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1m HDMI to HDMI Version 1.3 Pro Grade 28AWG + Noise suppresion. $9 + FREE DELIVERY @ Crazystu


A high quality cable. Not thin like most, has noise suppressors each end to accomodate for
the thickness. All cables have gold plated contacts.

Cables range in thickness from 22AWG ( the thickest, for long distance installations over 10m ) to 30AWG ( the thinnest)
A lot of the cheap 30AWG cables are very problematic with signal loss and drop-outs

We don't ship with retail packaging, hence the discount.
We also offer a lifetime warranty for our cables.

Don't waste huge amounts of money on expensive cables we guarantee our cables will
perform as specified or a 200% money back guarantee.

To give everyone an equal chance at this offer. 1 cable per account only.
If you do order multiples will be a 7 day delay with delivery

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  • See previous debate over HDMI cables/quality @ http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/8529.
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    not bad is it?

  • This looks like a great price for what seems a good HDMI cable. I've heard of other people selling them ezyhd but they seem dodgy cause everyone from a certain forum backs them up. Perhaps they get a cut or something, I dunno.

  • Tried to order from seller, shipping to Sydney NSW Australia

    Came back

    *** We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order by changing its quantity to 0 and clicking the update button below. ( See geographical restrictions.) ***

  • I think it's unfair for you to add the "1 cable per account..if you order multiples will be a 7 day delay with delivery" and applying that to orders that had ordered more than one BEFORE you added this stipulation.

  • a good find, but in the end, a $20 HDMI cable will do the exact same job as a $100 cable - its a digital signal. just ones and zero's folks :)

  • I think I paid about $19 for my 10m HDMI cable from MSY, it works perfectly well at 720p! Just letting people know who are thinking of buying quality for a longer run.

  • didn't see any "has noise suppressors" thing on the description. The offer is not the pro version?

  • how much is the pro version. What specs should the HDMI so it is " good quality?"

  • I ordered yesterday at about 10AM and it arrived today. Stoked, only issue is the size, it seems much smaller than a metre but currently it's not an issue.

    • Please measure the cable.

    • at least u got urs……. i'm still waiting. since saturday?

  • 97cms to be exact

    • +/- 3%!!! You'd have to call that within tolerance.
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  • This is N O T a 1m cable
    it is more like 90cm
    unless your components are really close together on the rack, you'd have hard time getting them plugged together