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Kettle Potato Chips Assorted Flavours 185g $2.09 at Coles (Save $2.10)


Kettle Potato Chips Assorted Flavours 185g $2.09 at Coles (save $2.10). Sale starts Wednesday.

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    Chilli flavour is the best! Very addictive!!!

    • Just in time for State of Origin!

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        Just in time for last few days of exams!

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          Useful to note, this deal doesn't start until Wednesday. Hope you're not finished until AFTER this deal starts…

    • It's always the first to fly off the shelf! Will be early this time before it runs out!

    • Original Sea Salt FTW!!!!!

      Down that with a Vanilla Coke, yumness!

    • I just bought a pack from woollies at 25% off because i couldn't wait. Now I'll just have to stock up from Coles until the next 50% off sale.

      Chilli is too addictive - it will make any health fanatic cave in. (Eg my wife counts her calories and sticks to 1200calories/day but with chilli kettle chips - she can't stop)

  • First Shapes, now Kettles? God damn you duopolies.

  • -3

    Not sure if its a bargain, if they put the price up 20cents! was 3.99 at both coles and woolies only last week.

    • +6

      So you'd rather pay $3.99?

      • -3

        Its on sale for 2bucks every 4 weeks at coles, pretty sure the 20cents price rise is a money grab against there "down down down" motto.

        • -2

          I have not seen it this low since they re-introduced the chilli flavor. Usually the specials are for $2.50 or $3.00.

  • Chipeeees! :P

  • Kettle chips are one of the most oily. I think we should avoid it.

    • +11

      KETTLE IT IS….!!!

      • +13

        If you're worrying about oil/fat intake, then you shouldn't be eating chips? :P

    • +11

      Kettle chips are one of the most oily.

      And also the tastiest. Coincidence?

    • +9

      i think we should avoid inviting you to any celebrations

  • Does this include their new thick cut range?

    • +1

      that would be good if it did.

      • Don't think it does. They're on special for 3 bucks in the same catalogue, down from 4.19

        • Which of course really equates to $5.58 as the packets are only 150g and used to be 200g.

  • +6

    Just felt the need to shout that.

  • I suggest not getting the sour cream and caramelised onion, they taste pretty nasty.

    • That's Red Rock Deli chips, This is Kettle chips. ;)

  • Best taste for me… (at a good price).. :)

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    1.99 is the normal sale price, but what is 10c for quality chips. In conclusion they are cheap as chips.

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      It used to be 1.99 as they used to be 3.99 usually. Now they're 4.19 usually, so the special price is now 10c more.

  • +2

    I miss the old Honey baked ham flavour. The new one just doesn't cut it..

      • +1

        The ingredient soy is a cause of man tits. Neg me bitches.

        • You've found scientific literature that supports this?

          What is known is that Soy contains isoflavones, which are similar to the female hormone estrogen.

          In some cases too much soy in a male diet may result in lower testosterone levels. The lower testosterone may lead to lower sperm count, erectile issues etc.

          So whilst their may be slight truth in what you've said, to say eating these Honey-soy chips will make "man boobies" and are the "cause of man tits" is ridiculous.

        • I've been eating Kettle chips several times a week for nearly 10 years, and have not noticed any such effects at all.

        • In fact, I feel more manly than ever. Now dah-lings, I must be off as I have a manicure followed by the theatre.

  • +4

    I miss the Herb & Spice flavour!

    • +2

      Same. I also miss the original Chilli flavour!

  • -2

    Kettle have gone down hill recently, Red Rock Deli is where it's at!


  • +1

    Thanks OP. I've been wanting to say for ages - I like the simplicity of your display pic, tightarse.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence firedragon!

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