This was posted 10 years 10 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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KFC Streetwise $5 Box (Available Nationwide until 4pm Daily While Stocks Last)


$5 Box includes

  • charger sub
  • wicked wing
  • chips
  • regular potato & gravy
  • 250ml mountain dew/pepsi/pepsi max (50c optional upsize to 375ml can)

*spotted deal at Melbourne Central KFC
some have reported that deal is applicable nationwide

Note: In Queensland the $5 Box comes without the drink.

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  • Hope this is everywhere.

    • +3

      Its a national promotion.

      • +3

        QLD is the same price without the drink >.<

        • Why do we get shunted every time? :|

        • +3

          It's the price you pay for having good theme parks and the Great Barrier Reef.

        • We still get the 9 piece for $9.95. Don't worry we are plenty obese enough.

  • -5

    A bit more info would be more than helpful. Where did you see this? Is it local or national? Expiry date?

    • I believe the deal is only available in Moscow (Russia) at this point. Hope that clear up your question!

  • +3

    saw on tv couple times so i think its nation wide.
    will try this lunch break at sydney cbd

  • +1

    Definitely in Adelaide

    • +6

      Eating my second one in Hindley St right now. Hopefully this deal ends soon…

  • The deal was advertised on the counter of the George St (Town Hall) KFC in Sydney last Wednesday. I still decided to go with the popcorn chicken snack box (30% more + not a fan of potato and gravy)

    • How much it costs " popcorn chicken snack box" in Syd? Is there any coupon for it as well?

      • $3.50. No, there is no coupon and no that price is standard (no deal) despite deceptive marketing material to make it out that $3.50 is somehow special or good value ( The price has increased throughout the years.

    • +5

      I don't like potato and gravy either, the staff at my local has always been happy to swap it out for a small chips though or to upgrade the chips in the meal.

      • Good call, should try next time.

      • I always swap mine for a couple of dinner rolls.

      • +3

        I swap mine for coleslaw.

      • Sometimes I switch the potato and gravy for just gravy. Nice for dipping the chips in, instead of having to pay for sauce :P

    • PSA: You can swap the potato and gravy for a large chips

  • +5

    It's been up for about a week, in Sydney CBD at least.

    Feedback: You get a little bit of everything, but when you put all five items together as a meal it can feel reasonably filling for $5. A viable lunch deal compared to the next cheapest thing (which may be McDonald's loose change menu). But personally, I find KFC to be quite unhealthy.

    • +1

      Everything in moderation!

      … I guess you could also avoid it altogether.

    • +4

      KFC unhealthy!? NO WAY?

  • +3

    It looks tiny.

    • purchase two? :)

      • +2

        might as well purchase a large meal for a $10

        • +12

          Ultimate Burger Box.

          That makes for a fun morning poo.

        • morning mud butt, great start to the day!

      • Get a $3 6-inch at Subway as well?

        • +1

          What 6 inch sub is $3? Subway is HORRENDOUSLY overpriced, especially the 6" size

    • You will be surprise how filling it is. I bought two, didn't even open the second box up. All the carbs…..

    • …twss

    • +4

      try to eat mouthwatering cock instead…

  • Had one at KFC Marion SA
    They only have post mix- so smaill(ish) size cup

  • This box is available in QLD as well! :D

    • +3

      no drink though..

      • +2

        That's right… sad..
        Can someone complaint to KFC head quarter?

        • +2

          KFC QLD is owned by a completely separate company compared to the rest of Australia (the same company that owns Sizzler nationally,

        • -4

          Everytime a KFC deal gets posted on OzBargain, someone has to mention KFC QLD owned by a separate company V_V

        • +2

          Because every time someone complains about the deal being different/not offered.

      • nice spot

      • +3

        The price we pay for hot and spicy all year round.

        • +1

          Game, set and match! :)

  • +1

    You should add that its only available between 12-4 pm (well, in NSW, not sure if it applies nationwide).

    • Available 'till 4 in SA

  • +2

    not recommended for the really hungry.. :)

  • Saw this one yesterday at doncaster, vic.

  • Had this on the weekend here in Perth. For $14 we got 2 of these boxes plus 2 pieces of hot & spicy chicken.
    Perfect and $14 is pretty good for 2 people IMO.

  • +1

    hard to beat 9 for 9, plus you end up with leftovers for the homeless guy

    • +4

      …end up with leftovers for the homeless guy

      Yeah but you eat all of the skin first, right?

      • +1

        I do that with choc coated peanuts ;)

  • Saw this in WA…… (belmount)

    • Belmont?

    • I grabbed a couple yesterday from Belmont, not bad for the price. I think 5 Mcdoubles fills you better for the price.

  • +2

    Saw this in Randwick, NSW

    • +1

      good news for uni students!

      • well… for a *while stocks last it is

  • Best $5 iv ever had, huge portion, and very fulfilling, perhaps maybe I don't eat really much at all!

  • I saw this the other day, I would have bought it, but it was after 4. My choices was kfc or mcdonalds, so I got kfc. I wouldn't go to either normally.

  • if you have a student edge card. Snack wrap small chips and free medium drink - less than $4 add soft serve cone and still about $4 good value if u like Maccas

  • The charger sub is really small but good deal nonetheless

  • +1

    I'll still go with the 2 piece streetwise, i think its a better deal :-/

  • I swapped the drink for a couple of wicked wing then went down the street and got a frozen fanta for $1 at hj. Pretty good deal for 6 bux!

    • !!!

      You can do that?!

      • +3

        KFC have standard swaps you are allowed to do for most meals ie. I always swap out chips for potato and gravy. I used to swap for corn cobs before they stopped doing them shakes fist

        • damn i miss those corn cobs

    • Tried to swap the drink for chips but the guy serving me said its part of a special combo deal and i couldnt swap out anything :(

      This was at Canberra Centre KFC

      • Damn Canberra red tape.

  • So can I swap both the drink and the gravy? What are the alternatives? Just chips and coleslaw?

    • +1

      the gravy yes, not sure on the drink, i'd love more wings than the drink

    • I assume that's just an upgrade to large chips yeah?

  • Had one of these a few days ago, was quite filling.

  • +2

    while stocks last

    I'm hoping we don't run out of chicken in the world :-o

    • It's all standard KFC food (apart from the sub, I guess) so I'm curious as to what "while stocks last" actually means in this case.

    • +1

      Google tells me there's more chickens in the world than humans, so we're all good for now.

      • phew… that was a close!

  • +1

    Hmmm getting better but I think the HJ Stunner meal still trumps this for value

  • This is very good. For me, it's equivalent to Hungry Jack Stunner Deal

  • Even Kevin Rudd wants a $5 KFC Box:

  • Slightly OT, but have any of you guys tried that new Chicken Parmigiana 'Stacked' burger they have out? How is it?

    • Good, but too expensive

  • Good value, but I'm not a fan of this new Mountain Dew… :\

    • You can always get a pepsi/max

      • Yeah, I know. I did like the old Mountain Dew though. I wonder if it's still available at KFC or whether all KFCs have switched to this new caffeinated version?

  • Just ordered a $5 box at drive-thru. have been asked to upgrade to 375ml drink for 50c but i denied. in the end i still got a 375ml as they actually don't stock any small drinks..!

    • -1

      I tried to swap the P&G for drink upgrade in drive-thru on the weekend and they denied me. Also my colleagues have banned me from KFC - probably for the best.

      • U could b4, but u can't upgrade to 600ml

  • Just a heads up, the box ends at 4pm, you can swap the p&g for any sides (coleslaw, Large chips, large drink)you can't swap sides with chicken though. :)

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