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[Free Kindle eBook] How to Talk to Girls at Parties by Neil Gaiman


In the spirit of the various free Kindle eBook deals popping up lately, here's a short story I came across written by Neil Gaiman, one of my favourite authors.

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  • Usually I won't get a free book without reviews, but I do need a better approach at talking to girls at parties..


    • do this:www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj7Qh7CWm7c

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    No wonder Neil can talk to girls, they don't feel threatened by him….

    • +3

      I see what you did there!

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    Gettings tips on girls by a gaiman, typical

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    You don't need a book; you just tell girls you spend all your free time on OzBargain and they'll be all over you.
    "Do you want to see my Ainol tablet, 4th place ribbon and Steam games collection?"

    • and this awesome UTE i got cheap is parked outside, want to have a ride?

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      She might just put the 4th place badge on your ainol, causing much steam…

      • +3

        After Ainol, give her the 4th place ribbon… there'd definitely be steam coming out her ears.

      • Nice turn of phrase! :)

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    Another free story you can get by Gaiman is "A Study in Emerald" (Hugo Award winning) http://www.neilgaiman.com/mediafiles/exclusive/shortstories/...
    and if that tickles your fancy then you might even go so far as the board game based on this story http://jamplify.com/hWFzZA [Kickstarter]

    • Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! One of my favorite short stories of all time. A must read for any Sherlock Holmes fan (with an open mind).

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    Do Y and you will get the girl…I bet a lot of guys get married so they can stop doing Y

  • Is the answer sprinkling some of Morpheus's sand on them ?

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    Where do people find the precursor "Get invited to a party with girls"?

    • best comment ever lol…

      • +2

        hahahahaha… and that's the catch, you gotta pay for that version ;).

  • I read this a few years back. It was collected in his book 'M is for Magic'. Good but not the best in the collection. I suggest you check it out.

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    You're going to take advice about talking to girls from a guy that looks like this? http://images.smh.com.au/2010/08/03/1731999/neil-gaiman-420x...

    • +1

      You mean a guy who looks like that, AND is married to an extremely funky chick, 15 years younger than him? Hell yes I'd listen to his advice :)

      Also, this story is free straight from the author's site, in both text and audio form. http://www.neilgaiman.com/p/Cool_Stuff/Short_Stories/How_To_...

      Couple other free stories there too.

      Enjoy talking to girls, everybody!

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      Yes. You take advice from a handsome dude and you're going to get advice that only works when you're handsome.

      That said: it's a short story, not a guide.

      • That's a very good point. Handsome guys just have to stand there and look good. Its the ugly ones that have to work at it using humour and stuff. And since this guy looks like he's the opposite of handsome, it's much more credible :).

  • jokes aside, I think I might actually spend some time reading it, never know what to say to girls at parties/bars.

    • +1

      Jokes aside, then you probably need to read The Game by Neil Strauss.

      • jokes aside, just walk in with a roll of cash.

      • Thank you for the link, I actually know someone who is a self-proclaimed PUA. The difference between me and him is that he is really comfortable with the bar scene whereas I often feel socially awkward at such places. I much prefer having an intelligent conversation with someone I enjoy spending time with over a nice meal while sipping on a glass of wine. He can easily chat up women and befriend them but what I have observed is that it often ends up nowhere. As a matter of fact, I have slept with far more women than he has. Go figure.

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