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Vittoria Coffee Mt Grown 1kg Beans or 4x 250g Ground 1/2 Price $18.49 at Woolworths


Just came across this deal in local woolworths and thought it worth posting.

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  • Good price. Wonder if it is in-store also, or just online only.

  • I wouldn't even pay $2 for this coffee as it has been roasted at least 2 weeks ago and would taste terrible…

    • Heh… 2 weeks ago… Wouldn't be that bad…
      Did you mean 2 years ago?

    • Think I'd pay $2 for it if it was actually roasted 2 weeks ago … rather than 2 years ago.

    • B-Rad, my comment reply is in the form of a Cool Runnings quote:


    • Not sure if he is satirising coffee snobs or if he is a coffee snob.

      • B-Rad is the Stephen Colbert of coffee snobs. He pushes it just that tiny bit past believable.

    • I wouldn't even pay $2 for this coffee as it has been roasted at least 2 weeks ago and would taste terrible…

      So I guess then that if you won't drink coffee roasted a fortnight ago that you must roast your own, daily or weekly? If you buy a kg freshly roasted today, it's unlikely that you're going to have gone through it within the fortnight that you're claiming will make it undrinkable.

      On the other hand, my experience has been that Vittoria coffee from Woolworths IS quite old. I have never come accross it any more than 6 months before its BestBefore date, yet the company itself says it has a shelf life of 2 years, so it is obviously in storage for quite some time before it hits the shelves at Woolies.

      In comparison, Grinders coffee beans, when they are available in our area (which isn't all that often) generally have a bb date in excess of 20 months longer than the Vittoria on the shelves at the same time.

      • Best before on pack of beans I bought is May 2014.

        It's a shame that ground coffee doesn't have neither best before nor production date.

    • It's fine for me, I'm not a coffee snob yet. My believe is that taste is as thing one should develop gradually.

  • Please don't buy coffee beans or grind from Woolworths, they are sitting on shelves for months.

    You can pay $30 and get 1kg of freshly roasted coffee here: http://www.mannabeans.com.au/coffee210613/

  • I usually get mine from a roaster, however there have recently been bags at the local Foodland which have roast dates on them stating they were roasted 4-5 days ago. I tried some a few weeks in a row. Then..then it started NO ROAST DATES…they had USE BY DATES..typical. Now I won't touch it like all the other stuff out there. 15 months green, 15 days roasted, 15 minutes ground, 15 seconds brewed that is the general rule.

  • Great to see comments suggesting people buy from local roasters, I couldn’t agree more. No-one would be happy buying stale bread for sandwiches and coffee, being an organic product, is so much better close to the roast date. My rule of thumb is that I don’t buy coffee that doesn't have the roast date printed on the bag.