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$75 Rebate on Electricity Bill for People Who Receive FTB A or B & Resident in NSW


Not actually a bargain, but given that the NSW government hasn't really publicised the "deal" on this one, I thought this might get a few more people who are eligible to apply before the cut off on Friday.

In 2012-2013 the Family Energy Rebate gives eligible households a $75 credit on their electricity bill.

To be eligible for the 2012-2013 Family Energy Rebate, you must:

Be eligible for the Federal Government’s Family Tax Benefit A or B at any time during the 2011-2012 financial year, and have received a relevant payment; and
Be a NSW resident; and
Have your name listed on electricity bills from an electricity retailer, solely or jointly or be a resident of a caravan or mobile home park and receive electricity bills from a park operator.

The link above includes the link to the website for the application to be processed.

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  • +8

    nice find, this will help a lot of families that aren't aware of this offering

    Not actually a bargain

    it is a bargain !!

    • Thanks - I thought that technically since people were eligible for it, and not aware of it, then it's not really a "bargain" if they find out about it & get their applications in by Friday. I suppose the "bargain" is that they get something they weren't expecting.

    • FYI, is actually $82.50 (just got elec bill), they give you GST as well.

  • /off topic rant

    Oh look, another government thing they're doing for 'families' yet screwing over everyone else to pay for it out of all our taxes. Love it. You'd think the only people who vote and pay taxes are families.

    /off topic rant.

    • +11

      Given that you live in WA, and this is being paid for by NSW State Government, I don't think you're being screwed (technically).

      • +2

        lol good one

        • umm ACTUALLY Western Australians still have to pay Federal Taxes, namely GST that is then spread to all the states/territories and some of that (actually a lot of that) flows to NSW. SO indirectly, he is being screwed. :)

        • The proportion of GST given to the states is not dependant on how each state budgets their spending. The fact that NSW decides to spend more on this rebate would not increase the GST allocation for NSW or the state taxes in WA. Therefore, a NSW policy wouldn't be impacting on Pothos at all.

      • +4

        While true, this wasn't just about this scheme, it was about all the benefits that 'families' get simply because they pop out a few kids. If people can have kids, they can afford to raise them, WITHOUT getting handouts left right and centre from the government. This isn't a dig at either governments, but governments in general (and the people who will punish a government that stops all these benefits, or greatly reduces them).

        My folks did it, as did all parents when I was growing up. But oh no, nowadays every kid needs an iPad at the age of two and a phone, and the latest clothes, and a room to themselves filled with crap.

        Giving it to needy families I have no problems with, but when I see 'mum and dad' in their McMansion that they've mortgage to their eyeballs in, with 2 new cars, filled with so much junk it's spewing out the windows, and then claiming just how 'hard' it is to raise kids, I have to wonder how the hell my taxes have to pay for people to raise kids and get benefits like this when they don't need it.

        Keep the benefits for the real people who need it, don't give it out to every Bob and Jane cause they expect the government to help pay to raise their kids.

    • +1

      The way i see it is their giving it to the more needy families which i don't have a problem with.

      Although i do have a problem with the people that abuse the Family Benefits i.e. take money from the government while working jobs that pay "Cash in Hand" @ other places and never declare it to Centrelink

      • +1

        Another dumb government idea. Why not give needy families food stamps and contraception?

        • Contraception is the worst possible thing to subsidise. It reduces the number of future taxpayers.

        • thank you jesus.

      • The way i see it is their giving it to the more needy families which i don't have a problem with.

        You don't have a problem with communism?

        • +1

          How is that communism?

  • +5

    If it is not automatic, then it is a bargain and you have probably helped some folks here.

  • so youth allowance receivers are not eligible? =(

  • Lucky them. Will power their 3 flat screen TVs.

    • +5

      People still class having a flat screen tv as a status symbol!?

      • +2

        Maybe he meant "those povvo bogans who only have 3 flat screen TVs"? After all you have to be earning peasant wages to qualify for FTB my maid tells me it's less than $200,000 a year or something…

        • -1

          Last time I checked it was 130k combined..

        • Exactly! Definitely just for dolebludgers then…

  • Here's the direct link to the NSW Government website (includes more info and FAQs)…

  • +4

    Does it work if the wife gets FAMily tax benefit

    but the husband name is on the electricity bill etc?

    • +1

      I'll like to know the answer to this one as well as my wife is the one who claims the centerlink family benefits yet the electricity bill is under my name.

      • +1

        Just add your wife's name to electricity bill before you apply. If your wife is receiving the FTB, then her name needs to be on the bill, otherwise the application will be rejected.

    • Yes. as long as surname matches, first name doesn't matter.

  • This is surely a awesome bargain. Cheers.

  • Nice Find. Free Money :-)

  • +1

    Thanks I would not have known about this

  • -1

    Double comment

  • +2

    Thanks for posting that - regardless of whether or not it constitutes a bargain, I'm grateful for the heads-up. Cheers :)

    • It is a bargain

      cos you getting some money back.

      Many ppl are in fact not aware of this..

  • +1

    This is much appreciated, thanks very much for posting.

  • This does not impact me (WA).

    However less than a year ago, we were DINKS, and it seems unfair that those with children get all the additional benefits.

    The government likes to treat childless couples as endless revenue streams, just cos we can afford it.

    I think it is not right.

  • What about Victoria????

    • +1

      Last time I checked, the NSW govt didn't service Victoria, so NO!

      • And it was the NSW assets being sold off that was supposedly funding this!

  • -1

    still think gillard is an idiot

    • +1

      No way near as bad as the rabbott though…

  • +2

    thank you, didn't know about this.

  • +1

    Thanks for posting this, didn't know about it.

  • +1

    Thank you for posting this

  • +1

    Thanks for posting this.

  • +1

    You may wish to know that I, personally, was unaware of this, and am grateful it appeared on this website.

  • +1

    Thank you. great find

  • +3

    Posted this ( in Aug last year when every one had plenty of time. Got moved to forums with the usual comments such as this is not a bargain. Now with only 3 more days left, hit the online button before it is too late for 2012-13..

  • +1

    Thanks, you have helped us a lot!

  • Just so you know, it's only $75 if you don't claim the low income household rebate. If you do, it's only $35.

    • But I think you get a total of $250

      • Yeah, the LIHR gives you $215 spread out over the year.

  • +3

    Who is this Lindbeck Partners to whom this is linked?

    The original deal, as kindly supplied by pinnacle goes directly to the relevant Govt page, rather than through a 3rd party.

  • I m the only earner in my family and a low income earner. We belong to a family with moral ethics of No Free Money. We pay taxes as others but don't accept any free money from govt or anyone, even though we r eligible. We proud ourselves.

  • +1

    just applied.
    thx OP.

  • I just called AGL to add my name on the bill as it is under my husband's name.I am the one who receives family tax benefit.
    But AGL only allowes to have aone account holder name so they rejected to have my name on. So I won't be eligible.. They suggested to cancel the contract and change it to my name that will locks us up another new 2 year's contact.. It doesn't worth it.
    I called the NSW energy information line to seek help. But they said that they cannot do anything about it as it is AGL policy to have a single account holder name and I signed the contract.. So I cannot apply.

    • +2

      Hi, You can add additional account holder names. The contract is on my name. My wife gets the payment for FTB B. I went into my AGL Online Account and added wife's name and then submitted this claim. All went through fine. Hope that helps.

  • Oh. I checked the online as well but I couldn't find the section to add a name. We can update personal info such as phone number but not a name. Could you please elaborate?

  • +1

    You will see 'Manage Authorized Persons' as an option under My Account. Otherwise PM me your email address and I will send the screenshots.

    • I am also the authorized person but NSW gov said that it is not enough to apply for it and will reject my application. Account holder has to be under the name who receives family tax benefit:(

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