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LogitechShop EOFY SALE - G35 Surround Sound Headset Only $85 Delivered AND MANY OTHERS


Bargaincrypt you have done it again…

Heaps and heaps of bargains from Logitechshop.com.au

I'll begin with a few and add more:

G600 MMO Gaming Mouse - $49 delivered

G105 keyboard + G600 mouse + G35 headset bundle - $165 delivered

S715i IPOD dock - $99 delivered

G35 headset $85 delivered

G300 gaming mouse $25 delivered

G510 gaming keyboard $79 delivered

G105 gaming keyboard $39 delivered

G510 keyboard and G700 mouse bundle $150 delivered

Z623 speakers $99 delivered

Logitech Alert™ 750i Master System - $175 delivered

Logitech Alert™ 700i Add-On Camera - $119 delivered

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox - BLUE/WHITE - $79 delivered

Harmony 650 remote $34 delivered

G700 gaming mouse - $75 delivered

G19 gaming keyboard - $159 delivered

G9X gaming mouse - $69 delivered

UE4000 headsets - $69 delivered
Also 2 for $135 delivered..
Choice of colours on web site…

Mk220 wireless mouse/keyboard combo - $24 delivered

M325 wireless mouse - $25 delivered

Logitech G19 + G300 + G35 + G13 Gaming Bundle - $325 delivered

C110 Webcam - $14 delivered
Or 10 x C110 Webcams - $75 delivered

M950 Mouse - $75 delivered

Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2 - $40 delivered

Logitech Alert™ 700e Outdoor Add-On Camera - $175 delivered

Logitech Harmony 700 remote control + PS3 adapter - $99 delivered

Logitech Harmony touch Universal Remote - $165 delivered

Logitech G19 keyboard + G600 mouse Gaming Bundle - $202 delivered

Logitech G510 keyboard + G9X mouse + G35 headset Gaming Bundle - $225 delivered

Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400 - $35 delivered

Ultimate Ears 300vi Noise-Isolating Headset - $29 delivered

Logitech MK320 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo - $38 delivered

Z553 speakers - $95 delivered

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (White) - $59 delivered

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 White - $59 delivered

There are many other bargains and bundles online. Check it out…

I can personally vouch for the z623 speakers, S715i docks and the G510 gaming keyboard. In particular the Z623's are truly awesome…

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  • +12

    I miss these sales! Welcome back, LTS!

    Time to start filling my room with Logitech products again :)

    • +2

      Okay, I was just about to finalise my purchase when the server froze on me.

      Came back to check ozbargain and found out why… :)

  • I find the G9x mouse to be the best. But I have seen the COD version cheaper.

    • +7

      COD version

      No wonder it was discounted…

      • +3

        Just buy a can of Brasso and start scrubbing.

    • +1

      G700 is far more ergonomic imo, I keep it plugged in all the time like a normal mouse, but the wireless still doesnt seem to have any lag problems. I upgraded from a g9x a few years ago. There's a reason the g700 is the top of the range mouse and not the g9x.

      • I think it depends on how you hold your mouse! I have the g700 and its ergonomics are alright, but i'm thinking the g9x may suit me better as I tend to be more of a claw gripper!

      • +1

        the g9x was the top of the range mouse a few years, it's been out for longer than the g700
        it was originally the g5 and the g9 which got replaced by the g500 and g9x respectively - and then logitech started redoing their whole lineup and added more mice (g700)

        they recently refreshed all of their g series keyboards/mice too - bar the g9x

        • Yeah its a good mouse ive had a few logitechs and they are reliable, Never going back to the gimmicky razer stuff again.
          Still dont understand why people rip on the cod branded stuff? at release BF3 had Razer branded keyboards at above 200 dollars

          Logitech shop always provides a good bargain

        • Because real gamers hate CoD. :P It's like hating america or something, it's like fashionable for no particular reason.

        • Original CODs were good but the latest few titles are just terrible. Poor graphics and multiplayer and most of the players are kids on consoles. They haven't upgraded the graphics on these games in ages and each new addition is worse than the last. Serious FPS players play on tricked out PCs and play Battlefield/Planetside2, etc.

          Saying that people hate it for no particular reason just doesn't make sense.

        • -3

          "Poor graphics"
          How does that effect game play?

          Multiplier hasn't really changed since CoD4. Was that terrible too?

          "most of the players are kids on consoles"
          If you're a PC gamer, how does kids on consoles effect you at all?

          "each new addition is worse than the last"
          How so exactly?

          "Serious FPS players"
          You do know it's just a video game right? Nothing serious about it no matter what you play on. Unless you're in Korea and make a living off it, otherwise it's just a hobby and being arrogant about it is just sad.

          "Saying that people hate it for no particular reason just doesn't make sense."
          Well your reasons don't make sense.

        • it's like fashionable for no particular reason.

          Well, except for the hacking and the no dedicated servers. I used to play CSS and DODS a LOT, and then MW multiplayer. But I tried MW3 multiplayer and gave up after a few hours. Too many hackers, too many 12 years olds with toilet mouths, and not enough dedicated, managed servers.

        • Lack of dedicated servers is BS, I agree there.

          See dogboy, that's how you make a logical non-moronic comment.

        • So three vote downs with zero justification or rebuttal.

  • +4

    I wish, I wish, I wish somebody would discount the Harmony Touch from the typical $199 or so.

    Just putting it out there… ;)

  • +1

    Would like to see some UE200 deals again. Only bought one pair last time.

    • +2

      Ue's coming up. Selected items.

      • +4

        Welcome back dude.

      • Hey, bargaincrypt.

        Do you no longer stock the G400? I was surprised to find that there isn't a deal on it, and even more surprised when it didn't even show up on the site!

      • Why's the Harmony Smart Control remote not for sale in Australia?

      • UE900 deal plzzzzzzz

  • +2

    What about G19 keyboard alone?

    BTW can you explain difference between G19 and G19s, please?

    I already have several Logitech mice)))
    M950 is best I ever used!

    • G19 is $159 delivered or $179 with the G300 mouse in a bundle…

    • +1

      +1 for the M950

      I have one and they come a whopping 3 year warranty!

    • +1

      There is a masssssivveee variety of keyboards that are better than the G19 and for half the price =/

  • these sales are always nuts

  • Awesome, been waiting to replace my Harmony 700 that my dog chewed some buttons off of! Harmony 650 it is!

    • -1

      Price is up $5 since last sale.

      • Gav if you can buy it now cheaper elsewhere maybe you should post that up?

        I can't see it any cheaper elsewhere now…

        • +1

          ^ This, and honestly for this price I don't think there is much to complain about.

    • I've not seen it for $29… nonetheless, $34 delivered is a good special.

      • This remote is an amazing upgrade from the ~200 model. No messing around with input buttons required! (and the physical texts labels do not match our devices at all!)

  • Must resist… another headset…

    • G35 is pretty damn good - and I've never seen it for $85 delivered…

  • +10

    Looks like the site is getting hammered already…

    Now everyone please get off the site so I can shop! :p

    *edit: Negged already :( I was only joking…

  • Nice deals on the bundle section specials. Was waiting for a sales like this.

  • How is this Z623 compare to the Creative T3 selling for ~$89 at Dicksmith?

    • +2


      Z623 has more powerful satellites. I have both, both are very very good.

      DSE stock of T3 isn't great any more…

  • +3

    My Logitech z2300 is still going strong since 2004.

    I think the Z623 is the successor, albeit possibly not as good?

  • Dammn was hoping they were still selling z906. It doesn't look like they do anymore =/

  • Anyone know if OW will beat it?

    • +17

      or may be just support the retailer that cared to have the deal?

    • Just PMed the OW down the road z536 + t400 for $120~ Pretty happy with the both of them! =D

  • The G35 seems like a great deal

  • hammered!

  • the website is very slow…

    4x Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 for $69 is great!
    i own one of these and works as a treat!

  • Logitech C110 $10 from MSY.

  • +2

    I'll wait for a bit, couldn't see anything to splurge on yet.
    Strange how I tend to buy my prominent Logitech products cheaper from other retailers, G27 from DSE, Harmony One from OW, the 700e security from JB Hifi, alhough LTS's delivery speed is always outstanding.

  • Does anyone know if the PS3 adapter for the Harmony remote is on sale? I have tried searching but I keep getting timeout on the page. must be getting hammered

  • Web site not working or slow.

  • Thanks Livert - I need a lesson in HTML…

    • +2

      All good. Can't expect bankers to know these things ;)

  • Remember JB has a sale on, some prices for the much smaller range that JB stocks are comparable (JB dont stock the gaming stuff anymore), like the z623 speakers are only 5 dollars more and u can go grab it yourself if you'd prefer that.

    • Just pricematch the z623 at any OW rather…? You save a net total of 10 dollars from your scenario.

  • +1

    JB Hifi is selling M325 for $22.40 delivered…

  • Anyone else having problems with the site?

  • +3

    $99 for the z623 speakers is amazing. I got them for $109 a few months ago when Officeworks beat the last logitech sale. They're amazing speakers - I'm loving them.

    • Listening to em now. No regrets on this buy!

  • +3

    Where is the deal for mechanical keyboard G710+ - Credit card ready to pound on the deal. Prefer the quiet brown version.

    • -1

      It's only been in the country for a couple of weeks, I doubt they will have it on sale already, but I hope so!

    • Also going to chime in for this one. BC, do you have any idea how long it would take for some good deals on this keyboard? Given I've seen it on Amazon for $100 quite a few times already the $190 local price seems a bit steep :P

  • Really hoping for a deal on M950 to replace my half broken one :/

  • Any deal for the G930?

  • +1

    M905 Logitech anywhere deal please

  • Just bought 2 of these G300 gaming mouse $25 delivered needed a good cheap mouse :)

  • deleted

  • thanks picked me up a headset, my current head set is a joke, plantronics is bad.

    Also i had problem when entering my card details. but got it sorted by refresh.

  • also
    10 x Logitech C110 Webcam (Free Delivery) $75.00

    what the hell is someone going to do with 10 webcams??

    • companies buy wholesale price to sell

    • +2

      Start up a harem of webcam girls?

  • +2

    I wouldn't recommend the G35 headset. It was just one of the five headsets I bought in times past.

    • Hey, auna. What gaming headset would you recommend in the sub $100 price bracket?

  • +2

    no deal on the Logitech M950 mouse :(

    $78 on JB Hi Fi, Please do it for $50 and you have a deal !

  • bargaincrypt, where have u been mate?

    • +3

      Was on leave, Back now. Thanks for asking

  • +1

    any chance of the ipad keyboard covers on sale again? pretty please BC!

  • +4

    Another request for the M950 mouse…that's 3 or 4 people who want it I think

    • for $50 I mean like it's been before

      • At that price im not sure, i do know its not achievable as our disties do not currently have a special on that item

        • Thought you guys were Logitech distributors or something to the likes.

    • +1

      More items are being updated, So maybe it will make the selection maybe not :)

      • so no chance on a deal on the logitech ultrathin ipad cover/keyboard?

  • Has logitech fixed their software yet? They were one of the few that did not allow you to bind Windows key + letter shortcut. There was a workaround for it, which they removed in the newer software revisions.

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