This was posted 7 years 3 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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2x GE Wireless Thermometer / Alarms / Monitors which includes 2x remote sensors - $20 Delivered


Hi OzBers,

Dont forget folks - further $3 if you facebook recommend on the checkout page - Bringing the total to $17 in delivery.

We polled you guys to figure out what you want us to spam the price of and.. we delivered

Basically you're getting around 30% off these awesome little Alarm clocks / remote temperature monitors. Each Base station is capable of monitoring its own location as well as the location of 3 remote sensors (2 sensors included in this deal). If you want - you can add an extra base station (which includes another remote sensor) for an additional $8 allowing you to get the most out of the base stations.

Yet to count stock (got a few hundred im sure): Sorry if we run out and have to refund orders.

Deal Contents :
2x Alarm / Monitor Base stations
2x Remote Sensors
1x Free Shipping Australia Wide - delivered with love.

Hope you like.


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    Got one of these about 12 months ago and surprisingly use it everyday. #metnerd

  • can these be used to monitor and record fridge temperatures

    • +2 votes

      To a degree (pardon the pun). When you say record it will only indicate the maximum and minimum temp experienced.

    • I have a different one to this and needed to transport some frozen goods 2hrs so I got a foam box and filled it with dry ice. I placed the remote sensor in the box to monitor the temp. It got to -38 degrees before "error" flashed on the base station.
      The sensor still works to this day, just not below -38 degrees.
      I would probably put the sensor in a sealed pack in a fridge though as there is moisture to contend with that dry ice doesn't have.

  • $28 for 3,bought, confirmed AU stock, 12 months warranty…(nice to know at least)

  • can't seem to get to $17, the facebook seems to only work if I buy 2 sets ($40 worth). am I doing something wrong?

  • What batteries. Says 2xC cell, which is annoying. Is that for the base station or one for base and remote?

    • Remote takes AA. I just can't remember 1 or 2. It's that long ago since I changed mine.

      One annoying thing about the base is the viewing angle. You have to be looking at it below eye level. Maybe it's just mine. But it's still a very good buy. Tempted to get another set.

  • Just purchased a set only to realise they don't go below zero degrees. If this is the case, any chance of a refund rep? as I purchased these to monitor the outside temp and its regularly below 0 here.

    • Try switching to Fahrenheit. Or move to Perth or Brisbane.

    • Just spoke to the store. They have advised these go well into the minus degrees :)

      • Read above, someone confirmed working up to -38 degrees.

        • +1 vote

          I have a different one to this

          I don't mean to be finicky fincky but I think dan76n is referring to a different model

  • Tempted to get these to put in my entertainment unit to see how toasty it gets in there with my HTPC since I added the HD7870.

    But my last dealings with this company wasn't pleasant, so thinking I should avoid :-/

  • Hey Rep,

    The alarm function of these, is that just a normal clock alarm? Or can you set a temperature range alarm, say for use in the nursery where you want the temperature to say between 18 and 24 degrees and if it goes outside of this range the alarm goes off?


  • bought this last time with one remote censors but remote censor didn't work out of the box…couldn't be bothered to get it replaced so just using it as alarm clock + temp sensor.. might get this and hope it will work this time.

  • Got one thanks.

  • Facebook like not working unless you buy 2. No answer to email re this.

  • Bought one. 1421 clicks. Hope I get one. Thanks.

  • Hi Folks - 100% out of stock on these - We've done a final count and unfortunately will need to refund any orders placed after 10:45am. Sorry about the stuff around - refunds going back into your PP/CC accounts over the next 20mins.

    • Mate, what forces of darkness prevented you from counting before posting the deal???

      You've got a good history of posts on OB, but here you've just shot yourself in the foot.

      There is a real cost with refunds, simply as those that missed the cut wasted their time ordering, and will waste more of their time ensuring the refund.

      I didn't even order, yet you wasted my time as well, as i checked the item out after you had already sold out. If i'd known, i wouldn't have bothered.

      Please get your act together before posting any further deals.

      • Did not even bother fixing up the facebook side of things or advising people. Very Poor handling of the whole deal. Will be vary wary in future of this seller.

      • That's true, but to be fair they did state on the bargain that that might happen. People who got in late on the deal would have been aware. I wished they fixed the FB though i felt a bit ripped too.

      • Slight overreaction. It's not like he walked up to you and slapped you on the face mate, cheer up :)

        • Depends on your charge-out rate.

          It's not like he walked up to you and slapped you on the face…

          I'd prefer if he had - would have saved some time.

          I am fully cheerful.
          Erupting with generalised cheerfulness ffs!

    • Damn, I was about to order one, not paying $60 for it though. Please let us know if and when you get these back in stock for $20, thanks.

    • Didn't order last night because FB thing didn't work. Now it's out of stock. Moral of the story? Wanting to save $3 isn't worth it.

  • Really it's having a bet each way. I have no issues with this seller ( overall pretty good ), but it seems to me that sometimes we are so forgiving to our favourites and hard on others. It cannot be that hard to count the stock so this does not happen.

  • The deal was posted last night so why complain if you simply missed out?

  • Rep, if you ever get more stock that you can sell to me for $17, pm and let me know. Voted for the deal in your thread at forum. Waited for a reply re Facebook discount and missed out on it. Cheers!

  • I just got an email from them saying its back in stock, $59.80 though :(

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