Computer ordered from CPL Computing arrived damaged. CPL states "Cannot help you any further in this matter."

The PC arrived heavily damaged. The GPU was loose (broken retention clip), the HDD was dislodged from the bracket), etc. Photos here:

The box arrived in good condition. It doesn't look like there has been any issues with transit.

I've contacted CPL about this but they keep saying that the problem was not on their end, and that they "Cannot help" any further in this matter.

I live in Sydney and won't be able to go to their shop in Melbourne.

Any ideas?

More details on Reddit


CPL's REP has stated in the forums as well as their last deal listing that they would not only replace the computer, but would also shoulder the shipping costs.

I have inquired about the new computer that I would be getting, asking if the parts would be brand new, or would the parts from the current build be simply transferred into a new case. There is reason to believe that any of the parts and components may have been damaged and could prove to be an electrical hazard in the immediate future.

I am currently awaiting for their reply, and am hoping to have all of this put behind us. I would like to thank you all for your support and input in this ordeal. In the light of things, CPL is looking to remedy the situation. Hopefully all issues with shipping, packaging, and handling will also be resolved. I hope for your continued support for CPL as they have provided us all good deals in the past, and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

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    1. Only buy from CPL if you can pick up the item yourself.
    2. They usually have a warranty void if opened sticker on the box where the case opens. By opening the box and ignoring the warranty void if opened, whilst there was already evident external damage, you add more fuel to the fire giving them more incentive to say that it was caused by you.

    You best bet was to not open the box and call them first up. Telling them it arrived damaged. If they said it wasn't their problem you then call the fair trading in your area and describe what occurs and see if they can help intermediate a resolution.

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      Having a sticker on a computer box stating warranty void does NOT void the warranty. If it contains upgradeable parts, then you are perfectly entitled to open it.

      • Hi Epicaricacy,

        The warranty sticker is there so we know if the internal parts have been tampered with or not. It doesn't actually void the warranty if you break them. We just know that the case has been opened.

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          Out of curiosity, what wording is on the sticker exactly?

        • What's the point of knowing the case has been opened? And why a 'warranty void if open' warning on it if it's not so? Surely you can tell by looking if anything has been tampered with and not have to rely on a broken seal?

          Seriously; I am in the market for a PC but loath to buy from any distance it would have to be shipped from.

        • I guess it must be a secret, either that or it's terribly misleading in what it says, probably "warranty void if broken or removed" or similar.

  • I wonder was the goods insured for transit? in which case you may have to go to the courier about this

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      That is not the buyer's responsibility - their contract is with CPL, and not with the courier.

      This is why paying for postage insurance is a scam. The seller is the one who should be paying for it to cover their own asses, not the buyer.

      EDIT: That is to say, sellers should include it in prices if they wish to pass the costs on to the buyers, but they cannot argue that not buying insurance means they are no longer liable should anything occur in transit.

      • Yes, shipping insurance is pretty much a scam. Every shipping company has the same liability as retail outlet- you fail to provide satisfactory services- you pay!

      • -1

        Is it really the seller's responsibility?

        Think of it this way:
        1. When you go buy a item in the shop, and you drive it home.
        2. When you go buy an item online and you get somebody to drive (Courier) it home for you.

        In both instances, aren't you responsible for the transport of the item to your house?
        In situation 1, if the item goes missing, are you going to go back to the shop and tell them "i lost the item, you are responsible for getting the item safely to my house!"

        I don't see whats the difference between the principle of simply getting a item home.

        • +3

          Except you're paying for a service in example 2, and you're paying the vendor, so it's their responsibility.

          Edit: See AlanHB's post below, which explains it with the actual legal stuff in there.

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          Yes it is the seller's responsibility. Unless you mean you paid a courier separately, and as far as the seller knows, you were picking up the item.

          In this case, however, the seller organised the courier to deliver it to you, and thus they are still responsible as they contracted out the service of delivery to a 3rd party, not you.

      • Ok, so what about overseas parts stores where they state something along the lines of: "If you don't pay 2%(for example) of total amount for shipping and handing insurance, we will not do anything about it if it gets lost, damaged or stolen whilst in transit to your postal address"

        So apparently PC Case Gear also does this postage insurance scam too last I bought off them……so in future I should just ignore the extra 2% or whatever it is now, cost of overal total for postal insurance?

        • Overseas companies aren't quite bound by the ACL, but they are often bound by the terms of payment companies like Paypal or even your credit card company.

          You paid them for delivery of a product, and if they fail to provide, then complain to your payment company (e.g., Paypal not received, or credit card chargeback).
          This also applies to PCCG.

          This is why you should not pay for things online with a bank deposit.

        • @kwchaz: But some companies pass(or they don't and it's just they themselves want an extra 2 or 3% for you using a specific payment service, so for example Paypal may be 2% and using a credit card is 3%, using a debit card is 1%, etc,.) the paypal fee onto you(I think MSY and PCCG does this), so I think that's like 2 or 3% of the total paid…….which is why I pay via bank deposit just to save that 2 to 3 % fee on using paypal…..

        • @Zachary:

          Yup… I still take the hit instead, I earn points on my credit cards anyway.

        • @kwchaz: Well…lucky for you, you have a credit card to use….as for me I don't…….so no bonuses for me… :/

          So besides the incentive of a possibility that paypal may help me in the case of undelivered item(s), there's really nothing else enticing me using it as it will incur a x%, where x is some random value, surcharge just for using that payment service(on some shops of course)…besides….MSY seems trust-able to be able to deliver….so does PCCG……..

          So what about places where paypal is non-existent and only credit/debit card payment is acceptable? Since I don't have a credit card, that means my only option is debit….do debit cards that are tied to their respective bank accounts come with postage and handling insurance or not in the case the seller doesn't deliver? Am I able to do a debit card chargeback? Or is that only on credit cards and debit cards, well either use something else or your shit out of luck…? hah.

        • +1


          You're not as looked after, unfortunately. I'd look into getting a credit card if you could, there are some fee free or low fee options which are worth it. :)

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    I had a similar problem with Dell. Lucky, Dell happily replaced it and arrange to pick the damage good after sending them some photos.
    but that is with DELL.

    • Dell are professional, include the cost of shipping and insurance, plus it's well packed in my experience. Pity they are pushing Win 8 on most of their PC's though. And they don't list the components of a PC build which is a real put-off for me.

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    Looks like you are getting more response from your reddit posting? Most OzBargainers are probably still kicking themselves for missing out the GraysOutlet coupon today than replying your post here :)

    • +24

      Actually received an angry email this morning, using OzBargain's contact form.

      Subject: You have crappy PCs

      You have crappy PCs and I'm never doing business with you. Reddit:…

      Kudoz to the guy who tried to hide his identity with fake ID, a Swedish email address and an Canadian VPN. Except he just followed the link posted by @lucksmith thinking we are CPL Online, despite on the contact form we emphasised that we are not affiliated with the merchants.

      • +3

        Out of curiosity Scotty, how many of these e-mails do you get each week?

        • +7

          I can imagine a lot of them are from the elderly. So adorable

        • Some but mostly not (lots of corporate email addresses). Just people bad at Googling. Wonder if there's a Udemy course for that.

        • +2

          @Clinton — only adorable if most of them are not angry emails yelling "where the f@&# is my order?"

        • +6

          The scary part is that those people drive cars and vote!! :-(

        • +2

          "I wish to be taken off the regular home deliveries as I no longer drink.
          Many thanks"

          The funniest thing I have read in weeks.

        • Oh god please make a big thread with a load of these or a page in the wiki. I'm laughin my ass off at these. :)

        • +1

          The latest one (sorry completely off-topic now) — someone accused us for scamming them onto premium SMS. What happened was that the said person got scammed by those "Win Coles/Woolies shopping voucher" competition on Facebook, and started receiving the premium SMS (from the mobszo guys).

          She then went to scammer's competition page, and the content has been taken down, replaced by one single <iframe> pointing to OZBARGAIN! So she initially thought we are the scammers.

          Now I have to work with HostGator to have that page taken off-line…

    • +1

      Quite disappointing (wish to say something stronger here but better not!) for the OP to agree to THREATEN OZBARGAIN on the reddit thread when they clearly know it's not OzB's fault. Such strange people we have in this community :-(

      • +5

        I don't think it's the OP… it is likely someone else who saw the thread on reddit decided to send the email. OP seems to be able to grasp that OZB =/= CPL. :P

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    Here's my theory— The cardboard box is okay, but from the major dent on the case and damaged HDD bay I can only assume that somebody dropped the computer off the table after it was assembled, but some monkey must've just packed the computer into the box while nobody was looking (que innocent whistling) and sent it as it was.

    Otherwise, if it was Australia post's fault, the cardboard box itself would've been damaged (and styrofoam taken most of the shock from the fall).

    The next time people order stuff from CPL they really should do an unboxing video, just to prove them wrong.

    • +5

      Either that, or OP dropped (or his roommate or someone when he was out?) after opening it…

      • +2

        That's the most likely scenario. I've known people who've bought Plasmas, dropped them and tried to return them. That's why if I buy something bulky/fragile like a computer, I'd rather pick it up in store.

        I'm going to have to admit to something. There was a time about 6 years ago when I bought a GFX card. I tried to "overclock" it without knowing what the <MOD Removed foul language> I was doing. Managed to kill it. Then I told the seller it came DOA. And bammmm…. I got a replacement. Lol.

        • +3

          I really doubt CPL would have packaged the computer up and sent it if they dropped it without assessing the damage. I completely agree with you.

        • +1

          Considering nobody actually knows from their own experience (except the OP) either scenario is possible. I see no cause to come down on one side or another. Just to advise buyer of his legal rights seems appropriate, which is done.

          My take on it;The obvious damage to the case (not the box) is significant and seems unlikely to be the result of a fall from hand height to the floor, which is what the OP 'might' have done, as any one of us might do - as some here suspect. Rather the localised dent in the case is the result of significant force applied that probably would dislodge the internal components and more like one suggestion it happened in the back of the van, or by a guilty employee?

          I have worked vans and trucks carrying vulnerable items and have seen how careless, culpable and cunning some people are.

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    Look up details on the "Australian Consumer Law".
    It provides some protection about this kind of thing — and as it happens, HP were fined $3,000,000.00 + costs a couple of weeks ago for misleading customers and refusing to honour refunds and warranties for PCs.
    The ACCC is pretty serious about enforcing this stuff, and I'm sure CPL have had run-ins with them before.

    Might be worth trying to speak to someone more senior at CPL about the issue, who recognises the seriousness of the case against them?

  • another CPL deal was just posted on ozbargain…mmmmmm

  • Anything new from them yet ? Regarding the issue

  • lol did they already pull the deal from 30 mins ago? I can't see it anymore. My link from an open tab of it seems to work… might not for you guys though if it's tied to my log in or something :S

    If so, it would seem they are on the back-peddle. Hopefully they'll sort this out for you now. I know who I won't be buying my system off, you only get 1 strike from me :)

    • Negatively voted deals (bad deals) are hidden from the new deals page. You can adjust this in your settings.

    • Deal isn't removed from OB, link still works. It just doesn't appear anymore because it has 11 neg's!

  • +4

    To the concerned buyers. There has been a lot said about the alleged situation with a customer’s machine from last week’s OzBargain special. We apologize for what may seem to be a slow response.

    We have gone over our records and since we have started posting on OzBargain we have shipped out close to 400 systems via AusPost and Fastway couriers around the country with another 350 in pick-up in- store purchases.

    We beseech anyone who has had a similar experience to speak up as we believe that not a single incidence of this has happened. Our products are built, checked by the technician and cross-checked by 2 separate warehouse personnel before being packed and shipped.

    We are somewhat skeptical as to the lack of damage to the box in this case given the severe damage internally. As admitted and highlighted in the forum posts, the box seems to be in good condition which does beg the question of how the damage has occurred if not in transit.

    Lastly we would like to stress that while we are certain that we shipped these goods in a good condition we, as a gesture of good will, would like the affected customer to ship back the unit. We will rebuild a brand new unit and ship it to him at our cost.

    Just now, we have received dozens of orders for this bargain and we thank everyone for their continued support.

    • +23

      Just to be grammatically pedantic, there is no alleged situation - there is a situation (whether caused by CPL, AusPost, the buyer, combination of the aforementioned parties), the only bit that can be disputed is who is at fault.

      Secondly, the true test of a business is not how many of their customers are those who never had any issues (though that is a positive), it is how a business deals when something out of the ordinary occurs.

      On this point, the allegations claim that CPL have dropped the ball, UNTIL they started stamping their foot and yelling to everyone on the internet about what had occurred.

      That is not indicative of a good business. It is only marginally better than the business who goes 'I don't give a shit if you post it online, <MOD: Language>'. This is 'damn we got caught, guess we better make up for it'.

    • +3

      just to add my 2 cents, as you never here the +ives, I've never had any issues with CPL, all the gear i've got from them has been pretty good. I'd usually put them as one of the more reliable suppliers, though i havent really had to return anything - I usually deal with that american/(canadian?) guy, he's pretty cool.

      • +7

        as you never hear the +ives, I've never had any issues with CPL…

        That's because CPL is being paid for a service they're offering.

      • +6

        I don't have a problem with how CPL deals with their business. I'm sure that they provide good business for a lot of people, and have been doing so for a long time. My issue is with how they handle the issues that arise when something goes wrong. I'm sure that this kind of things don't happen often, but at the same time, they should be a lot more helpful to their customers instead of just showing us the door when something happens.

    • +13

      As a gesture of good will? I think you mean as a gesture of our legal obligation. Just like 'as a gesture of good will I choose not to drive above the speed limit'.

      What concerns me more is your inability to understand YOUR legal obligations per the Accc.

      • +8

        There is a possibility that lucksmith dropped it himself after unpackaging it. In which case I'm pretty sure they don't have a legal obligation if lucksmith is just a klutz. Either way, they are taking it back and sending a new one, it at least makes me feel slightly better to buy from them

      • +2

        (If customer accepted package without obvious damage to the container and) CPL is disputing that computer left their premises in damaged condition, then what is their "legal obligations per the Accc"?

      • +4

        Looking at CPL's responses, it is fair to deduce that they recultantly agreed to make amends to the affected customer only because of the negative publicity in forums like this. In fact, the initial responses from CPL indicates that the customer had to ship back the computer at his/her expense to CPL.

        For this reason, I will avoid buying anything from CPL. As pointed out, if something goes wrong, CPL resorts to their stock answer, "We've done this many times and others did not have the same problem; so this customer must be lying".

    • +11

      Mate, there was no protection for the parts inside. Everything was free to move. There was no bubble wrap or padding of any kind to prevent such damage. I understand that you probably sell a number of systems, and I'm sure that what I've experienced is the minority here, but at the same time, us minority who have had a problem with our purchases still put our good faith in your business. We are still your customers. Just because most of the sales that you've processed and delivered have gone without a hitch, doesn't mean that you should turn a blind eye when something wrong does happen.

      • -4

        I find it strange how you keep jumping between 'the package was insufficient' to 'the damage occurred prior to it being packed'. It is unfortunate for cpl that everyone is ignoring this because of the amount of noise you are making in your fantastic blame storm.

        • +1

          At first I thought he meant there was no packing around the tower (as in just the tower in a box, no foam etc), but I believe there was on reading more posts. What I think he's saying was insufficient is that there was nothing inside the tower to support the video card and HDD should any kind of shunt occur. I've seen cards pop out under their own weight so after a hit like the one that case has had, it's surprising it's only out a little. For the HDD to have dislodged like it has would have taken quite the thump.

        • Maybe there are two issues? It's not always just one problem.

      • +12

        Why would anyone put bubble wrap INSIDE the computer? To those less savvy and do not open the case to take it out, this would prove to be a fire hazard.

        • Consider putting a warning label on the case of the computer that states there is protective material inside the case to stop the various parts and components from being too shook up during transit. It's an easy fix, really.

        • A lot of people still wouldn't know what to do and how to open the case, especially if it involves the use of tools.

        • +3

          A lot of people still wouldn't know what to do and how to open the case, especially if it involves the use of tools.

          Makes you wonder how they survive really. Lucky for them breathing is involuntary.

  • +7

    Kudos to the poster for hiding the box damage with a White CD paper holder. Not sure if it is intentional or it is already there.

    You guys should look closely at picture 1 and 2 and you will notice the big hole damage probably caused by something very heavy stabbing into the box, might be a corner of something heavy stabbing in. That is at the exact location that the dent is in the case which caused everything to be dislodged.

    It is not CPL's fault that the item arrived damaged but it is the courier's fault for mishandling. You can say why not put bubble wrap inside but that does not change the fact that the damage was done by the courier. Some bubble wrap will not protect it from such a massive damage. If the order is insured, CPL will be able to lodge a complaint the AusPost to claim back the item's value and replace a brand new one for you.

    No point going reddit about it =.=

    • +5

      Depending on the way the orientation of the case as it was packed, that is a very serious possibility. The box is definitely punctured in the right position to be consistent with the damage alleged.

      • +7

        Unfortunately the community is going with the "bandwagon" and refuse to find fault in the packaging but blaming everything to CPL.

        I believe the poster was trying to be as transparent as possible but I have not seen him admit there was a hole in the box and claiming that the box was perfect.

        I would like the OP to clarify that damage.

        • +1

          I don't know about you, but in pic #1 it appears taped to the box as if the damage occurred then someone went to some effort to cover it up. Who that was, I doubt we as random OzB repliers will ever know.

          My beef is with the language used in reply to the buyer (or at least, what the buyer claims to have received in messages from CPL), regarding if they were even willing to look into any resolutions. Telling a buyer to chase up AusPost does nothing - AP will not speak with the buyer, they will only speak with the person who actually paid AP the money for postage.

          Also, if I shipped something and did not package it appropriately, my buyers would rightfully insist that it was my fault.

          Was the item packaged appropriately? Considering the 'joke' is that to post by AP, you must pack it like they will play footy with it - no, it was not packaged appropriately. Even if the item were insured, AP will not pay out because CPL failed to provide even the barest of protection.

        • -2

          smell something fishy here, are you work for CPL?

    • +1

      Absolutely agree with this most likely being courier/shipping damage. Damage to cardboard boxes can look minimal from the outside.

      Having said that, computer case boxes were designed to ship a certain weight product. Given the manufacturer pours out thousands of them, they can afford to take the hit and/or follow up shipping companies for damages. When you add components to that case, you're definitely exceeding the "padding" capability offered by the box. This is why your Dell/HP/Lenovo arrives with a level of packing, to absorb these impacts.

      • There was no padding anywhere else in the box to protect the components inside. The only protection the box shipped with was the original styrofoam padding that the case and it's box came in.

    • +5

      The white paper CD holder was there to begin with. It was stuck on top of the box, as it contains the invoice for my purchase. Have a closer look and you'll see that it actually is stuck with sticky tape, the same kind of sticky tape used to pack and seal the rest of the shipping box. I could take closer photos of it, if you'd like. I have nothing to hide. Hell, feel free to drop by my house if you live out the west and look at it yourselves. The PC has remained in the box after I've packed everything back up.

      • +1

        Cheers thanks for replying. Are you able to check if that hole goes directly to the spot where the dent was?

        If it does then it would be great if you could update your original post and your reddit post pointing out that the box have a serious hole damage caused by the courier and did not come in good condition box

        It is very misleading at the moment as the facts are conflicting.

        • +6

          Here you go:

          Feel free to ask me anything about this sale. If you'd like more photos, please just ask.

        • +3

          Ouch, burn. That ruins your legitimacy Letrico

        • +4

          You can't claim it was the courier either - and what does it matter? Either way, CPL offered options for delivery, and were paid by lucksmith to safely transport the item to his nominated postal address.

          lucksmith did not pay AP. His contract is with CPL, who in turn have a contract with AP.

          Not to say AP isn't at fault (it is possible they are), but it is CPL's fault for offering AP as an option and failing to pack accordingly.

          TL;DR CPL are required to resolve this issue with the buyer, and to separately file their own claim with AP.

        • +1

          OP delivers. Why is the second pic all shaded like that though? Did you turn the lights off!?

        • +4

          Cheers seems like my detective work failed! Guilty as charged.

          Oh well it is up to CPL now to deal with AusPost.

        • New scandal. Hope OP delivers again

        • +1

          In my attempt to get "better" lighting, I opened up the blinds for the window. It didn't really help. I'll try to get a better photo with better lighting. Stay tuned.

        • +1

          Not sure who downvoted you but sadly my evidence is now in ashes! Professor Layton is disappointed in me.

        • Ah it's not a hole, just the surface of the box tearing off with the tape.

        • Don't get discouraged - I don't think anyone else spotted it either, and it was an absolutely legitimate question to ask. Fortunately (? not for CPL :P), in this case, the buyer was not attempting to cover something up.

        • +3

          For this? I'll always deliver:

          Hopefully "better" photos.

        • Solid pictures mate!

          I will still blame it to AusPost :P. They are always an ass in delivering stuff to me

      • +4

        somewhere out there, the courier dude dropping this bomb is sipping on some Twinnings and reading the updates…

    • +4

      You had a chance to reply. In fact, you did send me replies. Twice. I still have them saved in my inbox.

      • Please clarify my question above regarding the hole on the top of the box covered with white CD holder

        • Just did, mate. Sorry it took a while.

    • +6

      I'm not sure why you edited your message. The matter has definitely not been concluded. I'd really hate to argue. How about just sending me an e-mail or just calling me so that we could discuss this like adults?

      • +14

        NO! Keep it on here. This is the highlight of my week..

        • +4

          Roflmao! Indeed. Same here… while I'm not taking sides (lucksmith I lie, I'm on your side), it's quite rare for customer to be in a position of power over a retailer.

  • What policies do auspost actually hold though? do they all come with insurance up to a certain price point? I know that paypal is covered u to $5000 if it is lost. Although in all honesty, the owner and the seller should both be chasing auspost first as they are a massive company and can cut their losses. If not and worst case scenario, cpl should be providing a replacement..

    • +2

      As per the previous post. We have agreed to replace the unit for the customer once it is sent back to us.

      • +4

        Please clarify that the unit is send back at your cost and not the customer's. I've yet to see this confirmed and would like to know.

        • +2

          We're currently trying to determine the best method of getting this unit back into our stores hence the delay in responding to this. We will make contact with the customer once this has been determined. It will be at our cost.

        • +3

          In that case, don't call the situation 'concluded'. It isn't until the buyer receives a complete replacement. You also still have obligations to the buyer until the end of the manufacturer's warranty, which is probably something along the lines of 3 or 5 years for the longest covered parts. :X

      • +2

        Would I be getting brand new parts, as opposed to having all the parts from this build transferred into a new case?

        • +6

          record down the serial number on the GPU and HDD

        • +6

          A good question, those parts could have taken a significant amount of shock, I certainly wouldn't want them back even if it appears the do work as they may not for long.

      • Why should the customer be accountable for YOUR (or courier's mistake). The computer arrived damaged to him, he is not at fault. He should not have to send the computer back ($31.40 or something??) to you at his expense. Please acknowledge that shipping both ways will be at your expense and that you replace the system. Cheers.

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