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Borderlands 2 STEAM Key $10 from MacGameStore.com


Currently listed as 'Temporarily Sold Out - New orders will be fulfilled soon' but you can back-order.

Ostensibly you're buying for Mac, but of course the Steam key is good for PC too.


Removed non-working coupon


IMPORTANT: If buying for PC, there's some uncertainty about whether a Mac and Mac app is required to claim your Steam key. Before purchasing for PC please read this entire topic on Slickdeals, and if in any doubt wait for another deal to come along: http://slickdeals.net/f/6106672-Borderlands-2-PC-or-Mac-Digi...

Getgamesgo also currently offering Steam keys for $10

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    Sorry but im a little dumb when it comes to reading and understanding, but does it work on PC???


      You purchase a STEAM key. BL2 is cross platform (PC & Mac), so after you add the key to your STEAM account on PC, you now have the game for both PC and Mac.


    If anyone purchases through this deal, can you confirm the coupon works. Cheers.


    Great price. Already been through it twice on PS3 though.


    coupon isn't working for me. Says its not available with this deal

    Does anyone know how good the steam summers get? Like will these be a cheap copy of this with all the DLC sometimes over the US summer? Should I wait for that?


      Darn. Further checking the original thread on slickdeals, I now see others reporting non-working coupon. That's a shame.


    The reason why this got taken down is probably due to Steam only paying the developer of the software that the user chooses to install.

    In this case I'm guessing the Mac developer tried to do a promotion, but worked out that they would end up getting little or no money from the sale if it was downloaded mostly by PC users.


    get games has borderlands 2 and dlc for 66 % off for pc atm

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