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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 $405.14 Shipped


Update: full credit to fellow member (sash213) who gave better deal $338 delivered

Been juggling between LX 7 vs Sony RX100

Simply because of these reasons:

  1. Super fast lens f/1.4 to f/2.3 at the very end
  2. Flash hot shoe
  3. Closer macro
  4. Capable to make 100fps HD(MP4) ..yep..100!!!!
  5. Around $100 cheaper than RX100

Please consider:

  • smaller sensor, 1/1.7 vs 1 inch Sony's
  • manual front cap sometimes could be a burden for some user

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  • Good camera for taking shots at gigs - very good at low light.

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    ps (whisper): in the end, I bought RX100

    • Where did you buy the RX100 and for how much? Been looking at getting a camera myself.

    • why the sony over the lx7?

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      From eglobal, with dhl express (1 week process - because public holiday)
      AUD$ 525 shipped
      with CHK10 ($10 discount)

      why I choose RX100 than LX7:
      1. Smaller (pocketable)
      2. larger sensor
      3. auto front cap (no need to pull out cap when you want to take the shot)
      4. Looks nice with customised lether skin

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        You are forgetting that it has a Zeiss Sonnar lens mounted on that sensor.

        End of story.

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          Well the pana has a Leica lens…

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    I got mine for $339 shipped from DWI 3 months ago…

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      And you didnt post it …how could you jv? you far more senior ozb than me
      3 months ago RX100 still around $600

      I could go for the lx7

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    You can get it for US$338 delivered from B&H right now

    • Good find!!!! Hands down

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      Free Delivery from BHPhoto is only for US addresses and the $AUS is now at a 2 year low against the $USD

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        That's why I added the shipping charge and said delivered

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    • Did the price just went up by $50 overnight?

      • Our currency is weaken :(

      • Yep, it was just under 300 yesterday.
        No doubt it will return to that price because they've done it several times but you just have to catch it. They have to clear stock of these things; lots of regular people are more impressed with smartphones (!) these days, so dedicated camera sales have slumped a lot.

        It will return to USD sub-300 (excluding delivery). Pretty sure of that.

  • It looks like RX100 is a better option :
    and RX100 wins in IQ, noise, color depth and dynamic range. LX7 wins in features which are not actually as critical, like 3D photos.

    Size wise LX7 is not pocketable :
    do not be fulled by slight changes in dimensions compared to RX100, as RX100 is just pocketable, only just. So anything which is slightly bigger won't fit a normal pocket.

    nd after all I said, if you think LX7 is a camera for you, grab it from bhphoto, as it is a very good price. imho.

    PS probably what I am trying to say is that LX7 vs RX100 is a bit of appples vs oranges. OK, probably closer to apples vs pears.

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    Are you sure the LX7 can do 100fps at Full HD ?
    I don't recall seeing that in any of the literature I've read

    100fps is in 720p mode only

    the LX7 is definitely a VERY nice P&S camera but it doesn't beat a rX100

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    Also -good- for Amateur Astronomers, in a dark place, under a beautiful night sky…