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PANASONIC DECT "Works in Blackout" Cordless (KX-TG6721ALB) $34.95 (1/2 Price) @ DSE


PANASONIC DECT ‘Works in Blackout ’ Cordless with TAM (KX-TG6721ALB) $34.95 (1/2 Price) @ DSE

Works During Blackout ' Power Failure Talk System In an industry first, Panasonic has made it possible to use this model even if power fails (in a black out). The user simply places the handset on the base (to power the phone) and will then be able to make and receive calls from the base using speakerphone.

Visual Ringer & Smart Function 'Top Key' For ultimate consumer convenience, the LED 'Top Key' Flashes Fast - to notify of an incoming call (great for when the phone is on silent mode), you can simply press the Top Key to take the call. Flashes Slow - to notify a new message, alarm or missed call has been received. Simply press the Top Key to easily play the message, snooze alarm, or show missed call list.

Key Features

Incoming Call Block and Night Mode: You can program your phone to block unwanted calls and calls during specific hours.

Long Range Clear Sound: High precision error correction system ensures clear conversation with less interruptions allowing you to enjoy a smooth, error-free conversation.

Large 1.8” LCD: It is easy to read and combines with a simple menu for easy operation.

Digital Answering Machine: With remote operation.

Multitask: The rubberised grip allows users to easily continue the task at hand without worry of dropping the phone.

One-Touch Eco Mode: Select the Eco mode to reduce the signal output and power consumption.

Equaliser Optimisation: Panasonic's unique technology allows the user to optimize call sound to their preference by boosting treble or bass.

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  • +10

    Interesting claim from Panasonic.
    My Sony cordless works in blackout 20 years ago without even needing to dock it.

    Base powered by battery itself. Last 2 hour but this was 20 years ago :)

    • I have to agreed with you.

    • +1

      Always had mine plugged into my ups. Surge protected and if power went down, very small drain.
      Surprised they took so long to add in a battery themselves.

      • +9

        C'mon, use a diesel generator so you can keep the plasma TV going as well.

    • +2

      An economic decision more than a technical one.

      It probably saves them from having to include another battery in the base station (to use the phone wirelessly). Phone-on-base means it uses the batteries in the phone rather than requiring a second set in the base for wireless use.

      This is an acceptable compromise at these prices I reckon…and it saves you from replacing 2 sets of batteries when they inevitably die. Most would just buy another phone at these super-low prices rather than bother with replacing a second set of batteries, I reckon. One set being replaced when it eventually doesn't hold much charge is far more palatable (and less wasteful)…and no doubt allows us to reach these prices to begin with.

      • I recently bought replacement batteries for our Uniden handsets for $3.30 each (free delivery) from an Australian ebay store. So far they work great.

  • Home Delivery not avaialble…. click & collect only. Got one. Thank you OP.

    • +1

      Thanks Logical
      It was free delivery when I posted it this morning but now DSE changed it to click and collect only. But should be plenty of stock in stores as that phone is in their latest catalogue as well. Title updated.
      Have a nice day

    • +1

      It was available this afternoon for a short period of time, around 4pm.

  • Thanks OP. Have been looking for a price cut on this.
    Nice one.

  • Will this interfere with the wireless internet connection at home? currently have an old panansonic cordless which interferes with the wireless whenever someone calls. Looking for a new one which doesn't interfere and is cheap.

    • may be your ADSL line splitter? or try a filter.

      • Its not the filter. Definitely the phone as it is a 2.4 ghz frequency. Very old panasonice way before the wireless connection for routers/modem was around.

        • Yeah I was just curious when you said "whenever someone calls"

        • In my old landlady's place, she had adsl modem and the uniden cordless phone connected to the filter. everytime the phone is used, the adsl connection dies.

        • My daughter was staying somewhere that this was happening. It turned out that the inline filter was back-to-front. It might be worth checking.

    • +2

      It seems to run on the 1.9Ghz frequency, which shouldn't interfere with common WiFi (2.4Ghz).

      • do you mean every Panasonic cordless run 1.9GHz frequency? :-P

        • +1

          Only DECT ones don't interfere with Wireless.

      • +1

        Really? The last Panasonic I saw said it was 1.8GHz. The newer Uniden ones run at 6GHz.

        • yes panasonic uses true dect (1.8) - dect 6.0 is actually 1.9 and doesn't have gap

        • Wish i had seen this earlier.
          I wanted to use it with two more handsets. Looks like I bought a wrong product due to that it does not support GAP.

        • +1

          relax - you're fine - this phone is panasonic dect which has gap so you can add handsets to it :)

  • +1

    Nice, got one

  • +1

    if you don't need an answering machine then to save $5 try telstra's

    • +4

      without Incoming Call Block and Night Mode & answering machine,
      Panasonic uses AAA battery, Telstra use non-standard battery(expensive to replace than AAA)

      I rather pay extra $5 :-P

      • BTW, do you know what the battery is in the Telstra phone, i.e. what model number?

  • Thanks, OP. Exactly what I needed - nice timing!

  • Thanks, looking to get one for the in-laws and now I found it.

  • Is batteries included with this one?

    • +1

      Two AAA 550ma NiMH are included.

  • +1

    is there expansion units that we can purchase for this?

    • I bought a couple of these. Put the base away if it breaks and you have 2 handsets. You need to deregister and register handset. Page 30 of instructions.

  • +5

    Price Matched at Officeworks for $33.20 :-)

  • Bought one, thanks OP.
    Can confirm this comes with two NiMh batteries.

    • Yes it does!

  • Thanks OP. bought one.. been looking out for panasonic.. found now..

  • Is this one better than the UNIDEN DECT3035?

    • Bought 3035 from Dick Smith last week. Turned it on and made a call with loadspeaker on. Packed it up and returned it today. Very tinny sounding and muffled on loudspeaker. Panasonic sounds much better.

  • +1

    I noticed the free delivery red sign was there for few minutes

  • Bought one with free delivery. :-)

  • If you want to make calls during blackouts, don't use a cordless phone :)

    • +1

      I had a blackout last week and when I woke up, noticed I couldn't have made a call.

  • Got one from Melbourne Bourke st. Been looking for a while for a replacement one with an answering machine and I've found Panasonic to be better quality than unbidden.

  • where can we find two more handsets to be connected to this one?

    • +1

      Did a google search for the part number from

      I have the KX-TG6722ALB which comes with the extra handset. Bought it for $79 in December 2012 from DSE.

      I am on the NBN with the handset connected to the UNI-V (NBN Battery powered in case of power failure), so either I get a old style non powered phone or a cordless phone with battery backup during the blackout. I got the latter.

      • Thanks for info. I may get two extra handsets.

  • fantastic. I jumped on this and will pick up thursday during late night shopping yay.

  • Picked one up yesterday, and did all the basic settings (date, time and answering machine set for 5 rings to answer). Anyone else using this on a VOIP phone line and have the following issue?: When the answering machine picks up the call, and gives out the please "leave a message", the person thinks they are leavinga message, but cannot be heard over the answering machine call screening speaker, and the machine hangs up on them, as if the recorder is not recognising the voice over the VOIP line. I did have this happen years ago when we first went to Naked DSL with IINET, and it turned out that our old phone answering machine did not recognise voice over VOIP as voice, so it would hang up thinking that there was no message being left.
    Anyone else had this issue? When I get home later today, I will try changing the codec used on my BOB VOIP modem to see if the other codec fixes it.
    I assumed all modern phone answering machines can now cope with VOIP services.
    Apart from that, the VOIP line sounds great over the phone with incoming and outgoing calls. No echo, and very clear voice. But if the answering machine does not want to work on the VOIP line, it will have to go back.
    Any ideas from you guys would be welcome.

    • Further to this, I called Panasonic customer service, and they say it should just work, all answering machines work on VOIP services and always have (He said). The guy said it will be something wrong with our VOIP service, not their machine (Our IINET VOIP works fine on both the Uniden answering machine and Telstra answering machines). Looks like it is going back for a refund. Shame though, the phone itself is very clear audio.

      • If using an ATA - analogue telephone adaptor, then the phone should operate as if it was plugged directly into a normal PSTN socket. I suspect one of your settings within the ATA has not been configured correctly. Before you return it, I would check your VOIP settings.

        • Thanks arinko, The cadence will not be the issue with mine though, the answering machine is actually kicking in after 5 rings, and giving out the message that you can leave a message, it just is not hearing the audio, so it hangs up (you cannot hear the person trying to leave the message over the base speaker, but if I plug in another phone to listen in on the line, I can hear the person talking fine, but cannot hear them over the "call screening speaker", but the answering machine appears to be waiting on a message, then hangs up). Thanks anyway. Not sure if I should ask DS for a replacement or money back (Maybe Panasonic and by BOB router will not work in harmony)

        • someone got it to work with BOB after a firmware update

        • arinko

          I have the same old firmware on my BOBlite as the writer on that thread did, I will give that an update tonight. Thanks very much for that. Hopefully I will get the same result that they did.
          Thanks very much, I had been searching in whirlpool too, but did not find that thread. Great work :-)

        • +1

          I think iiNet did act on what they said last year……

        • Called IINET customer service, and their tech went into the modem (remote access) and checked settings, saying it was fine. So I think I will go with the firmware update for the BOBlite. The customer service guy said that he could see no record of anyone having issues with BOBlite modems and Panasonic answering machines… Maybe they should talk with the iinet rep that was on the forum talking about the known issue that they were trying to fix.

        • +1

          Updated the BOBlite firmware from version 1300 to 1518, and the answering machine works just dandy with default settings. You saved me a lot of grief, thank you very much indeed.

        • Glad to have been able to help…. with my Googling skills.

        • I experienced the same symptoms as you, albeit with different hardware (NB9WMAXX modem/router), despite my previous Telstra 8200a working fine with the default settings. I found that changing the 'ingress gain' in VOIP/SIP debug settings to -12dB or lower worked for me. I know you've solved your problem and have different hardware; I'm posting here for anyone that has a similar issue.

  • Got one very good and sturdy phone

  • Thanks, this couldn't have come at a better time, with my Telstra branded cordless base station dying a few days ago. We only use it for VOIP to call 13/1800 numbers because we get mugged if we use our mobiles for them. I couldn't find stock anywhere near me so I got it pricematched - 5% at Officeworks. Thanks OP!

  • What wireless frequency these run on? I mean spectrum? Ideally something different from wireless router to avoid interferfence?

    • dect = 1.8/1.9ghz = wireless-friendly :)

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