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3 Months Rdio Unlimited Web and Mobile Music Streaming Trial - FREE (Usually $12.90/Month)


To access this unlimited, advertisement free, 3 month trial following these instructions:

1) Click on the following link: https://www.rdio.com/account/redeem/
2) Enter the promo code P4KFEST2013 under where it says Reedem Gift Card and then click on sign up at the bottom
3) Enter your email address then click on sign up
4) Check your email and click on finish signing up
5) After submitting some personal details you will come to a screen saying Redeem Your Gift Card then just click Submit and you are all done. Enjoy your music!

Then download the app from the app store or google play if you want to listen on your mobile device

EDIT: If you sign up to your FREE trial of Rdio using a VPN service based in the USA or a DNS service (eg Unblockus) you will also receive an email inviting you to try a service called Vdio and receive a $25 credit to go towards purchases and rentals on the Vdio website (www.vdio,com).

If you need a FREE VPN service you can use this one which I had posted on Ozbargain a few months ago http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/98691

Good luck, and enjoy your music and your movies.

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  • Nice. Does this work for former subscribers? I jumped to Spotify when it got released here but still liked Rdio

    • +1

      I believe it does, otherwise just use another email account for this trial

      • it didn't work for my account :( I just used another email address

        Edit: I logged out and logged back in and it worked :)

        • Thanks for clarifying. Do you have a current paid subscription?

        • no, i was using the free one

        • OK. If you have a paid subscription I think it adds another 3 months free to your current subscription but I can't be 100% sure that is correct.

  • My spotify trial just finished…this is the perfect solution just in time!! thanks

  • Thanks!

  • +2

    Thanks OP!
    Use the link on your laptop/ desktop pc cause on mobile sites the redeem page doesn't appear.

  • Thanks very much. Cancelled Spotify and going to try Rdio for a few months. Might keep Rdio, might return to Spotify, we'll see

    • Looks like I might keep Rdio. Been awesome so far, listening non-stop. :D

      If they did this years ago piracy would be much lower.

  • +1

    Tip for those who don't know:
    If you install the app in 2 ios devices and log in, you can only play music on one device at a time, BUT you are able to control the device that's playing music from the other device! I have my ipad plugged in to the home theater and i can play music using my iphone! I also tried turning my iphones wifi off and it works over 3g too, that means you can entertain your family at home while you are on the go :)

    • +1

      Good information. Love using the airplay feature to play music over the HTS - no cables

  • Thanks, worked with my existing Radio account :-)

  • I dont want another public profile, so no thank you.

    There's not even a choice to be anonymous!

    • +3

      There is. Use a fake account.

      • Done. Facebook surely doesn't have 1.3 billion accounts. More like 400 million.

  • thanks a lot!

  • Yeah all my account are fake, 3 months for free you can't lose. :)

  • -7

    Not much content… & not much of it (a few names only) that we recognised.

    Nothing like JB HiFi's offer… which gave access to lotsa content, new & old.

    Nothing much - if any (on RDIO) from the larger world, AFAIK.

    So… to us: RDIO is too limiting.

    I'll stick with TuneIn Radio Pro (on Android) & keep my options open WIDER.
    (TuneIn Radio is free; the Pro version lets you RECORD any content you like.)

    • I have jb hifi now subscription till 2015 and it's great. I find that it has heaps of content and the UI is easy to navigate

      Another better alternative is Guvera which also has a mobile app, and If your patient enough, go to the web page and watch a 30 second ad or comment on their Facebook page and they give you 3 free downloads up to 9 per day and it's all legit

      • How much did you pay for the JB Hifi Now subscription?

        • +1

          Their is a code attached to jb hifi reciepts

          I use them and it just adds to my subscription a couple of months each time

          Mine ends August 2015

    • I've found content is added on the day the album's released & the selection is awesome. I listen to plenty of bands & albums you can't get at JB Hifi. I'm very happy using Rdio. The quality is excellent & I hardly ever have a problem streaming.

  • Damn it, I just signed up for my Google Play All Access trial

  • Jbhifi used to suck, well the android app did. It was the worse music streaming service around, but that was ages ago, so they may have improved. The only thing going for it then, was the cost factor. I ended up using groove shark instead, because it was free at the time.

    • Jbhifi has improved but I still had to send them a long list of faults with their Android app. In another 6 months it may be good enough to pay for.

  • awesome 3 months of free music. can't complain. thanks op.

  • +1

    When I signed up for this they also offered a $25 credit for their vdio service. I took up the offer just now and have checked it out on iPad. Needed a US iTunes account to install the app, have done that and it seems to work fine. Just rented Django Unchained for $2.99. It's displaying in the app now as a purchase and ready to watch. I tested the app by watching the preview and it worked fine, quality looks the same as itunes stuff. The app also has airplay so can send to Apple TV. Will watch the full movie this evening.

    I reckon this is a pretty decent bonus in addition to the 3 month deal. Might be worth adding to the title or in the description. I'm running the unotelly DNS by the way, not sure if that's making any difference though.

    • +1

      how did you get the $25 credit?

      • I received an email from rdio almost straight after applying the 3 month voucher. Looks as though not all users are sent it. My rdio address isn't set in the US or anything like that. Perhaps it's because of the unotelly DNS??

      • I read about this $25 vdio credit but didn't see any such link. Do you mind taking a screen shot? Thanks.

        • +2

          Screenshot of email. Hope it works ok….

          I must have got the email because of my DNS settings. Only thing I can think of unless it's a random thing which I doubt. Unotelly has a free trial, you could sign up there, change your DNS settings and then log into www.vdio.com and see what happens.

        • thanks! i got the voucher when signing up with a VPN :)

        • Did you have any trouble opening the vdio app on your ipad? I've tried several times and the circle thing keeps spinning around.

        • Yeah it did that once for me. I did a force close of the app (as in push home button twice then close from the line of apps at the bottom). Then restart, that fixed it for me.

        • Thanks, tried that and still won't load. I'll try another day. Time for the Ashes soon.

    • I signed up another email with a US VPN and got the 25$ vdio offer.

    • Yep, works with a US VPN. Thanks.

  • Worked for me,i will try cos its free,but still have 9 months left on spotify which is the best,as it has sharemyplaylists.com which is a brilliant place to download playlists…

  • Not working for me.

  • Does syncing DL the songs or just the playlist?

    • The playlist

  • I like the idea of this.

  • Brilliant! Had music playing in 30 seconds. Thank you! Love it.

  • Too easy!

  • Thanks OP. Great find!!

  • rdio streaming doesn't count for data allowance on Telstra mobiles right?

    • +2

      i think that's only for MOG

      • Ah ha - I got them mixed up - thanks.

  • Thanks OP - saves me creating new emails every 2 weeks!

  • Is it possible to check somewhere within Rdio to see the 3 mths has been applied?

    • On a tablet, flick screen to the right and then left section of screen will be revealed and then down to settings…it's kind of hidden away.

    • on a pc go to settings and then subscriptions. You should see it there

      • I just to have Unlimited + Mobile and cancelled it in August so have been a free user as I have been using Spotify (since you can also sync your own local files). When I go the subscription page on Rdio on top of and below "Unlimited + Mobile" it now reads "Complimentary Subscription
        You will not be billed unless you choose to upgrade." - guess that's it!.

        • +1

          yep that's it :)

      • .

  • How come so many songs say 'Unavailable'?

    • Licensing agreements

      • Well that sucks. At least Google Music doesn't seem to have this problem.

  • N/A

  • Can't believe I just read through all the comments without any mention of Pandora, which I use and love. Is Rdio better, and if so, how?

    • +2

      You can choose what you want to listen to, specifically what album, song, etc…

  • Thanks Op. Only a few dozen songs I had trouble playing (licensing agreements). Quality is awesome.

    • Did you get the Vdio trial too?

      • Nup, not much interest to me. Prefer the music.

        • Same here, I use Netflix but Vdio was free so more than happy to give it a go.

  • With the synced songs, are they still available on your device after the trial ends? Or does some DRM kill them off if you're not paid up?

  • +1

    anyone know what the bitrate is on the songs?

  • I'm getting "Voucher is expired", and other forums have been saying the same for at least 10 hours. Anyone else here?

    • Correct, unfortunately it has expired.

      • Since there is no Sad Panda icon, I will resort to the next best thing —> :'(

  • Hi guys, is your trial still active? Cause Igot an email today saying that my 14-day(!) trial has expired

    • Mine claims that the subscription is complimentary when I go to my control panel. Doesn't say how long left.

      • on my iphone says trial/expired and plays only 30 seconds of every song but on the laptop I can still play entire songs…

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