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Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB 4G i9505 $589 + Shipping


Is a good price for those who want the S4 4G.

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  • 16GB = 8GB free

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    Only $40 more expensive than SGS4 Mini but 4x the pixels, 2x the storage, 2x the CPU cores and a lot more. Interesting pricing there.

  • Grey import, good price non the less.

  • How much is shipping? I hate the ridiculous Kogan site that makes you jump through some hoops before finding out the cost!

    • $19 for just the phone, double that ($38) if you add a case)

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    i smell a price war!

    Kogan is $608 inc shipping, and DWI have lowered their price to $607 inc shipping!

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      I'd take Kogan over DWI anyday.

    • See my comment here — DWI was $609 yesterday, and then Kogan took the offence & now it's DWI's turn. However I'll agree with Mikeshashimi that I won't go with DWI just for $1 difference.

    • until you get to the seemingly unavoidable DWI 2% payment processing fee ($12.14)

      edit: was looking at using DWI because it appears they have stock, Kogan is 2-3 weeks apparently

  • Where are the model with more free memory ?? 16gb only gives u 8GB free. What about 32gb and 64gb models ?

    Also, anyone knows the lag issues have been fixed by Samsung ?

  • I have a question for those who own this phone. Is the internal memory (16GB) all available for apps, or is it partitioned so that some of the 16GB is seen by the phone as an "external SD card"?

    I got a 32GB One X, but I can't use all of it for apps. I will try to update an app and it will say storage is full, even though if I check my free space I have 15GB remaining. So I really have even less than that for installing apps.

    Since the S4 has an SD card slot, I don't want any of the internal memory being reserved for external only. I want all that's available for apps, since I can use a microSD for external storage. It would make the internal memory redundant if I couldn't use all of it.

    And yes I understand some of it is reserved for the OS. But what's left needs to be accessible for apps, otherwise the real internal memory is even smaller. I don't need 8GB of it reserved for external storage since I will already have an external sd card.

    • Yes

    • Yep you can but the space goes fast especially with a big data file, for instance some games have over a gig of data so the 8-9gb internal space goes quick. Thankgod Samsung realised this with the latest Official rom updates, not in Oz yet, and allowed the data files to be saved to the external sd card saving internal space. I use a 64gb card and its fantastic…
      Remember, the more memory that you use from the internal memory the less speedy your phone gets…

      • Does the new ROM allow you to download and install apps to SDcard, or is it just some apps with big data files?

  • I just purchased this from MobiCity for way more and have been mucked around really badly by them and am still waiting for the phone. Now I just want to cry at how much I could have saved.

    • To be fair, how do you know you wouldn't have gotten mucked around by Kogan too?

  • Good deal considering the weaker AUD.

  • How would this phone compare to the note II?

    • Well, android phones obsoletes really fast. Although big company like samsung provides a longer software os support for their phone, its generally better to get a newer phone. But I guess its all up to personal preference, note 2 = big screen(its good also), s4 = its a good phone

      • Specs wise, s4 will perform better(processor, camera, a bit of features as well). But note 2 is good too.

  • I just got given this as a gift, bloody amazing phone really. Light, slim, speed is amazing and screen size is ideal without being too bulky for the pocket.

  • Even though you only get around 8-9 gb free you can root the phone and use an app called foldermount to transfer appdata or any other data to the sd card.
    Apparently the latest German rom update has this as part of the Official rom.
    I use a 64gb sd card and have plenty of room… :^D

    Pretty peeved though that the 32gb I9505 is available, hard to find, outside Oz and we are still only getting the 16gb version….

  • I bought my GS4 locally in Australia and for at least the past month I've had the move apps to sd card feature that was enabled in an OTA update.

  • how do you pay via paypal i dont even see the option in the payment section when i do check out :/

  • just wondering why 4g price is lower than 19500 model

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