +1

    50 X earphones, excellent, there's about 5 years worth of stocking stuffers/birthday gifts etc etc depending on how cheap you wanna look… ;U
    ps hmmm, what to buy with the tons of $$$$ i saved?!

    • You couldn't give these to anyone you love

  • Wow, centuryphonic sound for only $5 - going to need a stack of 3.5mm double adapters though!

    • Once turned on at the same time produces one big-ass soundwave & takes out the whole neighbourhood…. :-/

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    Impedence: 32dB

    Since WHEN is impedance measured in dB?

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    These will come in handy when I start my airline.

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        manic 14 min ago
        These will come in handy when I start my airline.

        manic air? ill fly that

        • Airair

    • Dont virgin or jetstar charge like $2 or something for their earphones? Maybe you could be a competitor and sell these 10c earphones to other passengers, you would still make profit even at $1 each!

      • Don't you need a special adaptor for the airline jacks?

        • Nope. Just plug it on the L side. Use my iPhone earbuds all the time

        • In high-fidelity mono? I thought if you do that you don't get stereo.

      • +2

        Sounds like you haven't flown for a while - they're free… and BTW there are no smoking sections any more either! :p

        • I know Qantas and Cathay pacific and Singapore Airlines don't charge, last time I was an international flight was in 2009 :(. Last and first time I was on a virgin flight would've been in 2006… I remember having to pay like $3 for small Pringles !

    • +1

      i do not want to know what other cutbacks said airline will be using

  • Christmas presents sorted!

    • +7

      I feel sorry for 50 kids.

      • +4

        Don't you mean 100 kids? (Siblings can share - one speaker each.)

  • it reminded me those dodgy earphones when you used "hop-on hop-off" buses

  • Group buy for 10 cents each anyone? :P

    • Sure.. if it's inclusive of postage…

  • +3

    Other possibilities:

    1. Make an enormous paper mache kangaroo and use these as eyelashes.
    2. Create your own aural hula skirt.
    3. Hang them from your doorway to simulate a beaded curtain.
    4. Fill in the cold winter months with craft - weave a Xmas wreath for your front door.
    • +2

      I'm going to buy them, just to make a beaded curtain! LOL! Love it :)

  • any stock in Sydney ? I will buy them and give for OZbargainers but pick up only ;P

  • None left. I just took the last box. Muhahaha!

  • +2

    Another Possibility: Make a giant speaker shirt out of woven headphones.
    Solder them all together, plug them into a music device and turn up to full.

    • This is what I wanted to see. I would love to see it made, but wouldn't want to sit next to you on the train when you wear it. Lamebrains with iPod earbuds are bad enough.

  • I just feel sorry for the Manager who authorised the original purchase order!

    I think I saw him busking at the Bourke St Mall.

    • Probably a customer special order return discontinuation. Cause I notice they are now selling stock such as lifecams in bulk.

  • +2

    What a waste of our planets scarce resources…

    • and quite significantly on 'Earth Day' of all days.

  • Make a necklace of the ear gel pieces.

  • What will you do with 50 pcs of earphone? Unless you run a business and can resell them or give them away to customers. Is it available at all OW?

  • Ok better yet.. they make great promotional item. Free headphones with any purchase. Be sure to post deal on ozbargain.

    Or maybe an art piece titled.

    I'm all ears when it comes to bargains.

    EDIT: i wouldn't be surprise if this is their base COST..(prior to shipping cost)

  • +1

    I will chained these up to form a pair of loud speakers.

  • Ozbargain should fund an airdrop of Huawei Ascends and 50pcs Earphones preloaded with $10 Telstra starters to North Korea freeing them from the tyranny of lead supreme leader PSY.

    • +2

      $10 Telstra starters to North Korea freeing them from the tyranny of lead supreme leader PSY.

      Sense, that makes none.

  • i bought a box earlier today. they suck. might return them tomorrow.

    • Dude, they're 10c each…

      Instead of returning them you could probably sell them on gumtree and actually turn a profit.

  • 20Hz.. quality.

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