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FREE 1 Year Regus Businessworld Gold Membership with United MileagePlus Program (Usually $59/mo)


If you missed out on the Virgin Atlantic deal, I have another one for you.


This Membership is Usually $59/month

United MileagePlus® and Regus have teamed up to give you access to 1500 Business Lounges worldwide with a FREE one-year Regus Businessworld Gold membership.
Plus you can also earn up to 7 MileagePlus® award miles per dollar spent on Regus products & services.
To activate your Businessworld Gold membership simply enter your MileagePlus account number and complete the personal details form.

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        • I rang the other Adelaide lounge, and it's the same times. Bit unfortunate really not to be open weekends or after 6pm.

        • Thats what pubs & coffee shops are for.

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          or Vandelay Industries

  • Great! Thanks for this!!

  • -1

    If my baby needed its diapers changed and I were nearby, reckon they would let me use the lounge?

    • if you call them diapers then no gofvkyourself

    • +3

      Just say you are in the baby product business & need to demonstrate the product.

  • +1

    The workspaces in some of these "business lounges" are really really small and cramped - some don't even have dedicated spaces - they just direct you to the kitchen area and you are meant to use the tables there.

    As for coffee and tea - they usually have nespresso machines which is good.

    Wifi is very slow and annoying because it cuts off about every half hour by default and you have to login again using the supplied password.

  • Do they offer any free parking at their lounges ? Would be good idea to have a cheap parking spot in cbd

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      I have a funny feeling that they don't offer free parking.

      • Do they offer any free massages at their lounges? Do they, do they? Would be good idea to have free massages.
        I'll only sign up for free if they do ;)

  • +3

    Come on, we need some unbiased reviews, from ozbargainers who have actually visited these lounges in the past 24hrs with their new memberships!!!

    I will attempt to do some reviews this week for the Brisbane ones, but I can't guarantee it due to workload.

    • +2

      Which ones are you reviewing. I think I'll try Riverside or Northbank Plaza tomorrow for a coffee, wifi & the river view.

      • How did you go, Bruce?

        • Haven't got there yet - too many coffees and other deals expiring by 30th :-)

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    Thanks for this deal.

    Please don't raid the fridges and take all of the items or this deal may get cancelled.

    OzBargain is the best and worst of humanity at times.

    • +1

      And if you do, don't admit to being an OzBargainer!!!

  • Get Your 6 to 12 Months Regus Businessworld Gold Membership For Free

  • The below link implies that some locations may be 24 hours (the North Sydney one at least)

    "Located in the stunning new Ark tower, just off the Pacific Highway and behind the North Sydney Post Office – which puts it within a stroll from North Sydney railway station and handy for parking – the Regus centre is open around the clock for customers working to any timezone.
    In addition to the business lounge and meeting rooms there’s a slick new ‘campus’ workspace area, a videoconferencing studio, an outside terrace and smoking area plus showers if you need to freshen up after a flight or before a meeting."


    • I guess we can only find out after we get the membership card…

      • All Ozbargainers are just going live in the premium lounge!

  • +1

    Can you bring a friend who's not signed up with you to the lounge?

    • +1

      As per it's terms of use (http://www.regus.com.au/images/BW_en_Termsandconditions_tcm7…):

      1. A Businessworld member visiting a lounge and not using a Day Office or Co-Work may be charged a fee per guest to entertain the guest in the lounge. If required, meetings rooms are available at all Regus locations and can be reserved at preferential rates for Businessworld members.
      • Ta for that!

    • Easy- get a spare membership card for these occasions, or suggest they join up. All my friends are called Mr/Ms Smith from MegaAmazingCorp :-)

  • +5

    I tried one of these in Melbourne today.

    Basically it's an office building with several offices and a board room or two that are obviously hired out as needed.

    What is included with this Regus Businessworld Membership is entry to the business lounge - in my case it was just the tables and chairs in the small kitchen. There you have fast internet and a coffee machine and kitchen facilities that you can use freely.

    Could be useful if you want to sit somewhere other than a cafe for internet and grab a free coffee.

    • hows the coffee?

      • +1

        Pretty good - they have a Saeco machine that looks expensive but at least a couple years old.

        • Which one in Melbourne did you go ?

    • +1

      Finally someone has tried it and given the all clear. Thanks :)

  • +1

    4 days is finally? You must have been so stressed as a kid at Christmas

  • Has anybody seen the ThinkPods?
    I'm logged into MyRegus but it doesnt come up as a booking option, which suggests you don't have to pay for them ;D

    I'd love to use them to do some work in quiet, with the free wifi, sipping away at the coffee :)

  • Hi, where do I enter the United Mileage Program membership number to signup to Regus Businessworld Gold?

  • +1

    got my card today

  • Also got my card today. Awesome

  • Also got my card. Will check out my local establishment tomorrow, if time permits.
    And probably won't ever go there again… ha!

    • +1

      Visited the Adelaide branch (KWS). The lounge is immediately by the lifts with the receptionist desk in the lounge. The various office rooms all connect from the lounge. She walked me around to show me their lovely power points and photocopier/fax/kitchen facilities - cold drinks use the 'honesty system' (ie. pay the jar or go to hell). Definitely won't be returning to chew up their Internets - too weird with the receptionist staring at you from her desk. Damn shame these aren't in airport lounges where we generally have time to kill. The lounge is probably best suited to guests visiting businesses that are operating in the Regus office spaces.
      See ya Regus!

      • cheers muncan. Seems the same as the northbank setup.

  • +2

    Went to the Riverside, Brisbane. Small kitchen used by Estrada mining office staff - they apparently lease office space. Felt like I was an interloper in someone's office as staff used microwave to cook food from fridge & chat about the "project".

    Flashed my membership number on my phone, but now have the card. Had just had a lovely duck lunch with a red at Fridays downstairs, overlooking the river ($15 on a voucher).

    Coffee, various teas & hot chocolate sachets. Just a floor of offices, no river view except glimpse through office doors.

    Still free hot drinks in CBD location is good. Now to visit the full set on my travels. Wonder if they will stamp my passport :-)

    • nice review Bruce.

    • Cheers for the review bruce. Have you paid a visit to any of the other Brisbane locations?

  • +2

    Just returned from Northbank Plaza, Brisbane. Top floor of the office building located next to city hall. Receptionist told me that there is no "business lounge" at this location - only the reception waiting area! Four chairs in front of a tv, with today's courier mail…and open wireless access. I was offered a drink by the receptionist, had a coffee which was average to say the least. No views of any sort.

    To be honest, I found this to be extremely disappointing. I expected at least the use of a room, so that I could get a degree of privacy to work. However I had people walking past all the time, and the receptionist's phone being answered every 2 minutes.

    I suspect that they have simply removed the dedicated business lounge at this location, so that it can be rented out as a meeting room.

    Hours are 8am - 6pm, but I won't be returning.

    pro-tip: There's a big bowl of minties at reception.

    edit - http://www.regus.com/small-and-medium-business/meeting-facil…

    Website says that the business lounge provides "Comfortable, well-equipped workspaces". Not in my experience :(

    • +1

      The free coffee is just the tease. You pay for the "Comfortable, well-equipped workspaces" - thats the business they are in. So they don't want you getting too comfortable in the free area! Won't bother with Northbank.

      Coffee room at Riverside was OK, but far from comfy - just an island table with stools, a TV, and a small wall of cupboards with fridge, dish washers, & coffee machine. It really is just a nook in a busy corridor. You would be hard pressed to get any work done at the 1 computer in the coffee room, or on the WiFi there or in a lounge chair by reception. Staff were friendly.

  • Tried out the Bridge Street/Circular Quay Sydney one (Level 34, AMP Tower). Staff were very welcoming even though I had thongs, shorts and a crappy jumper on - not the typical appearance of a business customer.

    There's one of those all in one grind and pour + milk coffee machines, plus hot chocolate and the usual range of teas, and an honour system fridge like others have mentioned. A small room with 3 cubicles that you can work in (Business Lounge), although I just sat in the kitchen where there's a long bench with stools.

    Not bad at all really, though I'm struggling to think of a scenario when I might go back - now that there are $1 coffees all over town it seems easier to just pick one of those up.

  • +1

    Been traveling Europe for a year. Came across this deal a few months ago. Signed up. Got the card. Been to a lot of countries and got a Spanish girlfriend… She wasn't aloud in!
    So I signed her up on the Regus internet inthe Business Lounge, and in 10 min she was aloud in - just emailed them her number. Germany sucks for finding free internet - this is awesome!

    Downloaded the app too.. very useful.

    Bottom line, this is still available and super useful for traveling - sorry for the long back story :D

    • Backstories can make posts more interesting, certainly more personal. Would have liked more of your/her experiences with the lounges on travels.

      Thanks for the tip about the App. I joined for a quieter space, free drinks & internet on my travels. Makes a change from Macas :-)

  • Recently became unemployed. Having an "office" and free WiFi to do other work in is super helpful. Visited two of the lounges in Perth. They are fantastic. So Cheers Op :D

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