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£50 OFF Leather Look Jackets @ TheHut +99p Shipping. Most £25.99 ($39) after Discount, Delivered



"If you got jacket problems I feel bad for you son,
You got 99 pence? let me ship you one"

Hey Guys,

While looking at a few of the thehut.com deals people have posted I came across another great deal.

50 Squids off on decent Jackets.
99 pence shipping

I got an Ecko jacket £RRP90 for £25 + 99p shipping = £25.99 = Around $39 AUD
Based off RRP saved about $95-$100.

The deal under each jacket says £40 discount but it is actually £50 OFF. Some also have a further £10-£15 off the RRP.

some great deals:

Ecko Men's Snow Leopard Leather Look Hooded Jacket - Black
WAS 90, reduced to 75 now 25 with discount.


WAS 85, reduced to 75 now 35 with discount

25 with discount

A few more to choose from in the link.


====================EDIT: Some Jackets are £85 with a £50 discount so total will be £35 not £25.
BEWARE: Some sizes of the £25 jackets seem to be £10 more than other sizes.

Ecko Men's Hooded Boston Leather Look Hooded Jacket - Black/Red - s/m/l/xl/xxl = 25GBP
Ecko Men's Hooded Boston Leather Look Hooded Jacket - Black - s = 25GBP
Ecko Men's Hooded Boston Leather Look Hooded Jacket - Black - m/l/xl/xxl = 35GBP

Credit: lancechan19871023

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  • so which one seems popular, theres a few thats very similar

    • I got the jacket in the second link. Boston Ecko.. Looks great.

      • Size M and above is 85GBP, only size S is 75GBP…

        • try the red one if you don't mind the color.
          the red one in size M: 25GBP

        • I got the Red Boston jacket for 25. Size XL

          Maybe some jackets differ?

    • +1

      the red one looks great too.
      Ecko Men's Hooded Boston Leather Look Hooded Jacket - Black/Red


      • Great taste.

  • +1

    Nice find

  • How are you getting it for 25BGP ? I can only manage to get it down to 35GBP ?

    • Which jacket are you trying?

      • Same as the one you ordered millzy:

        WAS 85, reduced to 75 now 25 with discount

        Order Summary
        Items (1)£85.00
        Order Total £35.99


        • I added a disclaimer at the end of the description. Seems some sizes are 10 pound more.

      • +2

        op, correct the price above. 25GBP only works on the red with all size and the grey(Black) with size s only.
        the grey(Black) with size above s will cost 35GBP.

        Ecko Men's Hooded Boston Leather Look Hooded Jacket - Black/Red - s/m/l/xl/xxl = 25GBP
        Ecko Men's Hooded Boston Leather Look Hooded Jacket - Black - s = 25GBP
        Ecko Men's Hooded Boston Leather Look Hooded Jacket - Black - m/l/xl/xxl = 35GBP

        • Thanks Lance, will add to description.

  • Yep lancechan is correct….

  • Zavvi have the same jackets, but at full price with 2 free games included:

    (Games are Injustice and Bio Shock Infinite)

    If only Zavvi had the discount price AND the free games that would be Bargain Heaven

  • +5

    If you got jacket problems I feel bad for you son,
    You got 99 pence? let me ship you one.

    • +1

      Voted up!

      That's going in the description.

  • So most of us are getting Hooded Boston Red one ?

    • +2


      Looks like it.

      The new OzB Uniform

  • Seems like you can only buy one jacket at that massive discount? I had 2 jackets in my shopping cart and applied the discount code and ended up as 100 pounds.

    Ended up making 2 purchases/transactions to get both down to around 25 pounds each.

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of these? I was going to pull the trigger but some 'leather look' garments can look plain tacky.

    • "100% polyester with PVC outer" .. so probably going to be a bit on the tacky side, yes.

  • -2

    Amazing, only 30 upvotes, but 3300 people have clicked on the link. Ozbargain is full of ungrateful lurkers. I suppose a lack of gratitutde is to be expected from cold-hearted, penny pinching cheapskates.

    • precisely, it sums up the entire OB, very sad but cant be anymore truthful

  • These aren't really a bargain. TheHut always has deals like this when they make it look like you save a lot but they are selling at the price they are worth. I'd like them to sell real leather jackets.

    • Mod: Removed personal attack

      Good Luck finding a decent brand name jacket for $39 delivered.

      These would easily go for $80-$120 in Trade Secret.

      • -2

        Your missing the point here. The hut and other sites always have these deals on its alright for almost 40 aud. I hate people refer to the some price it would go for, us Ozbargainers have high standards 80-120 hell no.

        May as well wait around for an amazing deal and maximise my consumer satisfaction.

        Mod: Removed personal attack

    • +1

      he is right - this is about what they are worth - when i was in Europe i got a fake leather jacket for about 20pounds. but this is a good deal considering shipping is basically nothing

      • +5

        A Fake no name brand Jacket for 20 pounds? How does that compare to Ecko gear?

        Do you guys just live on Ozbargain and have no clue what items actually go for?

        I don't understand how anybody is questioning this deal.

        You will not find this price or close anywhere.

        Sorry it wasn't free with free shipping and $50 cash back with a free Cree Torch.

        You guys aren't doing a good job in making me post more deals in the future.

  • +4

    This is a deal I don't care what anyone claims. If you can find better than please post them here. :)

  • A genuine question for my fellow Ozbargainers. Is this real leather or fake?. The description Leather Look Jackets tells me it only looks like leather.

    • +1

      Fake :)

    • You answered your own question. It is not real leather per se, a quick check of the webpage tells you the Bench jackets are polyester while the Ecko jackets are made from viscose.

  • I bought three of the Ecko kind, all in Extra Large. I find the Ecko hoodies fit me perfectly in Large, but I know leather-look jackets tend to be a bit thicker so I got the next size up (fingers crossed!!!!).

    (Oh and I had to do three separate orders, the damn discount coupon doesn't increase with each jacked added… so I had to pay a bit more in postage, oh well).

  • -1

    SIZES! Any tips on these Ecko or other Leather look jackets?
    Seeming as though they have XXL to small.

    Not sure if they're bigger or smaller…

  • -2

    Stay clear of the hutt!!!!! They ripped me off. Sent 2 of the 4 items I paid for. Tried to email them several times to resolve the issue with no reply. A company that takes your money and doesn't hold they're part of the deal is a thief plan and simple! Don't let them steal from you too.

  • -2

    Its cheap cause there is a good chance you wont get it. Then they won't reply to your emails for compensation. Then what, your going to go the uk. They have a hard enough time trying to resolve issues with the hutt over there!

    • +1

      Thats why you use Paypal to make payment. If you didnt receive item you can do a charge back.

  • Anyone receive jacket yet?

    • I was the first to buy and still have not received. . im in brissi..

    • -2

      Not here either -

      For deliveries outside the UK remember to add postage time (15 working days) to obtain a complete estimate of when you can expect your item to be delivered. Please allow 30 days before contacting us.


      We ask that you ensure you report any items not received within 40 days of the item being dispatched as after this time we may not be able to replace or refund your item.

      I'm going to wait until Wednesday, then send off an email..

      • Only received a hoody(last week) but not the leather jacket which was ordered at the same time

  • +1

    Got both jackets today… all good!

    • Still haven't got mine. Hopefully tomorrow!

      For all the haters above.. How is the quality of the jackets?

      • For the price we paid for-shipped from UK too… they are pretty good im very happy with them. For fuax leather these are great. I know ill be wearing these all winter :)

      • Got mine today, they are good, actually they are outstanding.
        Nice touching, high quality, and good looking.
        $39 shipped i still couldn't believe, this only costed me $39 for such a nice jacket.
        Thx again op, this was really an awesome deal.

    • Got one yesterday, one today and hopefully the third tomorrow! (I ordered them all separately so I could get the discounts). :)

      Quality seems fine, the XL size is perfect for me (normally I wear L in Ecko hoodies, I figured I'd go one size up for these jackets and it was definitely a wise choice!).

      I actually like the material they used, it's a mixture of fake leather and perforated fake leather, it actually looks decent. I have two other "fake" leather jackets, both bought from Jay-Jay's (I think!) for $60 during their sales, so these Ecko ones are way better value (and the quality is the same if not better). Nice big zippers too :)

      EDIT - I will definitely be buying a couple more during their next sale. Can never have too many hoodies and jackets!

      • EDIT 2 - The only thing I'm not sure about is how long the logos will last. One of the three jackets is plain so it'll be fine, the other two have the Ecko logos on them. The logos aren't on the fake leather, they're printed on another material so HOPEFULLY they won't break off too easily and will last many washes!

        • I got myself a red hooded one i know what you are talking about… the writings on the side of the jacket printed on a different material… it's similar as those tennis bag material with printed words on it… dont think it'll come off that easy… beside im assuming these jackets are hand wash only? i havent check myself…

          I love the red hooded one… looks better in person than in the pictures.

    • Got my today as well… nice quality :)

      • Haven't got mine yet, was hoping they'd be here by now. It's too bad they don't seem to have a tracking system overseas. That & some fairly poor reviews about lost items has me feeling a little uneasy.

    • Only delivers to Europe.

  • Got mine on Friday -

    Was dispatched on the 06/05/13 for anyone else waiting

    Very good quality, so much so feels a bit 'tight'

    But very happy w/ purchase

    Thanks OP

  • Bought the Ecko Men's Hooded Boston Leather Look Hooded Jacket - Black/Red.

    XL is fine for me in their hoodie range, but XXL for this jacket is too small for me.
    Can get it on, but that's it.

  • Sweet Jesus.

    To get a refund i have to send it back to the UK.

    The Hut Group
    Stretton Green Distribution Centre
    Langford Way
    WA4 4TQ.

    It's about 1.2kg, so OzPost parcel will cost me a minimum of $29.30 (Sea Mail).

    Guess i'll be giving this one away…