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Asus F501A Windows 8 Notebook $199.50


I know the dicksmith deals can be very frustrating with their limited stocks but I think this one is really worth the deal and is easily available (at the store near me!)
ASUS F501A Windows 8 Notebook
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Ideal as a first computer, the ASUS F501A-XX386H Notebook sits on an Intel Pentium Core 2 2020M Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Intel HD Graphics, Built-in speakes, Webcam and a 15.6" LCD

In stock at Neutral bay NSW

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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      • didn't know you were fascinated with orange and white, you can thank scotty for that ;)

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    Try this link http://dicksmith.com.au/product/XC8621/asus-f501a-windows-8-…

    edit: Gee people are quick

  • +9

    one store in all of Sydney…

    "easily available" ???

    no online or click and collect….

    • +2


  • +9

    "Ideal as a first computer" should sum up what to expect

  • +4

    No stock in WA.

    • :(

  • in stock in

    box hill
    glen waverley

    (all in melbourne)

  • for $200 worth the trouble i think.

  • all gone already :(

  • Because they are available at many of the DS stores.. We could even price match at OW or Harvey Norman?

    • OW yes, but Harvey Norman I'm not sure. I've only heard bad stories of attempted price matches.

  • good, but out of stock in Sydney

  • +7

    Another dick flop deal…

    • just clearing display models

    • Yeah, Dick's gone soft lately….

  • Anyone knows what the screen resolution is?

    • 1024 x 768 at a guess

      • That's a 4:3 res… I don't think so

  • +11

    not parramatta again, I bet the old lady got two already.


    • That "old lady" is Broden in drag.

  • +2

    I rang a store (Werribee) with low stock and was told it was a system error, this was before the deal was even up, thus why I did not post it

  • No stock anywhere from Tweed Head to Brisbane

  • There is one in Neutral bay, Sydney if anyone is interested. I just put it on hold for myself.

    • +2

      Therefore there is none anymore at Neutral Bay?..

      • Just picked up the last BNIB piece. There's a display piece left now at this Neutral Bay store. Also, a display one at St Ives, Sydney. Cheers!

    • +1

      And your name is ? Just so I know what to answer when I pick it up :-)

      • you might get odd stares but you can try Crafty Mum

    • Kind of interested I've got to say. In the local area so it would come in handy.

  • None on the Gold Coast.
    - oops, gooddealmate beat me to it.

  • +1

    I Picked one up for my dad - Its going to be his first computer haha

  • Has anyone actually taken possession of one?

  • Rang MT Barker—didnt even have it on their system
    Rang Murray Bridge—They didnt have any but said Collonades and Whyalla did

    • +1

      Good to see that Whyalla hasn't been 'wiped out'

  • same comment

  • I was just at the Glen Waverley store, lady in front of me managed to get the last (and I assume only one) it was the display model.

    So I'm guessing these are all the display models going cheap.

    • +1

      Haha I was at the Glen Waverly store as well and the asian lady got the last one (display model) before me.
      I was there moments before to check for the acer notebook and left the store only to find out that there was another good laptop bargain posted on ozbargain.
      Walked back into store and the asian lady bought it before me.
      Were you wearing a grey sweater?

      • Nah I was in a black hoodie. I was probably only a few minutes late to getting there before her. I'm not too sure if I would've bought the display model given the choice anyway.

  • Box hill and Nunawading in Melbourne have 2 each!

  • Got one, thanks OP! Also had the model up with an i3 Processor - normally $498 going for $249 on clearance so I grabbed it too. Thanks again!!

  • Sounds decent for me.
    But I bet all already gone by now.

  • -5

    Initial poster said it was 'easily available' when in fact that isn't true.. Where is the stock online or anywhere in NSW? And no, demo units should not count..

    • +2

      Agree, didn't see much stock at all

  • +4

    usual "no stock crap"

  • +3

    I think I might just hide DSE from my OzBargain feed. So sick of this crap.

  • I have one on hold till tomorrow but have been to by the BOSS that we don;t need another computer so if anyone wants one I can give you the details, it's at a store in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

    • Hi am interested, cant pm

    • If he backs out, more interested.

    • Yes I am also interested Box Hill and Camberwell show low stock and I can't call up since they are closed.

      • I got the last BNIB one from Box hill just before 7PM, 30 minutes driving for me. they may still have one display model.

        • I was told I got the last one from Box Hill, at 6:58.
          Yes they still had the display at close.

  • +1

    No touch screen but has windows 8, isn't that a pain in the butt?

    • May be get better with Windows 8.1 soon.

    • 8.1 is due out soon. I like Windows 8, but am experiencing some bugs…

    • just run classicshell on it (its can be found on sourceforge.net) and try to disable all the windows 8 app stuff.
      From what ive read the revised windows 8 should be better.

      Might also be good to upgrade to an SSD down the track for those on a budget.
      Processor doesnt really do a lot if you are only doing odds and ends on the notebook and not worried about playing games or doing stuff like photo/video editting.

  • It's not even worth it.

    • and peeps were willing to pay for a $350 atom netbook (which runs windows like sh*t) a few years back

      what is wrong with ozbargain mentality these days

      • It doesn't even have a dvd much less a bluray. So no slot. I wouldn't even be surprised if it struggled to do bluray.

        Short of doing low required things over HDMI akin to a Android dongle there's not much going for this device.

  • Guys, I ended up looking on their website to see what other deals were on with laptops, and I was lucky enough to score the ASUS K55A for $349.50 :)

  • Can I use the Windows 8 license in another pc? Then sell the lappy for parts.
    Also, is Win 8.1 a paid OS or is it a free sevice pack?

    • also known as win 8 service pack 1 update

      win 8 key is tied to the laptop in the bios

  • As usual no stock in SA ..

    • There were only 3 units that I'm aware of in SA.

  • Seems to be all out of stock :(

    • Sale and Traralgon stores apparently have stock, in vic. :)

  • Theres one on hold for me at doncaster if someone wants it?? Its for a 9am pickup and i got called into work.

    • Can you plz PM me…I will pick it up asap.Many thx in advance.

      Edit —- Oops you dont seem to have PM enabled, you can msg me at <04> 78735499

  • one in Sale!

  • has anyone got a reciept????

    • I have one. What will that help with? (Curious)

      • Is this to replace your Nexus 7?

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