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Galaxy S4 $745, Note 2 $549, Xperia Z $558 Pickup or Shipping $13.8 @ Mobileciti.com.au


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 $549, Sony Xperia Z $558 Pickup or Shipping $13.8 @ Mobileciti.com.au
Please enter coupon code when you check and mention OZ Bargain deal when you pickup.

Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 16GB

Au Stock, 2 Years Warranty, Unlocked, Unbranded
- Black $745
- White $745

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7105T

Au Stock, 2 Years Warranty, Unlocked, Vodafone Branded, 4G(Latest software updated required)
- Titanium Gray $549
- White $559

Sony Xperia Z C6603

Au Stock, 1 Year Warranty, Unlocked, Unbranded
- Black $558
- White $568

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  • +1

    thanks rep, but as a Liveconnected/vaya member it's cheaper for me to just get it from them ($500) Aus stock!

    • is that incl delivery?

    • I haven't seen this deal around - why don't you post it up brah

      • +2

        Look to the right, it's the 3rd Top Deal under mobiles.
        Or you could even you the search function.
        Help yourself "brah".

  • +2

    any deal on htc one or s4 ?

    • +2

      S4 $745, hopefully see your order soon

  • as above.

  • +2

    C'mon rep, we were holding out for an Xperia Z for $500 for like nearly a week now!

    • Hi montorola

      Sorry for took so long, I just only got reply from supplier half hour ago.

      • -4

        Thanks rep, but to be honest I've seen the phone for as low as $519 delivered at Kogan, so I can't justify spending anything extra than that.

        • +10

          You're forgetting Kogan sells gray imports which are always cheaper than Aus stock

  • Any special deals for the HTC One!?

  • +3

    Wow, lucky I checked, I was just about to hit purchase on the Note II and saw you updated it to say Vodafone branded.
    No deal now.

    • What is the impact of being Vodafone branded? Can't you remove all the carrier added apps? Do you have to wait for Vodafone to release software updates?

      • No see my post below for unbranded at same price from HN.

    • how can you tell if au stock on galaxy note2?

      buying one from a guy on a forum, want to know if i get 2 years warranty.

  • Uggh the links dont even work, whats up with that rep?

  • 4.35pm: Mobileciti website crashed? Ozbargained? I trying to get the S3 4G. :(

  • +1

    how about 1 Black Xperia + 1 White Xperia bundle for 1K? deal?

  • When you say Vodafone branded, do you mean all the Vodafone bloatware is also installed? Or is just the Vodafone sticker?

    • Good point, if it's bloatware, I am still out.If it is sticker only, then I will purchase.

    • +1

      Vodafone bloatware, vodafone logo appeal on the start up screen.

      • +1

        Everyone says it is more than just Logo, there are no moveable icons on the home screen too.
        Too bad.

      • +4

        That's a turn off unfortunately, would have been great if you had a pure and clean Samsung version! I'm in the market for a Note II

        • +2

          Thanks for your feedback, I will let you know and update here when Opportunity in Generic Unbranded version.

  • REP: Your URL is broken. It says:

    There has been an error processing your request
    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

    Error log record number: 253542786194

    • Checking the issue now, should be up soon. Sorry!

      • looks like all product pages result in an error

    • website working now

  • Any deals on the Sony Xperia Z tablet ? 4g(LTE) + wifi ??

    $679 direct from sony at h**p://w*w.sony.com.au/product/sgp321a1

  • +1

    Its starting to show its age, but can you do any deals on the Lumia 920?

  • +1

    For those that want the Note II unbranded, Hardly Normal just price matched it for me no stress.

    Recept pics:


  • Really interested in s4. Does the warranty works internationally?
    i'm moving overseas next year.

  • the good thing about waiting for a chinese phone , I'll be able to secure much similar features about half cost…I'm only happy to do so. My profit may be their revenue.loss, who could ask for more?

  • I can checkout with paypal if no shipping quote, with shipping quote it fails with this error

    PayPal gateway has rejected request. More than one shipping option type is marked as the default; you can only specify one default shipping option at a time (#11822: Multiple default shipping options specified).

    Even if I match the quote with the basket shipping, but I also can't choose the shipping type, if I checkout without shipping do I get it free?

    I also tried to register and have yet to get an email, several attempts to resend it also have not arrived.

    • Hi SimonJ

      We have no issue with customer paying paypal and credit card yesterday and today, maybe is borrower compatible issue (try firefox or chrome with newer version) or Cache/cookie issue (delete cache/cookie)

      Any other people have similar issue?

  • Rep, any deal on lumia 820?

    • +1

      How many people interesting on Lumia 820, what do you think if I can get Au stock around 350?(unconfirmed)

  • I'm interested any mid range phone between $250 to $400

  • note 2 now 609 :(

  • Hi Rep, do we have to buy it first online, or can we just rock upto the store tomorrow and get the S4 for this price, by showing them this deal?

  • Any deals on the S3 4g?

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