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Dlink Wireless VOIP Broadband Router NOW $49 usually $150+ - from OnLineComputer.com.au


SUPER DEAL > DLINK DVG-G1402S Wireless VOIP Router with QoS + 2x FXS analog phone connection + 4-Ports Switch

RRP $199 - Staticice prices $150+

PRICE REDUCED to $49 LESS ONE THIRD market price.

We need to clear our majority stock, thus we decide to drop further, we will ship FREE USB2.0 HUB for those who already ordered @ $59 yesterday price to compensate $10 difference.

Dlink Wireless Broadband Router with 2x VOIP (Voice Over IP) port & QoS for packet priority

Product Features
- Wireless G Router - 802.11b, 802.11g Compatible
- 2 analog loop-start FXS interfaces for connection to 2 phones/fax machines
- SIP protocol support
- 10/100Mbps WAN port for Internet broadband connection
- 4 x 10/100Mbps LAN ports for connection to servers/workstations
- Caller ID function (Soft Switch Dependant)
- Silence suppression to reduce bandwidth consumption
- Priority Queues QoS (Quality of Service) to guarantee voice quality
- IP sharing for multiple users Internet access via a single IP address
- Remote software download/update

For order placed online only, PICKUP AVAILBLE from our Sydney CBD.

*Limit to 3 unit per customer. Limited stock only, no backorder. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and may be withdraw or amend at any time.

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    dumn question, but is it compatible with ADSL2/2+ connection?
    Other DLink models clearly say so, but not this model or in its spec file.

    Still good price.


      This one doesn't have a modem built in. If you want an all-in-one device, check out Billion 7402VGO for $97 at MSY.


    It is compatible with ADSL2/2+, as long as you have an ADSL2/2+ Modem.
    This one is only a router, it is not a modem. You have to buy another ADSL1 or 2 modem to get you connected.

    • +2 votes

      Should really change the title to remove the "Broadband" reference..
      It's confusing enough already as to whether a VoIP router is a modem or not without a modem specific word being incorporated into its description.
      I had assumed it was a modem as well and normally I would know better having made that mistake once before.


        Why ADSL/ADSL2 isn't the only type of "broadband". There is ADSL, Cable, Satellite etc etc that this router will happily work with.

        • +1 vote

          Becasue it isn't a broadband anything, it's just a router..
          It is able to distribute broadband traffic only if there is a modem somewhere else in the system..

          The term "Broadband router" implies it can directly connect to the internet whether by ADSL/ADLS2, Cable (Coax, Fibre-Optic or HFC), Satellite or HSDPA..

          It's a term that should only be used in the prescence of Luddites who might think an ordinary router can't direct broadband/internet traffic becasue it's "special".


        +vote for the comment. This is a wireless router. Like any router, this router routes data between LAN and WAN ports. If this is a "broadband router", then every router is a "broadband router". Unfortunately, DLink named this unit as a "broadband router" .


    Look's good, better than the locked devices from the VSP.


    If you want one with a modem built in the OPEN824RLW is a good option. Its a rebadged Billion with all the above plus adsl2+ modem, although it only has 3 LAN ports. I picked one up from Zazz a while back, been happy with mine.

    Broadbandgear.com.au sells them but only have refurbished ones left, for $74.95. Or you can get a new one with 4 LAN ports for $119.95 including a USB wireless adapter.


      OPEN824RLW is a good option. Its a rebadged Billion with all the above plus adsl2+ modem

      Yep, it's a re-badged Billion 7402VGO, all of the above plus ADSL2/2+ and FXO port and VPN end point.


    Good price to just use as a ATA adapter, can't find many for ~$50 these days - wireless is an added bonus!


    fantastic price, perfect for adding voip + wireless to my old cable modem
    anyone know if this support bigpond cable?


      It's a router.. and that's exactly what routers are designed to do..

      So yes, if your modem has an ethernet port, then this will support it..
      if it's a USB only modem, then you're out of luck..
      for a convenient solution anyway..

      If it is a USB only modem, then you could connect this to your PC's ethernet port (might have to turn on Internet Connection Sharing on the PC..I'm not 100% sure on that front)


    i can only see $59 on you website.
    something is wrong?


      fixed already, created two different special instead of change the original one


    Order pending since 2/3/09 for $59, now it dropped to $49.
    The price is cheap, but you cant get it. Online computer is trick.


      What is your order no? all order on 2/3/09 has been process.
      As for price drop, please read the post above we reimburse original order with FREE USB2.0 HUB.

      No trick, just GENUINE SUPER DEAL! :)