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Western Digital My Net N600 HD Dual-Band Wireless Router was $69 now $19 @ MSY


Looks like a discontinued router on clearance.

From MSY's fb page:
3 Day SALE (From 17-19/05/2013)

WD Mynet N600 HD Dual-Band Wireless Router

$19 (Was $69)
Pre-order in-store starts now


*Due to high demand, ONLINE DELIVERY is only available from 17-19/05/2013

The My Net N600 HD Dual-Band Router creates a wireless network that accelerates video, gaming and chat with FasTrack technology, delivering fast HD streaming with combined wireless speeds up to 600 Mbps. It features simple setup, four fast Ethernet ports, and one USB port for printer sharing.

Exclusive FasTrack Technology instantly detects entertainment traffic and automatically prioritizes bandwidth for entertainment applications. With FasTrack technology you can stream accelerated, smooth HD entertainment to your smart TV, tablet, smartphone, computers and other Wi-Fi connected devices.
My Net N600 can also be customized so FasTrack instantly recognizes and accelerates your favorite entertainment and comes tuned to prioritize Netflix, CinemaNow and YouTube instantly.
Up to 300 + 300 Mbps wireless speeds - with combined dual-band speeds up to 600Mbps on the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, the My Net N600 delivers fast Wi-Fi speeds for your entertainment.
Simultaneous dual band - double your bandwidth with 2.4 and 5 GHz bands working simultaneously to increase throughput and reduce interference.

An unboxing if you want to see what's included in the box: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clzo-FJM6wg

Doesn't look like its DD-WRT compatible.

Product page: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=730

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  • Looks ok for $19 ill give it a go :)

  • cheap for a dual band router

  • Not better than d link deal.

  • I cannot in good faith purchase a router that does not refund you the cost + $15.

  • only 10/100

  • Downloaded the manual to see if I could hook up my Blu-ray player to the WD and have it join the existing wireless network. On page 68 it mentions Extender Mode. I'd appreciate some feedback of this would do what I want:

    ie use this WD router to join an existing wireless network wirelessly, allowing devices to connect to my LAN via Ethernet to the router.

    • An access point in Extender Mode usually wireless (and wired) clients to access the network over 802.11 to another access point. How well that works may depend on the router. With a dual band router, the idea would be to use 1 band for router-to-router (extended) traffic, and the other band for clients.

  • the price online is still $69 isn't it?

    • The sale doesn't start until the 17th. But you can pre-order it in store for the $19 price I believe.

  • would this unit be good enough for my ready-to-buy 'powerline adaptor'(TP-LINK TL-PA411)?
    Thank in advance!

  • Not sure how good the router is but for $19 it's a bargain dual band Access Point. I might get this just to give me good WiFi coverage down stairs.

  • Doesn't look like its DD-WRT compatible.

    deal breaker for me. i wont buy a router unless its aftermarket firmware supported.

  • It comes up as $19 now on there website I just put an order in for pickup

  • Just bought one for $19 since i need a router and missed on the D-link (JB managed to squeeze their way out of that one real good with their so called "pricing error")

  • Just picked one up from the Ultimo location, Used to buy DD-WRT'able network devices, but i so cbf anymore.

  • Picked this up today just to add a 5Ghz network, as my current Fritz 7270 can't do 2.4/5Ghz at the same time unlike the 7390.

    Set it up on the opposite side of the house (as a wireless AP) where my desktop is so I could move my laptop, Roku and iPad off the 2.4Ghz and have only had a chance to set it up on my iPad. Signal on the 5Ghz seems really good so far, no drop outs or anything. Simple set up as well.

    Will see how it goes overall I guess, but so far happy with it, especially for only $19!