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Intel Core i5 3570 4GB RAM 1TB HDD with Win7HP64 $529


Today we have a Intel core i5 3470 system on special. It includes a 3.2GHz i5, B75H motherboard, 4GB of Kingston 1600MHz RAM and 1TB HD. Suitable for most home users this system is a bargain at $529

  • CPU: Intel 3470
  • MB: ECS B75H2-M3
  • RAM: 4GB Kingston 1600MHz
  • HD: 1TB Seagate 7200RPM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • OD: Samsung 24X
  • Case: Generic with PSU
  • OS: Win 7 Home Premium (Installed)
  • Assembled

For delivery orders, spare boxes will not be shipped. Manuals/CDs and spare parts/cables will be shipped inside the case.

Limited units available. To take advantage of this offer, payment MUST be made TODAY via PayPal or bank transfer. For bank transfer customers, proof of transfer must be provided today.\

EDIT 7:30PM Thank you all for the lively debate. One thing this has been made clear is that there is room for improvement and we will take on-board the legitimate advice that has been put through today and improve our service. Thank you to everyone who has contributed constructively.

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  • +37

    Hey OP has the issue of the broken on delivery computer been sorted out yet? I think it is worth asking.

    • +1

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing

    • +7

      I'd like to know the outcome too. Otherwise, I don't think its worth the risk of a PC arriving broken and CPL denying all responsibility for it. Especially if the saving is less than a hundred.

    • Please check the response below.

      • CPL
      • +11

        Also check Reddit. http://www.reddit.com/r/melbourne/comments/1iqp3e/how_the_pc…

        The latest comment from the guy with the damaged computer seems to be him finding out he can get free legal advice. Not good.

        Your comment, CPL? Your customer needs legal advice.

        • -1

          The pictures that the guy shows of his computer, can easly be from incorrect handling by a courier, such as a 19pin usb 3.0 cable falling out… umm yeah? , and hdd's falling, well if you seen the smack ontop id fall over too, the video card, well depends if there clips holding the card in, or it wasnt screwed in properly, but i highly doubt a computer store is gonna give you a computer with that many issues, so the problem isnt with the dealer, more the courier.

        • +8

          Perhaps it was delivered by Ace Ventura?

        • +5

          That'd explain it for sure. I watched the opening scenes just the other day after a mate mentioned it when it somehow came up in conversation.

        • You need to read that thread properly, making everything you said void. The issue was with the packaging, labeling and choice of delivery.

        • +1

          Wow.. They're just as bad as mwave.

        • thats some funny shit

    • +2

      Am interested in this deal myself but wary after reading lucksmiths trouble he's having with a damaged delivery.
      As the rep can see right here, word of mouth is a powerful weapon, especially amongst us "professionals" here on ozbargain.

    • +1

      Here's you're 30th +ve, enjoy your popular comment.

  • +35
    • +5

      Rep please reply to this ALREADY

    • +8

      No price but free can compensate for the risk of a dodgy seller.

      Lesson here: don't f with the OzBargain community.

      • +7

        le ozbargain army XDXDXDXD

        Seriously though, you all are so quick to jump on the hate wagon without knowing all the facts. For all we know, that guy could have dropped it himself accidentally and claimed it was CPL's fault.

        Box was undamaged, so there are two possibilities:
        CPL dropped it, then packaged it up and shipped it, or
        OP dropped it, broke the parts, and wants a refund

        • +2

          This has been a fascinating read for me, twists, turns, conspiracies, shifting blame…who needs a TV today lol

        • +1

          It's given me my fix since Game of Thrones ended!

        • +1

          Read through mate. You'll get there. ;)

      • better off on ebay. pay pal will protect you

        • +1

          Not necessarily. Paypal often requires you to return the item, tracked, at your expense to get your money back through a dispute.

      • +39

        As the forum post said, lucksmith actually did get in touch. You were given a chance to fix it up before it got to this and you said you couldn't help and that it wasn't your fault. Please stop saying you didn't get a chance to resolve the issue, it is not helping your credibility.

    • -7

      Matter has been replied to below.

    • -4

      The issue he experienced isn't caused by CPL, this is Australia Posts' fault.

  • +1

    how much to upgrade to 8g RAM ?

    • +13

      Read the thread linked above. Seller needs to look after his customers better especially before posting on this site.
      I'm actually a potential customer, I am in the market for a GTX 770 and a Corsair 500w PSU. I will not consider this store though at this moment in time.

      • +2

        Same here, I would consider the deal but not with the bad feedback

      • Neg revoked, in light of the resolution.

      • +2

        I'm also interested in picking this deal up myself but will not buy due to bad customer service.

      • Your GTX770 and 500w PSU aren't for the same PC though are they?

        • Yeah, you don't think it'll be enough oomph?

  • +1

    Negging this until further clarification from CPL regarding the care they put in place in pick, pack and ship

  • +1

    After all the deals I missed and I was considering order on the next deal. Now the delivery problem and CPU downgrade. I guess I will give this one a miss as well.

  • +1

    Have to neg until the retailer gets their act together.

  • +3

    not cool that cpl is ignoring the reddit post and the ozbargain thread re the complaint

  • +20

    Do I have to pay extra for a dented case, dislodged hdd/vid card etc or is that all included in the standard price above?

    Seriously rep, what were you expecting?! It's not too late to make good, you HAD a decent enough reputation here and through stupidity or foolishness you've utterly ruined it - but I reckon it's salvageable if you want it to be.

  • +7

    Pretty sure CPL will deal with this once they see the backlash it has caused. Its sad to know that it will take this backlash to make them act though…

  • +4

    Bit dodgy they wont take credit cards! Scared people will cancel the transaction once they get a broken computer?

  • +2

    are they throwing in dented cases and broken parts free of charge as well?

  • +1

    Would prefer upgraded specs with no o/s
    8 gb and better cpu please like before

    I just convinced a business on a budget to wait for today and see if this deal was to come out.
    Lower spec and busted on delivery.
    Will have to pass for now….

  • insert Kelso burn comment

  • If great deals go to the front page then shouldn't we have a back page for deals such as this?

    • +1

      No. Most deals are negged because of butthurt people missing out on a deal, or if the deal wasn't really a bargain, or if an item is low on stock. Who wants to see a page dedicated to that? It's not really a good thing to have a company permanently exhibited into a hall of shame, especially if they regain their reputation.

  • +38

    To the concerned buyers. There has been a lot said about the alleged situation with a customer’s machine from last week’s OzBargain special. We apologize for what may seem to be a slow response.

    We have gone over our records and since we have started posting on OzBargain we have shipped out close to 400 systems via AusPost and Fastway couriers around the country with another 350 in pick-up in- store purchases.

    We beseech anyone who has had a similar experience to speak up as we believe that not a single incidence of this has happened. Our products are built, checked by the technician and cross-checked by 2 separate warehouse personnel before being packed and shipped.

    We are somewhat skeptical as to the lack of damage to the box in this case given the severe damage internally. As admitted and highlighted in the forum posts, the box seems to be in good condition which does beg the question of how the damage has occurred if not in transit.

    Lastly we would like to stress that while we are certain that we shipped these goods in a good condition, we as a gesture of good will would like to the affected customer to ship back the unit. We will rebuild a brand new unit and ship it to him at our cost.

    Just now, we have received dozens of orders for this bargain and we thank everyone for their continued support.

    • Out of curiosity, will he have to pay the postage fees to ship the unit back to you?

    • +35

      Props for using the word beseech correctly in a sentence.

      • +5

        I think you missed.

        • Too many neg votes will hide the post. The community deserves to get a possible indication of the store they are dealing with.

        • +2

          There were at least 12 before, possibly as many as 14. It seems people are removing them now the rep has responded and looks to be sorting the situation.

          It will also only hide if you've got your settings set up to do so, not sure what the default is though.

      • +9

        Yes. How else would CPL know if you received a damaged item or simply trying to get another PC for free?

        • +5

          yeah, buyer paid for a NEW system that JUST arrived!
          that has SAME 1TB hard drive, SAME case, SAME motherboard?
          not to mention CPL could check if the products are actually from them…..

          so the buyer is using all these troubles/complaint/time,
          returning the smashed PC(might be their own cost), just to get another PC for free?

        • +5

          or they could have accidentally damaged it after they just got it

          so are trying to shift the blame to get it replaced for free

          ive seen customers drop laptops before they even walk out of the store

        • +1

          what, you think that doesnt happen?

          maybe take your own advice mate.

    • +2

      good stuff, my neg has been removed and I am glad it is all sorted.

    • +10

      Mate, there was no protection for the parts inside. Everything was free to move. There was no bubble wrap or padding of any kind to prevent such damage. I understand that you probably sell a number of systems, and I'm sure my experience could be the minority here, but at the same time, the minority who have had a problem with our purchases still put our good faith in your business. We are still your customers. Just because most of the sales that you've processed and delivered have gone without a hitch, doesn't mean that you should turn a blind eye when something wrong does happen.

      • +1

        Gotta admit the packaging looks like crap, if thats a bare PC in a box - I'm surprised more don't come DOA.

  • +34

    I've bought many times from CPL before without issue and I'm sure many other people have as well. In fact, that other OzBargain thread is the first time I've heard of an issue with CPL. It might not even be their fault - i.e. it could be the fault of the shipping company or anybody else for that matter.

    Maybe instead of negative voting CPL, we should see how the other thread plays out. I'm not trying to be cynical here, but I have heard of somebody ordering a TV and whilst setting it up, knocked it over and damaged the panel. Chucked it back in the box and took it to the store saying it was like that when he bought it and that he hadn't done anything.

    So maybe instead of negative voting a reasonable deal from a store which seems to have a good reputation in the past, we should be investigating the other thread and seeing where that goes.

    I do agree that it is bad form on CPL for not replying on the other thread, however.

    • +6

      We weren't aware of the thread until about 30 minutes ago and have since then responded.
      Thank you for your voice of reason.

      • +5

        I'll repeat what I said from the forums:

        I understand that you probably sell a number of systems, and I'm sure that what I've experienced is the minority here, but at the same time, the minority who have had a problem with our purchases still put our good faith in your business. We are still your customers. Just because most of the sales that you've processed and delivered have gone without a hitch, doesn't mean that you should turn a blind eye when something wrong does happen.

        • My money is on lucksmith having dropped the system himself and now bitching to get a free replacement…

        • +1

          I've had enough of you. You, sir, are a hypocrite. Quick to judge other users who have been part of the "mob", the same users who may have attacked the REP. Yet here you are doing the same thing to me. Without even knowing everything that has transpired here. You've given the benefit of the doubt to the REP, yet you cannot extend the same courtesy to me. Not only have you attacked me personally with accusations of lying and breaking the computer myself, you have also wished harm to my personal property. There is nothing that you could say which would give me any reason to believe that anything you have to add to the discussions here in this forum will be of any merit.

        • +1

          Don't stoop to the personal attacks he uses. It's very obvious and ruins anything he has to say anyway.

    • +15

      Not cool at all, especially after you posted after the rep's replies..

  • +6

    Easy on the negs guys - too many and the deal will disappear from most people's feed and they won't be aware of any issues and what is being discussed here

    • Already too late most accounts are set so that if it goes to 6 neg votes with no upvotes it's already hidden unless you search for the post in the live tab

  • +23

    hmm i think everyone here jumping on the band wagon is pretty bad, ok one bad experience so far, and look at all the negatives, its been stated above, look at the deal, I think CPL has done some amazing deals, now from one post everyone jumps on there back… give me a break, this is why we've lost some decent reps in the past.

    I'll plus you to help even things out, i think its a good deal.

  • +7

    grabbing my popcorn to watch the drama unfold

  • +8

    Can we actually discuss the bargain rather than dwell on the situation?

    Is this a decent computer for the price?

    • +2

      Despite the dramas unfolding of my previous purchase with CPL, I would say that It's actually pretty good price. CPL's previous deals have always been popular here in OzB. I would suggest picking the parts up and building it yourself, though.

      • +5

        I'm buying one anyway i mean if they have shipped 350 and only had problems with 1 order heck those odds are amazing!

  • +17

    Good Deal, I feel for these guys, you are only ever remembered for the day someone makes a complaint, doesnt matter if you have shipped thousands of PC's without one complaint over the years….. The angry mob mentality sucks. A seller has the right to ask questions, especially when there seems to be suspicious circumstances!

    • I'm about as transparent as I could be about this ordeal. Feel free to ask me about anything related to my purchase with CPL.

      • +1

        Please give us a reason you posted your complaint on OZBargain 11 minutes before writing to us the first time.

        • +27

          I sent you an e-mail regarding this yesterday. I did not post anything online about this until I was absolutely sure that CPL will not cooperate. You may notice that despite the frustration I'm dealing with in this ordeal, I have remained respectful and have not raged on your FB page, or any other website for that matter like others have suggested. I would like to have this discussed in a proper manner. Your company provides good deals for everyone here, and have always had competitive prices. Which is why I decided to go through with my purchase, in the first place. Hopefully we could resolve this situation as you have always had a good relationship with OzBargan, and I would like very much for that to stay the same.

        • +6

          Not sure what you're trying to say there rep, but lucksmith only posted on The forums after getting a reply from you guys which said that the problem was not caused by you and that you would not be helping…

        • Lol respectful. How about your reddit post?

        • +6

          He doesn't need a reason. He can say whatever he wants about a company- and thats his own risk if he says things that are false. This is making me like your company less and less.

        • -2

          I'm leaving my neg right where it is, the rep sounds thoroughly unprofessional imo.

        • +5
        • +1

          I'm still not satisfied with rep's clarification… I dont want to revoke my neg yet (I think Mod has revoked some of users negs. Mod please reinstate my neg..

        • +5

          It appears that there is no hole, it's just the uppermost layers of the box peeling off with the tape.

          Next excuse?

        • +26

          There is a hole. The one CPL is digging.

        • +5

          We've already posted the response. We're replacing a new unit for the gentleman… Not sure why you're negging. Regardless of whether there is or isn't a hole the response was put out there and we're not withdrawing from it.

        • +8

          For the simple reason that you were trying very hard to find 'holes' in the customer's case after saying you would resolve the issue. Why don't you just get on with resolving the issue rather than commenting here? Also please confirm that the unit is being sent back at your expense and not the customer's. it would be a start on salvaging your reputation from my point of view.

        • +1

          did you forget slash sarcasm?

        • +14

          It's very unprofessional to pick at the customer's clear explanation he has given you out in the forums especially after you have agreed to fix the issue at hand. It shows a lack of trust and an obvious annoyance on your behalf that you have had to clean up your mess. I don't believe the customer would have gotten a single cent back from you had you not have been pulled up here by the other OzB members. That is of course just my opinion but I believe that is why you are still receiving negs.

        • +6

          We're currently trying to determine the best method of getting this unit back into our stores hence the delay in responding to this. We will make contact with the customer once this has been determined. It will be at our cost.

        • +4

          Thank you for sorting this out, REP. Would I be getting brand new parts, as opposed to having all the parts from this build transferred into a new case? No offense, but I'd rather have the parts sent to me so that I could build it myself.

        • +9

          Lucksmith, Unless I have misread you sent an email yesterday, you posted a complaint yesterday. You did not give CPL a chance to reply. You should give at least 2 business days for a reply to an email. Did you call them? There appears there is also damage to the box when you say there was none.

          CPL not sure if your shipping is insured, a lot of places like Fastway I know are not insured, and that is why they are cheap. I do expect the case was not packed as well as it should have been. Do you offer insured shipping?

          Personally I think it is foolish for anyone to buy a full PC and have it shipped unless it is from someone like dell/HP and the like that are properly geared up with the packaging for it. There is special electronics shipping as well but it is expensive. I am sure there was a deal close to CPL's in Sydney you could have picked up. Anyone who has watched courier work know that boxes get thrown around left, right and centre. Fragile stickers mean nothing they have no bearing on how items are handled, they are really just marketing to make us end customers happy.
          edit: LS has since stated he had earlier correspondence with CPL that had a negative response.

        • +11

          As far as I understand it the Lucksmith received a reply stating that there was nothing further that CPl could/would do to help him (until now)

        • +6

          Hi Dlite,

          CPL has already decided to replace my PC. As for the allowed time for them to reply to my inquiry, they did send me two replies stating that they was nothing they could do for me. As for the "damage" in the box, I've already provided plenty of photos for everyone to see. I've added the photos to the original imgur album http://imgur.com/a/L6kmn

          As for why I chose to go ahead with my purchase with CPL, the company has always had a good reputation here in OzB, and have always been friendly and supportive of their customers. I figured that my money was in good hands, and I'm correct, as despite the dramas surrounding my purchase, I'm actually getting a replacement PC for my troubles.

          EDIT: CPL has stated here on OzBargain that they will not only replace my system, but will also shoulder the cost of shipping the item back to them. However, they have not gotten in touch with me personally. I've also asked them if they would be replacing everything with new parts, as opposed to having everything moved from this build into a new case. I'm still waiting for their response

        • Thanks for the reply, It wasn't clear from your forum post that you had had multiple correspondences with them.

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